timberland boots ebay Fans can’t stop laughing at Sarah Jessica Parker’s over

timberland bethel Fans can’t stop laughing at Sarah Jessica Parker’s over

Fans can’t stop laughing at Sarah Jessica Parker’s over the top reaction to the US eclipse: ‘Someone remix this!’Who knew astronomical events would float her boat?14:05, 22 AUG 2017

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Shoes, shoes, dud men and shoes were all the things you could guarantee Sarah Jessica Parker would get excited about in Sex And The City.

But you ain’t seen nothing yet.

The Carrie Bradshaw actress almost lost her mind during yesterday’s US eclipse, giving the internet one of its most OTT reactions yet.

Watching it from a boat in South Carolina, SJP sounds reasonably together to begin with in a series of videos she uploaded to Instagram.

Sarah Jessica Parker found it difficult not to “judge” Carrie Bradshaw in Sex And The City

Social mediaHow to tell if you have Selfitis the new mental disorder sweeping the smartphone generationAs experts confirm Selfitis as a genuine disorder, we look at some celebrities who are obsessed with snapping and sharing insights into their luxurious lifestyles.

GradoScot Squad star Grado takes break from Pavilion Theatre panto stint after mum diesThe popular performer and wrestling hero shared the heartbreaking news on social media.

I’m A CelebrityI’m A Celebrity’s Rebekah Vardy left ‘heartbroken’ over how she claims she was edited on showThe jungle campmate told ITV’s Loose Women that she was ‘naive’ going into the show and was upset over the public reaction.

Scottish PremiershipRangers vs St Johnstone team news plus previews of this weekend’s Scottish Premiership actionInjury and suspension news for the clash at Ibrox plus Celtic’s visit to Tynecastle to face Hearts and Aberdeen’s much anticipated clash with Neil Lennon’s Hibs.

Craig WhyteRangers’ liquidators locked in 2.8m legal battle with firm once linked to Craig WhyteLawyers for Wavetower want a chunk of the 30m that liquidators BDO are believed to have recovered after the Ibrox club’s financial collapse.

Knife crimeKnife murderer who killed young dad is left fighting for his own life after prison stabbingViolent thug John Blake, who stabbed young dad of two Sean Stark to death, was attacked in Glenochil prison last weekend.

Scottish PremiershipAberdeen 4 Hibs 1 as Gary Mackay Steven rips holes in Neil Lennon’s ‘second best’ claim 3 talking pointsGraeme Shinnie’s opener plus two goals from man of the match GMS win the points for the Dons.

GreenockCops seek witnesses as man fights for life after being hit by a car in GreenockThe 54 year old is in a critical condition after being struck by a Renault Clio near the entrance to the Tesco car park at around 4pm on Friday.

Scottish PremiershipRangers vs St Johnstone live score and goal updates from the Scottish Premiership clash at IbroxGraeme Murty’s men are going for five wins on the bounce follow all the action here LIVE

Scottish PremiershipAberdeen 4 Hibernian 1 live reactionDerek McInnes and Neil Lennon’s side go head to head in the Granite City follow it here LIVE.

Bad WeatherNew weather warnings issued for ice with big freeze creating dangerous driving conditionsThe bad weather has led to a number of road collisions and a spike in the amount of injuries caused by people slipping.

Fatal FiresMum whose four kids died in fire ‘begged’ to be moved to safe house just days before fatal blazeMichelle Pearson’s family claim the 35 year old was let down by social services with tragic consequences.

Bonfire NightSeven arrested over Bonfire Night disorder in Edinburgh which left one police officer injuredPolice said that several cars were set alight in the city on November 5.
timberland boots ebay Fans can't stop laughing at Sarah Jessica Parker's over

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timberland clothes uk Fanfic Index

Not in Kansas Anymore Universe (NCIS/Stargate)

Lions and Tigers and Igigi, Oh My

Tony had never heard of goa’uld or tok’ra or igigi, and he sure as hell didn’t know Gibbs had a passenger riding around in his head, but if Gibbs thinks one little alien parasite is going to make him go running, he has another thought coming. He’s Gibbs’ second, and that means he doesn’t give up on his boss.

Lions and Igigi and Wraith, Oh My

Gibbs has an onac in his head a symbiote related to the goa’uld. The SGC may not trust him, but they do want to keep him under control, and reactivating him as a gunnery sergeant is one way to do that. No one expected O’Neill to get him onto the Atlantis mission. No one could have predicted how well Tony and Gibbs would fit in with this misfit crew. No one could have predicted how the universe might change when a five thousand year old snake formed an alliance with one spikey haired military officer who Pegasus natives are starting to whisper just might be a de ascended Ancient. One change, and the universe turns.

