timberland lansley Good apples are the key to making great homemade applesauce

timberland watches uk Good apples are the key to making great homemade applesauce

View full sizeMike Davis/The OregonianMaking your own applesauce is a labor of love, but a surprisingly easy one. Leaving the skins on the red apples will tint the sauce pink.

Now that I no longer get a new pair of shoes to start the school year, a bowl of homemade applesauce kicks off autumn for me. At the first hint of fall in the air, I track down a bag of Gravensteins, unearth my grandmother’s food mill and 20 minutes later I’m blissing out on spoonfuls of still warm sauce.

There is no bigger bang for your do it yourself buck than making applesauce. It’s easy, tastes so much better than the commercial kind and encourages the (choose one) chef, artisan, foodie, homemaker or mom within.

I’ve been making applesauce since I was a girl and have concentrated so much on the results that I never paid much attention to the process. Turns out, I do have one. I leave the skins on the apples because they often add a rosy tint to the sauce. I steam the fruit in a little apple juice or cider, rather than water, to intensify the flavor. I taste the sauce and, if it needs a little sweetness, I add sugar brown sugar, because I like the hint of caramel it adds.

Recipes included with this story: Basic Applesauce, Reduced fat Gingerbread Applesauce Cake, Orange scented Spiced Applesauce.

But, when it comes to food and almost everything else in life there’s always something to learn. Applesauce is no different.

First, the apples. After 50 plus years making applesauce, I’ve just learned that it often tastes better if you use a combination of apples. Dan Brophy, lead chef instructor at Oregon Culinary Institute, says mixing tart and sweet apples adds layers to the flavor of homemade sauce. In my defense, I grew up using apples from an unidentified tree in our backyard, which earns me some points with Brophy. He insists that the best applesauce is free made with whatever fruit you find growing in your neighborhood.

An applesauce aficionado, he also uses cider or juice just enough to keep the apples from sticking as they cook. Although he realizes some cooks don’t peel the apples, he does. “It’s easier to run them through the food mill without the skins,” he says. He frequently adds cinnamon, allspice, cloves or cardamom to his sauce and cans it so he can enjoy it all winter long. Stark St., will hold its 24th annual apple tasting Friday through Sunday. Fifty varieties of apples and pears will be available to taste, many for purchase. Cooking demonstrations, live music and children’s activities are planned. No admission or tasting charge.

In the Hood River Valley, the Heirloom Apple Celebration is Saturday and Sunday. Orchards along the valley’s traditional Fruit Loop will feature classic varieties that are often hard to come by or harder to store. Admission and parking are free.

Peggy Acott, who helps organize Portland Nursery’s annual apple celebration, says she’s “like a kid in a candy store” as she surveys the dozens of varieties usually available for tasting.

“I can wax on all day about applesauce,” she says. She takes a whole day every fall to make her sauce, canning maybe 40 pint jars and freezing some sauce in plastic bags, which she then stacks flat in her freezer.

“I love it when the apples are cooking, the house gets warm, the windows steam up and it all smells like apples,” she says. She grew up on commercial applesauce but discovered the joy of making her own about six years ago. She knows that a combination of apples yields the best sauce.

“Even two sweet apples taste different,” she says. “You can also pair a sweet and a tart apple, a mild and a spicy one, or spicy, sweet and mild ones.” She suggests using two or three varieties. “One year I used four and that was overkill.”

She believes in tasting the apples before you choose them. The same variety of apple will taste different year to year,
timberland lansley Good apples are the key to making great homemade applesauce
she says. Some of her favorite past pairings include Ginger Goldens, a creamy yellow sweet tart apple, and at least one other variety. Maybe Cox’s Orange Pippins, an old English variety known for being tart and crisp, or a Rubinette (a cross of Golden Delicious and Cox’s Orange Pippin).

You’re not likely to see these apple varieties at your supermarket, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make good applesauce. Granny Smith is a good choice when combined with something sweeter and a bit softer, such as McIntosh or Gala. Other good options are Rome Beauty, Gravenstein, Cortland, Winter Banana and Jonathans. Whatever varieties you buy, just be sure you’re getting fresh, fall crop apples.

