navy blue timberland boots Country shows continue to play vital role in Australian culture

boots timberland Country shows continue to play vital role in Australian culture

The influential role of country shows in Australian life may appear to be dwindling, but a revival is underway as those in the bush aim to bridge the rural city divide and educate people on how their food is made.

Organisers have become increasingly worried about their shows’ future, due to a lack of volunteers and a declining interest among young people.

Mr Peters said agricultural shows had evolved a lot since their inception in the nineteenth century, when they primarily showcased new innovations and aimed to improve productivity.

“The first appearance of automated sheep shearing handpieces were at agricultural shows, so that sort of agricultural innovation was part of shows,” he said.

“Shows were a tool to increase agricultural productivity by promoting a competition where the best in a class or category was awarded with prize money and a ribbon.”

The rise of major field days, which showcase new agricultural equipment and technologies, has in many ways eclipsed country shows’ role in innovation, but adaptability has been a vital part of ensuring their survival.

Quirky country events attract new spectatorsAnother key function entertainment has offered small country shows leverage in drawing new and diverse crowds, from motocross and rodeo events to young farmers’ challenges, which often involve quirky tasks such as repairing a quad bike and moving hay bales against competing teams.

The small town of Grenfell in central west NSW is just one of many shows that draw keen spectators for the mighty tractor pull a competition that requires tractors to pull a heavy sled along a track.

Former mayor and local tractor enthusiast Maurice Simpson said interest in the competition among both city and country people was at an all time high.

“It’s got to be the noise and the dust and the dirt and the smoke and the mistakes and the slipping and the jumping,” Mr Simpson said.

“I had people here from Sydney and they were absolutely tickled pink.

“It’s growing, the ones out Trundle way are absolutely tremendous tractor pulls. They’ve got to run those over two days and into the night to fit them in.”

The fascination with agricultural machines has seen no limit across parts of the country,
navy blue timberland boots Country shows continue to play vital role in Australian culture
with many people now becoming unlikely exhibitors after getting their hands on items such as vintage corn shredders and shearing equipment later in life.

Mr Peters said shows also allowed people from the metropolitan areas and big regional centres to better understand how their food was produced.

“When you look at the kids of major towns, most of them don’t get the opportunity to have that contact with animals,” he said.

“Today we’ve got programs run by a lot of shows that are education programs, so they’re about improving the knowledge of kids about where all our foods comes from and the way Australia needs to think about feeding itself in the future.”

Shows provide growing educational roleAmong those programs is the junior judging competition an event where young people assess different types of produce which is surging in interest across parts of New South Wales.

Brendan Mansbridge, a former state junior judging champion, said agriculture and technology teachers in schools were leading the charge in getting young people interested.

“Even schools in Sydney and other metropolitan areas have been introduced to agriculture through junior judging, they’ve gone on to have some big careers in agriculture and achieved some big things,” Mr Mansbridge said.

“It’s an amazing opportunity to build your skills and get a foothold in the industry.”

Fourteen year old William Cox from Manildra, near Parkes in NSW, has been competing in sheepdog trials at shows since he was four.

He admitted while many of his peers were not interested in country shows, he believed there was a bright future for shows.

“I’ve been practically everywhere around New South Wales, I don’t think there are many shows I’ve missed,” he said.

“[Other teenagers] are a bit surprised I’m into this stuff because of most of them are very sporty,
navy blue timberland boots Country shows continue to play vital role in Australian culture
where this is just what I’ve been brought up to do.”

roll top timberland boots Country Running on Grass and Gravel

timberland work boots Country Running on Grass and Gravel

The Pyramid Spike Pyramid spikes are classified by their length from the shoe plate to the metal tip when the spike is screwed in and tightened with a spike wrench. When taken out of the shoe, the spike will be slightly longer than its assigned measurement. Named for their triangular shapes, pyramid spikes range in length from 1/8 to 5/8 inch, with the shortest length used only in track and field.