Lions and Guides and Igigi, Oh My

With John back at the helm, Atlantis is developing into a thriving city state. However, the Wraith are still a threat. When Todd and Michael and the other Wraith characters start making their appearances, the ability of the Igigi queen to communicate on their level changes everything. For example, other Wraith do have a name for Todd Guide of Old. Oddly, Wraith give Colonel Sheppard the exact same name.

Shadows Universe: Shadows of the Past (Sentinel and La Femme Nikita) Shadows and Siege (Sentinel and Stargate SG 1) Take a Number (Original Character Sentinels)

Nine years ago, one of Jim’s missions went bad when his team ran into a unit run by an agent named Michael. The unit barely survived. Now, Jim comes home to find that Michael and the organization he represents is interested in both him and Blair. And once Section is interested, Section never totally walks away.

Rated TEEN for Shadows of the Past, ADULT for Shadows and Siege

Dr. Sandburg Finds a Sentinel

Dr. Sandburg has a good life working on alien contact at Stargate Command; however, now he has news that his holy grail might just be out there in the strangest place possible earth. Even worse, James Ellison and his amazing senses have become the center of a vicious race that has pitted Blair and the Stargate command against a rogue CIA operative, the NID, and the Chinese government. And Blair is not sure how to convince Ellison that he’s with the good guys.

Dr. Sandburg Visits Cascade

Blair only wants to follow Jim back to Cascade, but between the terrorists, the cranky police captain and the mystical intervention of a certain Peruvian, he’s having trouble just surviving this little trip.

Dark, Still Water

When one of Daniel Jackson’s friends goes snooping into the wrong computer, the SG 1 team comes to Cascade to find her before the NID can. But the local detective assigned to assist them and his very strange anthropologist partner complicate things. Teal’c isn’t sure what the relationship is between Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg, but he knows it isn’t healthy, and he knows that he would like to help. He also knows that there is something very unusual about the young Blair Sandburg, something which reminds Teal’c of old Jaffa stories of men with mystical powers.
euro sprint timberland Fanfic Index

timberland women s boots Fancy Dress Outfits Fancy Dress Outfit Suggestions To Be The Most Impressive Dressed Guest

timberland earthkeepers sandals Fancy Dress Outfits Fancy Dress Outfit Suggestions To Be The Most Impressive Dressed Guest

Birthday party celebrations are also events that can be celebrated with fancy dress costume parties. Fancy dress events can even flow over into the corporate world when holding Christmas parties or celebrating a company’s anniversary. In the UK, costume parties are more commonly referred to as fancy dress parties, and are held throughout the year. and celebrated with costume parties, but these kinds of parties are also held on a regular basis to celebrate any occasion.

With themed parties being so popular, people who go to these parties, as well as costume makers, have created costumes that are a lot more professional and versatile. Listed below are the some of the most common fancy dress costumes that have been hitting the fancy dress party scene in recent times.

Dress up costumes reflecting the 70’s and 80’s are the most popular fancy dress outfits at this time. The costumes of these eras are popular for different reasons; the 70’s costumes have become a craze and stayed as a staple of costume parties, the 80’s costume gained popularity with the trends of that era coming back into mainstream fashion. For a stronger impact on your entire look, you can also wear the popular highlights of the era like an afro for the 70s and shoulder pads for the 80s. To dress up like past Queens is a salute to history while being fun. The most popular costumes from the past include corsets, big skirts with petticoats for the ladies, and wigs for the men. Other costumes are also inspired by the medieval ages where knights and princesses ruled society. When you wear the costumes from these past eras you can feel like you are being transported back in time.

Also popular these days is a pop star theme where the guests can get dressed up like a pop star. The styles of Madonna, Elvis Presley, Beyonc and Lady Gaga are among the most popular costume inspirations nowadays. Other popular costumes are movie or television characters. Also, not to be forgotten, are the outfits that never go out of style, the nurse’s or policeman uniform, the bunny costume, or even cowboy and Indian costumes. These type of costumes are among the most popular during Halloween when people resort back to the classics.
timberland women s boots Fancy Dress Outfits Fancy Dress Outfit Suggestions To Be The Most Impressive Dressed Guest

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timberland city adventure Fanatics is selling the ultimate piece of World Series memorabilia for Houston Astros fans