As for peeling, Acott uses the old fashioned hand cranked tool that peels, cores and slices the apples. Then she cooks the slices in a little water, runs them through a food processor and never, never adds sugar. “If you choose your apples carefully, you don’t need sugar,” she says.

What she likes about applesauce is that it’s very rarely a failure. Aside from scorching the apples, homemade sauce is forgiving. “If a batch is too smooth, make a chunkier batch and mix the two together,” she says. “If it isn’t sweet enough, cook a sweeter batch and stir it in.”

Applesauce is also a good way for cooks who are “rabid recipe followers” to take off their training wheels and try cooking according to taste, she says.

Dollie Rasmussen, who’s lived by, with and for apples for about 50 years, wouldn’t know. She and her husband, Lynn, bought Rasmussen Farm in Hood River from his parents about 1960 and opened to the public three years later. She does not make applesauce.

“I did make a pie,” she says, “I think it was in 1989.”

The Rasmussens eat their apples fresh. She never had time to make even applesauce. But now that she and Lynn have retired the farm is leased by Julie and Patrick Milling she might give it a shot and, yes, she’d probably use a combination of apples. (Where have I been?)

“We really like Newtown Pippins. It has a good flavor and holds its shape,” meaning that Newtown applesauce will be chunky. On the other hand, some people like their sauce smooth, she adds.

“My grandmother’s favorite was Winter Banana,” Rasmussen says. “It makes a really smooth sauce and you need very little sugar with it.” But by the time this article runs, the Winter Bananas likely will be gone as are my own grandmother’s favorite, Gravensteins, which ripen in late summer.

But Spitzenburgs, the apples Rasmussen says made Hood River famous, will be a little late this year. Look for them in late October. “They are what apples are supposed to taste like,” Rasmussen says. “I wouldn’t add anything to that applesauce but a little bit of nutmeg.

View full size”The Apple Lover’s Cookbook” by Amy Traverso

The next level of apple

Photographs and the recipes they accompany are tantalizing, including: Apple and Chestnut Stuffed Pork Loin With Cider Sauce; Apple and Mustard Grilled Cheese Sandwiches; Quick Bread and Butter Apple Pickles.
timberland lansley Good apples are the key to making great homemade applesauce

timberland weathergear Gonzaga zones in defensively to roll past Ohio State 86

timberland pro safety boots Gonzaga zones in defensively to roll past Ohio State 86

GU OSU postgame interview: Gonzaga coach Mark Few, Josh Perkins and Johnathan Williams

Related topicsTV Take: Gonzaga feels right at home in PK80 openerGonzaga Ohio State: 3 keys to the Bulldogs’ 86 59 winJohn Blanchette: PK80 Invitational gives basketball fans an early season glance at college hoops royaltyJohnathan Williams, Josh Perkins lead No. 17 Gonzaga to 86 59 rout of Ohio StateEx Gonzaga center Ryan Edwards follows unusual path to Portland StateJust for kicks: Gonzaga players treated to new LeBron James shoes before PK80 Invitational

The Zags’ zone has taken center stage in the last two games, shutting down Utah State in a decisive second half run last Saturday and following that up by doing a number zero on Ohio State on Thursday.

The Zags broke open a close game by holding the Buckeyes scoreless over the final 7:48 of the first half and cruised to an 86 59 victory in their opener of the PK80 in front of 7,878 at Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

No. 17 Gonzaga (4 0) will take on No. Friday at the Moda Center.

The Gators (4 0) overwhelmed Stanford with 15 3 pointers, five by Rice graduate transfer Egor Koulechov and four by Virginia Tech transfer Jalen Hudson. Florida made 62.5 percent from the field.

“I watched their first half,” GU junior point guard Josh Perkins said of the Gators. “We have to take away the 3 pointers. They shot it really well.”

Ohio State, too, shot it well, at least at the beginning of the game against Gonzaga.

Ohio State’s shooting percentage, hovering in the mid 60s for most of the first half, plummeted to 39 percent by halftime and 31.3 percent in the closing 20 minutes.