The 1/4 Inch Spike Designed for dry, firm cross country courses even those that include a little pavement the 1/4 inch pyramid spike is likely to be the one you use most often at the beginning of the season. This length is great on gravel and firm dirt. Keep a set of 1/4 inch pyramids in your spike bag at all times. If you’re ever in a bind and forget to buy implements before a race, this length will do the job for any non pavement course you run.

The 3/8 Inch Spike If you’re certain that you won’t be running on pavement and your cross country course includes grass and some gravel or dirt, 3/8 inch pyramid spikes will give you adequate grip and comfort. This is the most common spike used for the bulk of the cross country season when the ground is not yet muddy. Never wear it on pavement, a track or any other overly firm surface.

The 1/2 Inch Spike The more it rains, the longer your spikes need to be. Once cross country courses get muddy, shorter spike lengths will be inadequate for preventing slipping and sliding. The 1/2 inch pyramid should be your go to spike on any course that has mud and soft grass. If the course is muddy but has some pavement, stick with the 3/8 inch spike, since the longer spike length will be very uncomfortable on firm surfaces.

The 5/8 Inch Spike The granddaddy of pyramids is the 5/8 inch spike, designed for the muddiest, messiest cross country courses. For cross country runners in drier, cooler climates, the 5/8 inch pyramid is almost never needed. But if you live in a place where it rains often during the autumn and early winter months when most cross country races are held, you’ll want to have a set of these on hand.

References (3) Berkshire Sports: Spike Length Guide for Cross Country RunningHolabird Sports: Pyramid or Needle: Choosing the Right SpikesSpeed Endurance: Track Spikes Using Pins, Pyramids, and Christmas Trees

Resources (3) Running Shoes Guru: First Time Buyer Guide to SpikesUSA Track Field: Implements SpikesEverything Track Field: Pyramid Spikes
roll top timberland boots Country Running on Grass and Gravel

latest timberland boots Counterfeit Yeezys and the booming sneaker black market

timberland childrens shoes Counterfeit Yeezys and the booming sneaker black market

Kevin longed for a pair of Adidas black Yeezys, a charcoal colored edition of the ultra hip sneakers designed by rapper Kanye West.

But the 22 year old Riverside resident couldn just walk into a store and buy them. The limited production shoes sold out shortly after their release, and resellers online were charging upward of $1,500, seven and a half times the original retail price.

So the assistant high school football coach did what more and more collectors are doing to satisfy their Yeezy fix: He had a replica pair delivered to his doorstep from China.

I could readily buy a pair of Yeezys at the store right now I wouldn buy fake ones, said Kevin, who agreed to be interviewed on the condition his last name not be published to avoid jeopardizing his relationship with illegal sellers.

Kevin entr into the world of replica shoes was through the user generated website Reddit, where collectors share photos of copycat shoes and contact information for sellers. They coach counterfeiters on how to get minute details correct like the proper length of a sock liner or the right amount of fuzz on a suede patch. With each batch of bootlegs, the replicas become increasingly difficult to distinguish from their authentic counterparts.

pay over $1,000 for Yeezys when you can get a pair that looks the same for $120? he said. High end fake Yeezys may represent a tiny fraction of the $460 billion knockoff goods industry, but they provide a snapshot into how widespread counterfeiting has become in the digital age all to the delight of collectors who are so devoted to the shoes they willing to undermine the very brand that makes them.

The shadow sneaker trade shows the tools of globalization aren restricted to multinational brands. The replicas Kevin wears are re created expertly in China, marketed on social media, sold over reputable e commerce sites and delivered discreetly by international couriers. And customers are more than willing to pay more than $100 a pair for the fakes, knowing it often takes an expert to spot the difference.

I in the city I like to pay attention to what people have on their feet and I never seen more fakes ever in my life, said sneaker designer Jeff Staple, who has collaborated with brands such as Puma, New Balance and Nike, for which he created the riot inducing Dunks. no shame in the game anymore. (Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times)Not since Michael Jordan left his imprimatur on a line of Nike high tops more than 30 years ago has a pair of sneakers had a bigger impact on popular culture or inspired more high end counterfeits.