Houston Astros second baseman Jose Altuve (27) is hoisted in the air at the Houston Astros celebrate beating the Los Angeles Dodgers 5 1 in Game 7 of the World Series at Dodger Stadium on Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2017, in Los Angeles. 1,

. moreHouston Astros center fielder George Springer (4), second baseman Jose Altuve (27) and shortstop Carlos Correa (1) celebrate as the Astros beat the Dodgers 5 1 in Game 7 of the World Series at Dodger Stadium on Wednesday, Nov. moreHouston Astros shortstop Carlos Correa (1), second baseman Jose Altuve and third baseman Alex Bregman celebrate center fielder George Springer’s (4) two run home run that drove in left fielder Marwin Gonzalez (9) during the second inning of Game 7 of the World Series at Dodger Stadium on Wednesday, Nov. moreLos Angeles Dodgers center fielder Joc Pederson (31) hits a home run off of Houston Astros relief pitcher Joe Musgrove (59) during the seventh inning of Game 6 of the World Series at Dodger Stadium on Tuesday, Oct. moreHouston Astros shortstop Carlos Correa (1) greets center fielder George Springer (4) at the dugout after Springer hit a solor home run off Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher Rich Hill during the third inning of Game 6 of the World Series at Dodger Stadium on Tuesday, Oct. moreHouston Astros third baseman Alex Bregman (2) celebrates his walk off single that drove in left fielder Derek Fisher (21) to give the Astros a 13 12 victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers in the tenth inning of Game 5 of the World Series at Minute Maid Park on Monday, Oct.
timberland shoe sizes Fanatics is selling the ultimate piece of World Series memorabilia for Houston Astros fans

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timberland kids sale Fanart in Fabric

I sorry, everyone! And, thank you for the mail I recieved about the characters. These three cosplayers are from the Playstation game, Lunar: Silver Star Story.

Tip for the day Need an extendable prop You can find a low priced umbrella at most places, like a Walmart or Target for example. Remove the entire upper end of the umbrella, and be careful you do not lose the spring. Get rid of all the other internal parts, though. Get a little dremel tool or a small hacksaw and cut the spring off so it just a bit shorter than the end of the umbrella, extended. Now hot glue to seal the entire open end of the umbrella, and also fill the top inch or so of the spring so that it one solid mass, and the spring won go flying out when you launch it. Cut and attach your pieces on the end, and get a little bit of PVC pipe to cover up the portions you need to. It might take an hour or so to do, but a little pushbutton extender for whatever prop you have works quite well. And don forget on any large, oversize looking weapon you have, foam is your friend.

Hello! Sorry this is late coming up, I had lots to do today! And assorted computer trouble didn help either But, as promised but late, a review of the costumes winning in the cosplay/costume contest for Otakon. Right now I going to just look at the winning costumes, and save the rest of the costumes for later. On the far right are Hinoto and one of (I think) her attendants. All the outfits are virtually perfectly accurate, and I amazed that they actually built not one but two prop shinken. I surprised that Kanoe and Karen were both allowed to wear those outfits in public, however they were tastefully done and quite accurate. Arashi uniform is fairly simple but well made and is a good match to the original. Poor Kotori has the matching light white dress she appears in in the movie, and seems to have a fairly good natural hair match to the character. Kamui a little hard to se, half hidden by stage equipment and Kotori, but he and Fuuma are both (again) wearing a fairly simple school uniform with a bit of modification. The jacket red trim has the proper angle cuts and red trim around the edge and pocket, and a good, high closed collar with a school insignia (I think) on the right side. Nataku a little hard to see, though the robes and scarves do seem to be correct, and the white hair does do a good job. I think the purple shades may be a bit bright, but I don know the X characters well. Skipping the Lupin costuming announcer, we move to Satsuki. That outfit I finally recognize, and is pretty accurate, down to the loose straps in front of the thighs. Vinyl was a good choice, as well, since regular fabric or spandex really wouldn have done the deed. Mechagodzilla is made of some sort of ultrametallic shiny fabric with various large size greeblies (mechanical looking items) and a really nice job on the construction, and I curious to find out how they did it. I guess heavy cut foam underneath fabric carefully cut to fill a certain way, with a body suit as a sort of inner lining those look really heavily padded, and must have been hot! I impressed that they got the Godzilla fins, and the face so well done. And the head of Mechagodzilla really looks mechanical, and constructed. Again, lots of buckles all over the Cruss, and good work on the costumes., Again, fairly simple but the color match, and the cut of Wolfwood suit is a really good match.