“We really had problems stopping them for the first 15 minutes of the half,” Zags coach Mark Few said. “We got a little traction in the zone and so we went to that earlier in the second half. We’ve been playing it well thus far.”

Forward Keita Bates Diop and Jae’Sean Tate, OSU’s top two scorers, combined for just 19 points, 15 below their average. They were 1 of 7 from the floor in the first half.

“Like any zone, it’s usually good when you’re big, long and active,” Ohio State first year coach Chris Holtmann said. “And they are.”

Both teams were dialed in offensively at the outset. Ohio State made 64.3 percent from the field, 71.4 percent from 3 and had a seven point edge at the free throw line and trailed 33 31 with 7:30 left in the first half.

The reason? Two of them actually: Perkins and Johnathan Williams, who were coming off rough nights against Utah State. The duo combined to score 23 of the Zags’ first 33 points, 12 of those coming on four Perkins’ 3 pointers.

Ohio State’s pack line defense lost track of Perkins.

“You can’t score on the first side,” Few said. “In order to find open shots you have to do what these guys did, especially this guy (pointing at Perkins). He did a great job of understanding, moving it and then spotting up and was able to find some 3s.”

Ohio State’s offense came to a grinding halt shortly after Gonzaga implemented a zone defense with 12:50 left in the first half. The Buckeyes missed their last nine field goal attempts and their turnovers fed Gonzaga’s transition game.

Perkins absorbed a shot to the face and had to exit for a few minutes, but the Zags kept adding to their lead. Zach Norvell Jr. scored on a transition layup to start an 11 0 run to close the half.

Rui Hachimura’s putback and Killian Tillie’s layup pushed GU’s lead to 39 29. Tillie and Jacob Larsen each added a free throw. Perkins connected on his fifth 3 pointer of the half after Jeremy Jones tracked down an offensive rebound to give the Zags a 44 31 lead at the break.

Freshman Corey Kispert, who sat for most of the first half with two fouls, scored 10 points in the first 5:15 of the second half as Gonzaga stretched its lead to 16. Another Perkins’ 3 pointer put GU up by 21 with 10:40 left.
timberland weathergear Gonzaga zones in defensively to roll past Ohio State 86

timberland boots women Gonzaga players treated to new LeBron James shoes before PK80 Invitational

timberland parkerstown ox Gonzaga players treated to new LeBron James shoes before PK80 Invitational

PORTLAND The PK80 opened Thursday with eight games at two sites, but one of the event’s first functions made for a memorable evening for participating teams.

The tournament, which honors Nike co founder Phil Knight’s 80th birthday, hosted a tip off reception Wednesday night at Nike headquarters in nearby Beaverton.

Players from 16 men’s teams and four women’s programs munched on appetizers and listened in as Nike executive Eric Lautenbach interviewed Knight for about 15 minutes inside the Tiger Woods Conference Center.

Gonzaga and Ohio State, who will met in Thursday’s late night opener,
timberland boots women Gonzaga players treated to new LeBron James shoes before PK80 Invitational
went into a separate room for a recorded video message from LeBron James, who wished the players luck and thanked Knight.

James wasn’t finished. Near a lighted GU logo, each player received a pair of James’ newest shoes on the market.

The women’s tournament will be a Saturday doubleheader at Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene. Oregon, coached by former Zag coach Kelly Graves, faces Oklahoma and No. 1 UConn meets Michigan State.
timberland boots women Gonzaga players treated to new LeBron James shoes before PK80 Invitational

timberland nubuck boots Gonzaga feels right at home in PK80 opener

blue timberland boots Gonzaga feels right at home in PK80 opener

GU OSU postgame interview: Gonzaga coach Mark Few, Josh Perkins and Johnathan Williams

Related topicsGonzaga zones in defensively to roll past Ohio State 86 59 in PK80 openerGonzaga Ohio State: 3 keys to the Bulldogs’ 86 59 winJohn Blanchette: PK80 Invitational gives basketball fans an early season glance at college hoops royaltyJohnathan Williams, Josh Perkins lead No. 17 Gonzaga to 86 59 rout of Ohio StateEx Gonzaga center Ryan Edwards follows unusual path to Portland StateJust for kicks: Gonzaga players treated to new LeBron James shoes before PK80 Invitational

Their 86 59 win over previously undefeated Ohio State didn’t turn out to be close, but it was probably nice for the Zags to play at a neutral site which didn’t turn out to be all that neutral.