With its recognizable fabric and chunky soles embedded with proprietary cushioning, the Yeezys have transcended the niche world of streetwear and crossed into celebrity territory thanks to the Kardashians, the Hadid sisters and, of course, West, one of the most closely followed musicians in the world. Hash tagged endlessly on social media platforms like Instagram, the Yeezys helped launch an improbable coup in the fashion world by making Adidas seem cooler than Nike. But that down from 39.5% the same time a year ago. Adidas, the second biggest brand, has seen its market share grow to 11.9% from 7.3% in that period.

Winning West endorsement was a victory for Adidas. The rapper originally worked with Nike to release his namesake shoes (Yeezy is a derivative of his nickname, Ye), but severed ties with the company in 2013. When Adidas put out its first pair of Yeezys in 2015, it sparked a frenzy that has contributed to the company share price nearly doubling since then.

Collectors and resellers camped out in front of specialty sneaker stores days before new Yeezy releases. Tech savvy buyers downloaded bots that would scan online retailers for Yeezys the moment they became available. The shoe success even inspired other pop star and clothing brand tie ups like Rihanna for Puma and Beyonce for Topshop.

are the ultimate; the top sneakers, said Riley Jones, a sneaker expert who has written for Footwear News, Sole Collector and Complex. lot has to do with the slow rate Adidas puts out a new style. It keeps people hungry. comparison, Nike decision to make more of its Jordans available dulled enthusiasm for the shoes.

anyone can walk into a Foot Locker and buy a pair of retro Jordans, said Josh Luber, co founder and CEO of StockX, a stock exchange and marketplace for collectible sneakers. only are they not selling out on the secondary market, they not selling out at retail. popularity of Yeezys and shoes like them has fostered the growth of an entire secondary sneaker industry that authenticates and resells hot shoes, led by StockX and Culver City GOAT, which has raised $37.6 million in venture capital. (The authentic Yeezys that appear with this story were provided by GOAT.)

But the clamor and high prices have also alienated a community of sneakerheads who don have the means or desire to pay Gucci prices. For them, the only alternative is getting replicas. And sooner or later, they find their way to a Reddit forum called Repsneakers.

When Kevin stumbled upon the Repsneakers forum in 2015, there were 3,000 subscribers. It has since ballooned to more than 56,000.

I started, there was only one post every few days, he said. you can keep up even if you wanted to. the past, those seeking counterfeit sneakers had to navigate a slew of foreign sites that inspired little confidence. Repsneakers emerged as a place to seek out and share the best on the market.

It a community buoyed by a sense of righteousness as if they turning the tables on a hype addled industry exploiting their addiction. Unlike ordinary sneakers, which are produced and sold in the millions, each Yeezy style is believed to amount to just 40,000 pairs. That scarcity fuels a secondary market, which is where members of the forum direct their scorn.

sneaker world in its current state is being controlled by people who [use] bots. These people aren buying to wear, they buying to make profit, which then drives the price up for people who genuinely want to buy to wear, said a Repsneakers subscriber named Spencelord. appreciate people are making a living from doing this, but I don want to support it. members of the forum take their business to China, the source of the majority of legitimate sneaker manufacturing as well as 85% of the world counterfeit goods. Sellers can be found on Instagram or on Repsneakers, where they go by names like Amy, David and Edith. Connections are forged over Skype, WhatsApp or WeChat, China dominant social media platform. Money moves through PayPal or Western Union. Buyers post pictures and reviews of their purchases for fellow subscribers to inspect.

right shoe curves looks much better than the left shoe, reads one particularly precise comment. The replica Yeezy review details how the shoes were packaged ( boxed with bubble wrap how they fit ( half size down and the quality of customer service ( is great posts deal with the stigma of wearing knockoff shoes and how to respond if caught, better known as being out. Like a support group, the Redditors tell each other to hold their heads high.