Fourth place is an unknown, but I take a guess as Captain Harlock. I can see the costume too well, though his detail work with the gold trim is well done, and the costume looks pretty accurate.

Next up, in fifth place, is Kei and Yuri, the Dir er, Lovely Angels! And lovely they are, with most definitely the figure to properly cosplay the character, and the hair is especially well done. The hair looks dyed, and my only complaint is that Kei hair looks cut too short, since it supposed to be fairly full and top heavy. The details like the armband and headband for Kei are great. Wakaba costume hits it pretty well, a basic green accented sailor outfit, but is accurte with the wide white stripe around the edge. Purple haired guy has what looks like a custom made all satin jacket, because it looks as shiny as Utena and the back lapels are cut very low. All the red cord trim is really nicely done, not too thick and it matches the trim, for the pockets and edges. Miki on the far right duplicates the costume, in pale green trim. Gold or yellow braid accents his shoulder, and the cape is well done white fabric, red lining for detail. And Utena outfit is amazing a well made vest, with the soft purple trim and gold accents. The skirt I would guess is purchased, but if so they matched the vest material really well. And, I can tell if the pink hair is a wig or hair, it really well styled.

And then a quintet of Cowboy Bebop cosplayers a little overweight Spike with a really well done jacket that matches the style almost perfectly, and even has the right hair, then Faye and Jet done really well. Jet cyberarm is a little bit simplified, and could have stood a bit more work, but the jumpsuit and hairstyle (with cool trimmed beard!) and the rest of the outfit came out pretty well and looks like something Jet might end up wearing. And Faye Faye. Perfectly. Purple hair, attitude, banana yellow halter and hot pants, and even the leggings. Great work. And then there scary Ed guy and Ein plushie with accurate goggles for Ed, and an Ein welsh corgie plushie with John Lennon sunglasses and a cigarette is just too funny!

Now on to two thoroughly amazing outfits: the Tallgeese from Gundam Wing and Jajuka again from Escaflowne. The Tallgeese is amazingly constructed and well deserving of the Craftsmanship Award I built a model kit of this Mobile Suit, and this kit is nearly perfect. All the angled parts are properly angled, from the waist up it correctly proportional to the original, and includes all the small details I saw on the model. The legs are a bit squished compared to the original, but sometimes sacrifices to human biology have to be made, if you want to walk around in it. And to see it walk, there two more pictures online. My only complaint is that they don have the thruster units mounted on the shoulders. Admittedly, that would stress the shoulders, but if it were made out of foam, and painted carefully and then sealed, it might come out well. Again, I just guessing it still an EXCELLENT work! Please e mail me I have to know how you did this one, what it made from, how long it took, the full interview!

Jajuka also won Best Constructed, for good measure look at the gold detail and how smooth it is! I wonder how long it took to put all that on. The outfit seems to be made of some sort of polyester material, and the face was probably made from a lion mask but it still looks Grrrrreat!

Next up is a good closeup of Hinoto and Kanoe and the dreamer sisters fabulous outfits. Kanoe outfit probably could have been picked up in a koff specialty store, since there a LOT of lace to it, but would have needed extensive modifications and the fact it looks professionally made testifies to the quality and skill of the creators. And, Kanoe really does have the face for the character, that haughty look is really well done. Hinoto outfit really blows me away something like this has to be custom made, with the kanji down the front, and the immense sleeves and the size and flow of the robes. I guessing it made of either a very bright satin, because even a budget silk would be quite expensive with that much fabric, and would also not be something to drag along. The hair for Hinoto is really well done as a color and style match, and the person cosplaying does look a lot like Hinoto very young looking, round face. (As a silly aside, Kanoe foot is stepping on Hinoto robe I have this strange idea for a fic now! Backstage antics.)

And going for the Ultimate Nick Wolfwood is easily the one with the Biggest Gun.

Winning Honorable Mention for attention to detail is a cute pink black cat Sakura costume, with the perfect shoulder ruffles and design. Quite deserving, I would think.

And a rather nice Iria, with what look like sculpted armor plates. Were those some sort of fired clay or a plaster The hip plate is split, but seems to have black adjustable straps or tape across it. This picture, from the front, shows a lot more detail and really shows the great job done.

More later, though I be busy this week and gone this weekend, so I try to post again before Friday. Saturday and Sunday I be doing anime shopping in Los Angeles.

Hmm, I have been informed that the “Zagato” cosplay below was actually Ilparazzo from Excel Saga.