Just like it was nice for Zag fans watching at home to hear some new voices who, despite the possibility to not be neutral, spent most of the game touting the new look Bulldogs.

ESPN2’s Doug Sherman and Dan Dakich finished up Thursday’s eighth game of the tournament meant to honor Nike founder Phil Knight with as solid of an effort as the Zags.

What they saw can’t be easy calling your son’s game, but that was what Dakich faced in this one.

Andrew, a graduate transfer point guard for the Buckeyes, has performed in games his dad has analyzed before, at least six times according to an estimate by the elder Dakich.

But this was the first time this season and, when Andrew came on in the first half and drew the unenviable assignment of guarding a red hot Perkins, dad was immediately put on the hot seat.

Perkins, who finished with 20 points, hit back to back 3 pointers over the younger Dakich, which probably would have ticked off dad, if he were still coaching. So he went into coach mode a bit, talking about Andrew having to get his hands up sooner when guarding someone who can drain 3 pointers like Perkins.

But, after Perkins’ second one, from long range behind a screen, he admitted,
timberland nubuck boots Gonzaga feels right at home in PK80 opener
“I don’t know what you do about that one.”

Later, after Perkins hit the third of what would be six 3 pointers, Dakich reiterated that point.

“Even though that’s my son,” Dakich said, “I don’t know what you do there.”

But give Dakich and Sherman credit. They didn’t shy away from trying to figure it out.

“There is nothing better, right or wrong, whether it goes good or bad, than watching your kid play,” Dakich said in the second half.

“You enjoying tonight,” Sherman asked.

“Not really,” Dakich answered.

Sherman noticed it right away. “There’s no doubt there is a homecourt advantage for Gonzaga,” he said in the first half.

Dakich even mentioned it when Randy McCall whistled a foul on a Buckeye player, describing it with a derogatory term for a call when Perkins was poked in the eye earlier, the officials reviewed the play but decided it was a common foul that had incited the crowd just seconds earlier.

“There’s your makeup call to keep the fans quiet,” said the former college coach turned Indianapolis radio host and game analyst.

Nothing kept Johnathan Williams quiet, as he scored a game high 21 points on 8 of 10 shooting from the floor and 5 of 7 from the foul line.

He and the Zags so demoralized Ohio State the Buckeyes, at one point, seemed to give in. The former coach, Dakich, caught it immediately.
timberland nubuck boots Gonzaga feels right at home in PK80 opener

timberland jeans sale Gonzaga center Ryan Edwards follows unusual path to Portland State

timberland biker boots Gonzaga center Ryan Edwards follows unusual path to Portland State

PORTLAND There are thousands of recruiting stories in college basketball and then there’s Ryan Edwards’ unique tale.

Edwards saw limited playing time at Gonzaga in three seasons he redshirted in 2015 before announcing that he was skipping his senior year roughly three weeks after the Zags’ loss in the national championship game.

He was planning on finding a job with his degree in broadcasting. He didn’t plan on a chance meeting while visiting a couple of friends on a weekend trip to Portland.

“I was out with my buddies and ran into two (Portland State) assistant coaches at this little restaurant downtown,” the 7 foot 1 center said. “This was all out of the blue. They said, ‘Are you Ryan Edwards from Gonzaga?’

“It was weird, I’m telling you. But it felt like it was a meant to be type of thing.”

After a couple of days and talking it over with his parents, Edwards decided to transfer to the Big Sky school. He’s started all five games, including a 99 81 loss to No. 1 Duke in a PK80 opener Thursday at Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

“Ryan should be a handful in our league,” Vikings coach Barret Peery said. “He’s very skilled and talented. He’s played with good teams. Ryan has a great opportunity to really impact our program.”

Edwards, who has reached double figures three times in five games, had an eventful first two minutes. He drained a 3 pointer but picked up two quick fouls, the latter trying to help defensively as Grayson Allen threw down a one handed dunk.

Edwards sat out the rest of the half as the Vikings took a 49 45 lead. He was hit with two more fouls in the second half and played a total of nine minutes.

He finished with four rebounds, three points and one steal. He had a couple of shots swatted by Duke’s talented frontcourt, which included possible No. 1 draft pick Marvin Bagley III.

“Those guys are unbelievable,
timberland jeans sale Gonzaga center Ryan Edwards follows unusual path to Portland State
man,” Edwards said. “They’re top 3, top 5 picks for a reason. Tall, athletic and they can shoot.”

Edwards called his time at GU “the best four years of my life,” but playing time was scarce behind the likes of Przemek Karnowski, Domantas Sabonis, Kyle Wiltjer, Sam Dower Jr., and Zach Collins.

“Obviously something didn’t click for me for four years at Gonzaga,” said Edwards, who missed his only two 3 point attempts as a Zag but has made 4 of 7 for PSU. “This is one year to give it another shot. It’s just fun playing again and having a big role on the team and being a contributor.”

Edwards ran into some of his former GU teammates Wednesday night at a Nike tip off banquet. He stays in contact with Josh Perkins and Silas Melson, two of the Zags’ elder statesmen.

“It was cool seeing all the guys,
timberland jeans sale Gonzaga center Ryan Edwards follows unusual path to Portland State
” he said. “It looks like they’re pretty good this year. It’s definitely a different team. I’ll be watching them on TV.”

timberland fashion boots Golfers remember Arnold Palmer Wednesday morning at Bay Hill

timberland boots clearance Golfers remember Arnold Palmer Wednesday morning at Bay Hill

Sam Saunders was poised yet reflective Wednesday morning at Bay Hill.

“My fellow pro players,” said Saunders in front of a packed crowd. “This moment right here would mean the world to my grandfather, thank you so much for being here.”

With those words, Saunders, the grandson of Arnold Palmer ushered in the start of the first Arnold Palmer Invitational since he passed away in September. A special opening ceremony was held on Wednesday, a video tribute, helicopter flyover, and the players teeing off in succession to honor the life and legacy of the man who meant so much to the sport of golf and beyond.

“Our goal for the week is to make Mr. Palmer proud, and we’re off to a great start,” PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan said.

The field is certainly a strong one, four of the world’s top five golfers are playing at Bay Hill this year. The man this tournament is named after weighing heavy on the minds of those involved.

“I think it’s going to be an emotional week for most guys out there,” 2016 API winner Jason Day said. “We’re just so used to seeing Mr. Palmer driving around and seeing him in the clubhouse. It was sad to see him pass, but hopefully we can get a good week going.”

Reminders of The King can be seen all throughout the course, a brand new statue by the first hole, his golf bag at the driving range, and oh so many colorful umbrellas, Palmer’s trademark logo. It’s even being sported by the players this week, but Rickie Fowler took it a step further and even has specially designed shoes to pay tribute.

“I told some people I’m not sure if I’m going to take them off,” Fowler said. “I had to put them on last night to lace them up properly and make sure they were good for this morning. It’s going to be a special week, glad I was able to put a couple of things together.”
timberland fashion boots Golfers remember Arnold Palmer Wednesday morning at Bay Hill

pink timberland Golf Cart Accessories

childrens timberland shoes Golf Cart Accessories

Brian Keith

The following article covers a topic that has recently moved to center stage at least it seems that way. If you been thinking you need to know more about it, here your opportunity.

The best time to learn about golf cart accessories is before you in the thick of things. Wise readers will keep reading to earn some valuable golf cart accessories experience while it still free.

Expert in house golf car repairs can be found in only a few minutes with online directories. Any make or model of golf cars will have accessories and repair facilities available. Whether your golf car runs on electricity or with gasoline you will be able to easily gather information on how to repair it or where to have it repaired through online venues.