A quick note, archived due to length of previous entries. If you want to see the San Diego Comic Con review, or the Boomer cosplayer interview, it archived here. Why do guys cosplay so many girls This one is a really well done
timberland snow boots Fanart in Fabric

timberland shoes boots Fan favourite Gaethje relies on relentless motor

timberland casual shoes Fan favourite Gaethje relies on relentless motor

DETROIT There fighting, and then there Justin Gaethje.

Every fighter in the UFC traffics in violence, but it takes a special breed of fighter to make the rest of the athletes on the UFC roster shake their heads and acknowledge that you a little crazy.

love it, that the part I love, I really do, Gaethje said. not scared to lose. If you scared to lose then you hesitate and you don want that fight, but I want that fight.

don care if I lose. My stock still going to go up. I still going to get paid I take risks, I face my fears. hardcore MMA fans, Gaethje is already a superstar.

Long before he made his UFC debut against Michael Johnson in July, his fights under the WSOF promotion were must see.

The guy just made violence more entertaining than pretty much anyone else on the planet.

Because he wasn fighting in the UFC, though, there were still questions about how he fare against the best the sport had to offer.

Then, he stepped into the UFC octagon against Johnson and it looked like absolutely nothing had changed. Against a top 10 opponent, Gaethje came out swinging.

Johnson caught him with shots that looked like they have knocked out any other opponent, but Gaethje didn fall. He was hurt, sure, but it seemed to make absolutely no difference to his gameplan.

Eventually, it paid off, and Gaethje connected with a series of crippling blows that left Johnson lying prone on the mat.

It was the sort of fight that probably turns off those who don like fighting, but for MMA fans it was a symphony of violence that earned Fight of the Night Honours and will surely top most Best of 2017 lists.

On Saturday, he return to the octagon against former lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez, a guy with a reputation for being willing to take a shot to give a shot himself.

A win would put Gaethje on the fast track to a title shot, but that not what most fans are talking about. More than any fight the UFC has delivered in a while, this one promises to get crazy.

you only seen me fight once in the UFC, then you missing 16 other shows that I put on, Gaethje said. done it every single time. I not going to do it forever, though, I want to golf when I 60. I getting out when I want and that not in a very long time.

UFC better take advantage of my next six to eight to 10 fights, then I out of here. refreshing to hear that Gaethje wants to get out while he still healthy. There a little lie fight fans and media tell themselves about guys like Gaethje.

They going out and taking damage so that fans can be entertained, but there a possibility that they regret doing so when their careers are over.

That especially true for guys like Gaethje, who take so much damage.

It might not change anything, but at least Gaethje seems aware of what he putting himself through.

never been dropped and I never been knocked out, Gaethje said. the truth. Why have I taken any more damage than Dan Henderson or Michael Bisping or any of these guys that have been dropped or knocked out?

be in their shoes one day. I will get knocked out. I content with it, that what we do. The human body is fragile, but it also does a good job of healing itself. I got dense bones, that the truth. SURPRISED

Michelle Waterson knew how dangerous Rose Namajunas was.

They fought earlier this year, after all, and Namajunas had walked away with a lopsided victory.

But even knowing what she knew, Waterson couldn help but be surprised when she saw Namajunas finish Joanna Jedrzejczyk and claim the UFC women strawweight title at UFC 217 in early November.

course there was an element of shock, Waterson said. had been such a dominant champion for so long, but there a lot of things that go into fights. Everything has to fall into place on a certain day and Rose was able to let all the pieces fall into place. She stayed focused, stayed calm. is set to take on Tecia Torres on the main card of this weekend UFC 218 card in Detroit, but knows it unlikely a win will get her a rematch with Namajunas.

That fight was way too lopsided to run back a second time, and it looking more and more likely that Namajunas first title defence will be a rematch with Jedrzejczyk.
timberland shoes boots Fan favourite Gaethje relies on relentless motor

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timberland uk store locator Famous Sport Rock Climbing Locations

Africa is one of the best adventure continents in the world and sport rock climbing is well represented here. Perhaps the most famous climbing location is Oudtshoorn. It is located in the Western Cape of South Africa and is famous for its ostrich farms and the Cango Caves. There is no way to fly into Oudtshoorn by commercial flight, and without an airport even non commercial ones are tough. The only way to really get in is by bus or car.

The primary climbing attraction is the limestone rock. Oudtshoorn offers the best limestone climbing the world. In addition to this there is much to do after you are done on the cliff. Gaming casinos, fine dining, and many other luxuries are available if you choose.