If shopping or searching online is not how you like to begin, local libraries and telephone directories or simply word of mouth are wonderful alternatives where results will be sound and solid. Reputable retail and repair facilities are more common than fly by night facilities. Online shopping provides secure means of purchasing items with credit cards. There are also ways in which online bank transfers are easily handles in a secure atmosphere. Obviously the means in which you shop is a personal preference.

If the large motorized golf cars are not your bag, there are manual golf push carts and pull carts that ease the labor of moving your golf clubs both to and from the course and from one hole to the next. With prices ranging from sixty dollars to one thousand dollars there are variations of the manual golf carts that are certain to meet the need of any golfer interested in this form of golf club transportation.

Golf cars come in every shape and style. There are name brands that are well known and some that are obscure but each one is backed with guarantees and warranties. There are even Rolls Royce and Jeep golf cars available to the golfer who apparently has everything. More than a utilitarian purpose golf cars such as these are used on estates for fast travel from the main house to destinations that are more comfortably achieved in the comfort of a custom golf car.

Necessities and accessories for your golf cars can be found in various places. There are repair facilities that offer in store viewing of many items. There are also websites available with detailed information. Discount parts stores are not uncommon and the user friendly formatting within most websites leave nothing to the imagination. Deluxe golf car covers, seat warmers, canopies, and air conditioners are among a few of the items found. You can decide if this items fall in to the category of necessity or accessory.

From cooler bags to batteries and beyond all your accessory needs will be met efficiently and effectively by established reputable golf car and golf cart stores. With many websites offering searches by serial numbers it makes your search for that one specific hubcap or fuse even simpler that it ever was before. There are websites that offer searches by state and then is narrowed down further to cities. Each city then has listing information about each place of business that deals with the sale and repair of golf cars. Knowing what a golf car shop offers as far as repairs, years in business and charges in advance is always an intelligent way to shop.

Now might be a good time to write down the main points covered above. The act of putting it down on paper will help you remember what important about golf cart accessories. Please visit my other web sites for Golf Articles and Free Photo Sharing.
pink timberland Golf Cart Accessories

timberland womens Golf Articles

timberland bristol Golf Articles

Understanding the benefit of biomechanics in Golf

There are many biomechanical reasons why you can’t hit the ball a long way or you slice or hook your shots. Understand how biomechanics can improve your game, remove your weak shot and reduce your risk of injury

Golf cart batteries are very important in running your golf cart or electric trolley. Ensure that you maintain them properly. This article explains their function, operation and maintenance. The beginning golfer, in learning how to hit the ball straight, keep it in the fairway, out of the woods and water, will go through dozens, if not hundreds of golf balls

Golf Cart Accessories

Golf cars come in every shape and style. There are name brands that are well known and some that are obscure but each one is backed with guarantees and warranties.

Finding The Perfect Golf Clubs

Length of the club is important, but it not everything. The pros say that the size of your golf club grip should be comfortable for your hands. That why clubs for younger players and women often have a smaller grip.

Golf Courses Fun and Different Everytime

Another thing that makes the same course different every day is the weather conditions. Weather plays a big factor in golf, and how a course plays.

Gadgets for Golf

There are tons of golf gadgets out there, mainly because of the incredible increase in popularity of the sport. The more people who are ready to play the game, the more they all looking for ways to improve their game.

The 3 Types of Golf Handicaps

There are 3 types of golf handicaps out there. They include: (1) honest handicaps; (2) sandbagger handicaps and (3) Hollywood handicaps.
timberland womens Golf Articles

timberland earthkeeper chelsea Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell honored with Hollywood Walk of Fame stars

timberland eurosprint Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell honored with Hollywood Walk of Fame stars

Kurt Russell, left, and Goldie Hawn, seen arriving at the world premiere of of the Galaxy Vol. 2 at the Dolby Theatre on Wednesday, April 19, 2017, received stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Thursday, May 4, 2017. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

By Daily News

HOLLYWOOD Oscar winning actress Goldie Hawn and her longtime romantic partner, actor Kurt Russell, received stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today in a rare double star ceremony.

Hawn and Russell were joined by her actress daughter Kate Hudson; Quentin Tarantino, who directed Russell in Hateful Eight, and Proof and Oscar winning actress Reese Witherspoon.