If you have ever had the opportunity to try your hand at a rock climbing wall, you will definitely have found yourself becoming smitten by the bug of rock climbing and even will want to improve your skills further by taking advantage of rock climbing lessons. In fact, there is nothing quite as thrilling as hauling yourself up one of the many different kinds of rock climbing walls that you will come across in various places.

You Require Sport Climbing Shoes To Get Rock Climbing

Do not expect to just throw on a pair of sneakers and go climb your nearest rock face. In order to get anywhere in sport climbing you need a solid pair of sport climbing shoes. There are a couple of things to look for in your shoes so be sure that they have them or you could be out of luck in a very bad spot.

Should You Lease Or Make A Purchase Of Your Climbing Equipment?

When you join a climbing gym, a fitness center that has a rock climbing wall,
timberland sandal Famous Sport Rock Climbing Locations
or even if you’re just into sport climbing, you have to make the decision whether or not to rent or buy your climbing equipment. Renting has its benefits, as does buying. And both have their drawbacks.

Excellent, Larry. Thank you for taking the new article directory technology and making it work to the max. I encourage everyone to keep contributing and contributing regularly. I can attest to the fact that this site is already a strong directory in a field of many. Kudos to Larry!

Matthew C. It is full of nice little surprises that make the whole process of writing,

reading and publishing articles a complete delight. This is one that comes out tops and beats the rest hands down.

Eric Garner

I did a Google search and came across your site. It was exactly what I was looking for and was elated to find such a broad range of articles. As I am launching a free magazine in a small town in Florida, I wanted to be as resourceful as possible while still being able to provide some content that is interesting and well written. Your site has all the variables in the mix. Excellent Site hitting all the notes in the scale sort of speak.
timberland sandal Famous Sport Rock Climbing Locations

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timberland earth boots Famous Products That Are Shameless Rip

Page himself built these structures for Kiddicraft’s stand at the 1947 Earls Court Toy Fair. You know those impressive LEGO displays of entire cities they have in their parks and stores? Kiddicraft was doing that before LEGO bricks even existed. Here’s a picture of some Kiddicraft buildings:In the same year, LEGO’s founder Ole Kirk Christiansen bought a plastic injection machine from a salesman who demonstrated the type of toys that could be produced with it by showing him some Kiddicraft play sets. This was only meant to be an example of the machine’s capabilities, but Christiansen had a better idea: and calling it by another name.

LEGO went into full Thomas Edison mode, copying the Kiddicraft play sets right down to the little doors and windows that came with them:Kiddicraft on the left, LEGO on the right.

The rest, of course, is history. LEGO went on to become a household name to such an extent that it is now impossible to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night without stepping on at least one of their products on the way (even if there are no children in your house). Page, in turn, ended up committing suicide in 1957 as his company went down the toilet. Oreos have been the knockoff brand all along.

Hydrox cookies made their first appearance in 1908 as the signature product of a small company called Sunshine Biscuits. They were greeted by the public with open arms and single handedly ruled the sandwich cookie market for four years . until they noticed the giant food company peeking interestedly over their shoulder.”You’ll never leave us, right, obese miniature cooks? Not like those elf bastards .”

National Biscuit, the massive company that would later become Nabisco, took an interest in this strange new product that seemed to cause raging cookie boners everywhere it was sold, and created their own ripoff version, using their vastly superior, already established distribution channels and massive advertising budgets to tear through the country with it. Sunshine, despite being a nascent little company, didn’t take this offense lying down for a long time, their whole marketing strategy consisted of saying “Um, guys, we were here first, remember?””I’ll put a cookie through your goddamn eye if you don’t believe me!”

Eventually, however, they had to stop doing that because it simply wasn’t believable: Oreos became so popular that Hydrox started being perceived as the imitation, and any claim to the opposite would be met with an indignant “Shyeah, right” from the public. It probably didn’t help that their chosen brand name would be more appropriate for cleaning products or ’90s comic book villains.

Nabisco’s marketing machinery steamrolled all over Hydrox so badly that Sunshine was eventually bought by other companies and their products discontinued, while that filthy imitation product known as “Oreo” went on to become a cultural icon.

But, big deal, right? The technology has existed for decades, and numerous products had used it before. These guys just found a more creative way to sell it. Or Mays did, anyway, because it turns out that Offer completely stole his pitching style. Check out this comparison between the two infomercials:

It’s the exact same selling style, right from the “Hi, it’s (name) with (product)” greeting at the start .

Skechers is the largest shoe company in the world, which many of you might equate with “the largest employer of whipped Vietnamese children,” but we have to give them credit for trying to do things right. Take their BOBS line of shoes, introduced in 2010: They’re not only comfortable, affordable footwear designed in the style of South American espadrilles, but they’re in fact specifically meant to do good. They’re ethically produced in developing countries, and Skechers actually donates one pair to children in need for every pair they sell.

Nope, that’s not the same shoe from another angle if you look carefully, you’ll notice it says TOMS instead of BOBS. Big difference, because TOMS isn’t run by total douchebags.

It turns out that Skechers copied the whole BOBS thing from TOMS, the smaller company that introduced the “one for one” charity concept four years earlier. So, OK, now we have two companies giving away shoes to poor children, and we’d have to be jerks to complain about that . except that it wasn’t just the good deed Skechers copied, it was the entire TOMS business model.

BOBS seems specifically designed to drive TOMS out of business they’re both based on the Argentine espadrille, they’re both male names in all caps and, on top of that, Skechers initially priced BOBS two dollars cheaper than TOMS. The whole thing was capped off with a massive launch campaign that promised to donate not one, but two pairs for each purchased pair of BOBS.
timberland white ledge Famous Products That Are Shameless Rip

grey timberland boots Famous Landmarks You Can Secretly Live Inside

mens 6 inch timberland boots Famous Landmarks You Can Secretly Live Inside

Whether it was a theme park, a museum, or even that place that did the amazing barbecue ribs, we’ve all visited somewhere we wished we could stay in forever. Good news! You (or at least the richest person you’ve ever smelled) can totally live in some of the most famous buildings in the entire world. Hidden inside many iconic locations are secret apartments formerly used by tireless custodians, overworked managers, or just rich guys who needed a quiet place to cheat on their wives. And for the right price, you could call these eccentric dwellings home. Like .

During the construction of Disneyland, Walt Disney figured that all that commuting between the studio, the park, and his mansion was too much of a hassle. So in order to remain onsite for as long as he wanted, he had a small apartment built atop one of the first Disneyland buildings: the firehouse at the entrance. It’s hard to imagine rich and famous Disney living like a college kid in that small studio apartment, but unlike most college kids, Disney had the best interior decorators in the world working for him. He asked Academy Award winning set designer Emile Kuri to create his and his wife’s ideal home . which looks like Santa’s parlor:Built in the Victorian style of their youth, this little apartment was a way for the Disneys to go back to simpler times, before all that silly castle building started. But there was at least one cool thing in the apartment: a fireman’s pole which Walt and the kids could slide down into the firehouse. But the fun was ruined when one fan climbed up Walt’s pole while his family was there to see it. His hole was covered up and never spoken of again.

Those last sentences were really too suggestive to be associated with anything Disney.

Like anything related to Disney, you can still have a look if you pay for a tour. And who wouldn’t shell out a few bucks to witness firsthand the place where Walt Disney took a dump?The Houston Astrodome Once Featured A Bona Fide Palace

When the Houston Astrodome, the first ever domed football stadium, opened in 1965, it looked like it had crashed down from outer space. People were in awe of the dome, the air conditioning, and especially the AstroTurf.

When crazy (rich) Texas judge Roy Hofheinz had the Astrodome built, he did what every seven year old would if they owned a space age stadium: He lived in it. Hofheinz had an apartment spanning seven floors built inside the stadium itself, but that was only the start of his eccentricity.

Then there was the slightly weirder stuff, like a psychedelic hair salon, a puppet theatre, and a bar called the Tipsy Tavern, where everything had been built at an uneven angle. It also had a medieval chapel and a shooting range with both animal and human targets (welcome to Texas, y’all). The dwelling housed both the judge and his extensive family, and was full of so much stuff that they didn’t leave the stadium for weeks on end. Hofheinz himself was often seen shredding the Astroturf on a golf cart wearing nothing but a bathrobe. Not that you’d want to live in that adult Willy Wonka apartment, as the Astrodome now is a walking health violation.

Samuel “Roxy” Rothafel was the venue’s first impresario, responsible for classing the stage up with the greatest talents in the world. His cool and glamorous style was famous throughout the city, so in order to keep Roxy firmly tucked in their pocket, the owners of Radio City Music Hall built him his own amazing art deco apartment above the theatre. It was as opulent as one of his over the top shows, replete with gold leaf and floor to ceiling curtains. It oozed class, and Roxy didn’t let it go to waste. He hosted parties for the likes of Olivia de Havilland, Samuel Goldwyn, Alfred Hitchcock, and enough young ladies that the pad could have been listed as a European hostel.