The star ceremony was held in front of the Eastown apartment complex near Hollywood Boulevard and Gower Street.

PHOTOS: Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell get Hollywood Walk of Fame stars together

gonna have our friends there, old friends, it be very nice, Hawn told the syndicated entertainment news program Tonight. been such a long time since we ever did anything like this. People look and say, mean you don have one yet? No we don actually. ceremony came one day before the release of Russell latest movie, of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and eight days before the release of Hawn first film since 2002, playing a mother whose vacation with her daughter (Amy Schumer) goes terribly wrong.

The stars were the 2,609th and 2,610th since the completion of the Walk of Fame in 1961 with the first 1,558 stars.

How common is it for stars who are known as a couple be it a married one, a working one, or romantic partners to have their stars presented and located together?

Hollywood Walk of Fame makes an effort to place celebrities who work together or are a couple next to each other on our famed sidewalk, said Walk of Fame Producer Ana Martinez. placed notable partners such as film producers Richard Donner and Lauren Shuler Donner next to each other star on the Walk of Fame. They were the first married couple to be honored on the same day with double stars on Oct. 16, 2008. Macy received stars together on March 7, 2012, said Martinez. And Cyndi Lauper and Harvey Fierstein who worked together on Broadway Boots, were recently honored with double stars.

Not all the stars are presented at the same time.

Martinez said that star couples with side by side stars who received them at separate ceremonies include Bob and Dolores Hope, Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, Sherry Lansing and William Friedkin, Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, and Betty White and Allen Ludden.

With and both on tap, the time was right for Hawn and Russell to get their stars on the same day. She made her stage debut in 1961, playing Juliet in a Virginia Shakespeare Festival production of and Juliet. made her professional dancing debut in a production of at the Texas Pavilion of the New York World Fair.

Hawn made her television acting debut as a cast member of the 1967 68 CBS comedy, Morning, World. She rose to fame on the NBC sketch comedy series Martin Laugh In from 1968 70,
timberland earthkeeper chelsea Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell honored with Hollywood Walk of Fame stars
receiving two Emmy nominations.

Hawn made her film debut with a small role in the 1968 Disney musical, One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band, whose cast also included Russell.

Hawn received a best supporting actress Oscar in 1970 for her first major film role, portraying the suicidal girlfriend of a dentist (Walter Matthau), who falsely claims to be married, in Flower. appeared in a string of hits in the 1970s, including a Girl in My Soup, Are Free, Sugarland Express, Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox and Play. Army after the death of her husband (Albert Brooks) on their wedding night.

Hawn other memorable films include Shift, which prompted her relationship with Russell; Becomes Her and First Wives Club. was born on March 17, 1951, in Springfield, Massachusetts. He began his career as a child actor. When he was 12 years old, he was cast in the title role on the ABC Western, Travels of Jaimie McPheeters. signed a 10 year contract with The Walt Disney Co. in 1966, appearing in its films One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band, Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, You See Him, Now You Don and Strongest Man in the World. interrupted his acting career from 1971 73 to play professional baseball, reaching the Double A Texas League, but his hopes of playing in the major leagues ended in 1973 when he suffered a shoulder injury. Although we do not pre screen comments, we reserve the right at all times to remove any information or materials that are unlawful, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, pornographic, profane, indecent or otherwise objectionable to us, and to disclose any information necessary to satisfy the law, regulation, or government request. We might permanently block any user who abuses these conditions.
timberland earthkeeper chelsea Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell honored with Hollywood Walk of Fame stars

girls timberland Golden Tennis Shoe winner has a heart of gold too

timberland boots mens Golden Tennis Shoe winner has a heart of gold too

I first encountered this comfortably upholstered man on my morning struts around the lake where, in the same worn spot, he fished every blessed day for years with a seemingly odd lot of regulars. Soon, he was teaching my then skinny 11 year old not only how to divine the shape of his first shiny 2 pound trout beneath the glassy surface. He was imparting patience and stewardship as well. Feed the squirrels and listen to the quiet while you wait for a bite, son. And pick up those dang discarded filament lines that could hobble some poor birdie’s feet.