You Can Stay In The Clock Tower That Harry Potter Flew Over

There are so many magical landmarks dotted throughout London, but unless you’re secretly the 12th Earl of Fancypantsington (pronounced “Flint”), there’s not a chance in the world you’ll ever get to spend the night in one of them. But what if we told you you could stay inside the most famous clock tower in all of the world? Alright, the second most famous clock tower in England: the one atop St. Pancras Station.

Y’all have heard of St. Pancras Station, right? Right?!

Sharing many of the station’s gorgeous 19th century architecture, the St. Pancras suite has two bedrooms and a ceiling high enough that you could fly a broom around. Of course, there are a few downsides. While it is only a short five second walk to the nearest train station, that does also mean you’ll be hearing trains all day and night. You’ll also have to shell out a steep 150 pounds per night, but that might be worth it for the chance to say you stayed in an apartment worth 5 million pounds, with amazing views of London. But in the crazy upside down world that is Australia, people don’t need to live under a bridge they can live in it.

Of course, from our point of view, they’re still on top of the bridge.

Walter Taylor Bridge, Australia’s longest suspension bridge, houses several apartments in the pylons. And if you think that sounds like its current residents are living in tiny Hobbit holes, know that they are surprisingly large. One room is so big that it’s known as the “Ball Room,” and some awesome parties have been thrown there.
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roll top timberlands Family’s civil lawsuit goes to court four years after man dies following deputy response outside gym

roll top timberland boots Family’s civil lawsuit goes to court four years after man dies following deputy response outside gym

Witnesses described 34 year old Will Berger’s actions inside a South Hill gym on June 6, 2013, as bizarre and aggressive. But Berger never got the chance to explain them.

Responding to a disturbance call, Spokane County sheriff’s Deputies Shawn Audie and Steve Paynter shocked Berger several times with a Taser. After Berger continued to struggle, Audie applied a controversial neck restraint. Berger lost consciousness and later died.

Even though criminal and internal investigations cleared Audie and Paynter, an attorney representing Berger’s family, Karen Unger, will ask a jury in federal court this week to hold the two officers civilly responsible for what she argues was excessive force resulting in Berger’s death.

Unger, reached by phone last week, declined to comment and said the suit speaks for itself.

“At no time did either deputy attempt to engage the decedent in any kind of conversation to determine his level of stress or incompetence,” the suit states. “There was no reason whatsoever to begin Tasing an individual who was of no threat to anyone.”

“Without communicating in any way with Mr. District Judge Rosanna Malouf Peterson.

Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich was originally named as a party to the suit and provided a deposition. But he said last week that he had not been subpoenaed to testify.

“We did our in custody death review, and all things were found to be in compliance,” said Knezovich, who declined to comment further. “Yet, even then, they continued to attempt to gain control of (Berger) rather than resorting to deadly force.”

According to court records, Berger entered Oz Fitness near the intersection of 55th Avenue and Regal Street. Witnesses described his bizarre behavior that prompted staff to ask him to leave.

Dressed only in shorts and running shoes, Berger walked outside and appeared to be swinging at cars passing nearby. Someone called 911 and Paynter arrived on the scene.

“Rather than try to engage the decedent Mr. Berger to determine his level of distress, defendant Deputy Paynter immediately Tased Mr. Berger once, and when he did not immediately comply with defendant Deputy Paynter’s commands, continued to Tase him,” Unger wrote.

Audie arrived next and he, too, shocked Berger with a Taser. After Berger continued to struggle, Audie placed Berger in a neck hold that caused Berger to lose consciousness.

As Audie held Berger in the neck hold, a paramedic and an emergency medical technician approached.

“When they approached they were met with profanity and threats of arrest from defendant Deputy Audie, should they attempt to intervene in any way,” Unger wrote. “As a result, they both backed away, fearing for their own safety.”

After the deputies handcuffed Berger, they realized he wasn’t breathing. Berger was never revived, but medical officials kept him on life support long enough for his organs to be retrieved for donation, Unger wrote.

Berger’s father, William “Bill” Berger, dropped his son off at Oz Fitness that day, Unger wrote. The elder Berger arrived back at that location “in time to see his son killed by” Audie and Paynter, which has caused Berger ongoing mental health problems.
roll top timberlands Family's civil lawsuit goes to court four years after man dies following deputy response outside gym