I didn’t know then about George’s double life a life that has become his singular obsession and his gift to the countless teenage countessas of softball who crisscross the cloverleaf of ball fields he ministers with something akin to a religious calling.

Every day since open heart surgery and accrued years of service retired George as a truck driving Boeing Teamster in 1997, the 67 year old has dedicated himself to laying the best facilities at the feet (and cleats) of young athletes. But it isn’t the meticulously groomed and lined diamonds that are these girls’ best friend. George is.

Long after they’ve gone off to college and graduated to life, the “kids” come back to see George, certain where they’ll find him. “Such a lovely man,” Paxton said. “He’s there to prep the fields and he’s still there to turn out the lights all as a volunteer.”

No wonder that, on Wednesday, George Hildreth will be one of the Golden Tennis Shoe Award recipients when Sen. passes out the honors at the .

“I guess I’m down here at least five, sometimes seven days a week, March through October maybe 300 games a year, 1,600 hours a summer,” George calculated when we talked last week just after he finished “putting in his circles” on the field.

“He’s fanatical,” George’s wife, Penny, says of the endless hours he puts in.

“He’s a perfectionist in overalls, totally passionate about the kids and softball,” says Dennis Cook, citywide athletics manager with Seattle Parks and Rec. “And they love him . even the umpires love him! He makes everyone around him feel good.”

Every time he gets his “George fix” Cook says he trots back to his little brick office thinking, “I better get some things done for George.”

“He’s just quite simply the kindest guy I know, the heart and soul of it all,” attests parent , dad of fast pitch softball player . “He takes pride in making an unplayable field playable, in being out there filling holes and beating mother nature” whenever a watery pounding threatens to call a game.

Fair and unflappable, he’s been dubbed “the commissioner” by parents who turn to him for coach advice, by coaches who seek his counsel and by the kids who naturally go to George to settle disputes in girls vs. parent games on picnic days.

“Naturally, George usually calls it in favor of the girls,” Pauley said. “He is the arbiter no one would argue with. We always defer to the commissioner.”

Like Dennis Cook, Pauley often checks in with George for a perspective adjustment. “He’s the truest man. I absolutely love talking to him about anything the chalk,
girls timberland Golden Tennis Shoe winner has a heart of gold too
the dirt. He knows why he’s doing something,” Pauley said.

But why is he? Certainly not for money. “I figure I save Dennis (Cook) at least two, three bucks an hour,” George chuckles about his free labor in behalf of the parks.

And not for the glory. Mostly he stays in the background just soaking it all in.

The “why” began with Lisa, the middle of George’s three daughters, born between Laura and Sherrie. Lisa was nearly 31 when she died of non Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

“Lisa was my boy of the family,” George said. “She played softball, basketball. You name it, she played it at .”

Weekends, George got a chance to see a few of her games when he wasn’t driving. “I missed a lot during the week,” he said, his joviality suddenly dipping like a kite in a down draft. “I told my wife, when I retired, I would like to give back to the community for the times I wasn’t able to participate. I lost one daughter and gained 10,000.”

When George isn’t a fixture on the field, he’s running the clock at girls’ basketball games (where his youngest went to school). Or running scoreboards at Blanchet, Holy Names or Ballard High.

Tiring? “As long as it’s for the kids, I have the energy,” George says. But he has cut back on the fishing because, “These girls will keep me busy.”

And, as soon as the high school games are over, he starts with the women’s leagues one for ages 21 to 40s, the other ranging from 50s to early 80s.

I ask George which are cuter? “The older ones, my age, of course,” he swears.

That tickles Penny, the wife he treasures all the more for almost having lost her, too.

After living pretty well for the past 36 years on her sister’s donated kidney, Penny is going back on dialysis and on a three year waiting list for a new organ. She’ll have interim surgery April 10, one week after George receives his award.

Hard to picture him there, in a suit, in the Westin’s fancy Grand Ballroom with the other two Golden Tennis Shoe recipients. (They include Seattle cancer survivor support advocate and of Prosser, who raises funds to help the families of service members wounded in war.)
girls timberland Golden Tennis Shoe winner has a heart of gold too