The holy grail for collectors is a perfect replica, known as a 1:1 in the parlance of Repsneakers. But the quest for that perfect ratio can elicit eye rolls too. One member felt compelled to write, stupid as this might sound, I feel the need to remind you guys that we’re buying replicas. subscriber uploaded a purported microscopic close up of a replica Yeezy with its primeknit fabric in disarray. The post turned out to be a hoax, but the point was made: Armchair experts need to stop nitpicking about their replicas and just enjoy wearing them.

Spotting the fake YeezyReplicating the highly coveted and commercially successful Adidas Yeezy has become so sophisticated that even some of the most astute fans can tell the difference between a well made fake and the real deal.

(Kyle Kim / Los Angeles Times)Kevin remembers begging his parents for a pair of Supra skate shoes in sixth grade. They weren cheap to the working class family, but he got them anyway. Ever since, the 6 foot, 250 pound former high school left tackle has had an unlikely interest in fashion. His first big splurge was a pair of Balenciaga sneakers and a Louis Vuitton belt he bought with a third of his $3,000 stipend for coaching youth football.

mom thought I was insane. Target and Kohl is where she shops, said Kevin, who often shows up to practice in designer glasses and ripped, tapered jeans. I come to a meeting and they ask, going to the club? dismissed replica shoes until about three years ago when he wanted a pair of Adidas Y 3 sneakers another designer offshoot for the German brand. As prices climbed to nearly $400, he began browsing knockoffs online.

A cursory search of Google images took him to popular Chinese sites like Taobao, AliExpress and DHgate, where crude counterfeits could be had for a little more than $20. But one image stuck out.

aren fakes, Kevin thought at the time. replicas. It looked like they were using the same materials as the retail shoes. clicked the link taking him to Repsneakers for the first time. There, he found a seller in China and placed an order using PayPal. Within weeks, the shoes were delivered by EMS, an international courier, in a shoebox no different from those used for authentic versions.

shoes overseas seemed like a scam, but it worked, said Kevin, who is versed in the law that buying counterfeit goods is not illegal, but selling them is.
latest timberland boots Counterfeit Yeezys and the booming sneaker black market

timberland sandles Countdown To Murrayfield

timberland bromilly boots Countdown To Murrayfield

CONFIDENCE BOOST FOR BEST: Hooker Rory Best says it is a ‘big confidence boost’ for him to get the nod over Jerry Flannery for Saturday’s RBS 6 Nations encounter with Scotland.

Best and the rest of the Irish squad and management flew over to Edinburgh last evening, setting up camp ahead of the vital clash with Frank Hadden’s men. There’s a lot of competition for places right across the board, from 1 to 15, which I suppose is vital if you want to have a squad that is going to be challenging to win internationals on a regular basis.

“A mark of how strong a squad is, first and foremost, when you look at the quality of player that hasn’t made the 22. In this case, Malcolm O’Kelly, Eoin Reddan, Shane Horgan, to name but a few.

“Then the next thing to look at is the quality on the bench. The three games before this and now, the bench just oozes quality which is what you need in those vital last 20 minutes of a game.”

Asked if the four personnel changes announced by Declan Kidney took the players by surprise, the Ulster captain admitted that it is difficult to forecast what the management will do from week to week.

“Whenever you’re winning, it’s hard to expect there to be any changes. But at the same time, Declan feels he knows what’s best to get a performance out of the squad.

“It shows how tight the whole squad is in terms of performance, that he feels able to make four changes and it’s great for my point of view to get a chance.

“It’ll be up to the four boys that come in to pick up the baton that’s been left down and keep pushing on and keep pushing this Ireland team forward.”

The fact that Scotland winger Simon Danielli plays his club rugby for Ulster will add spice to Saturday’s game, from Best’s point of view.

He rates Danielli and the rest of the Scottish side very highly.

“Scottish teams are all very skilful. They like to play with their ball in the hand. They’ve a very big pack, you just look at their 1 to 8 they have quality and size which is the hallmark of a good international pack.

“They’ll bring an all round game. From an Ulster point of view, obviously we know Simon (Danielli) really well.

“He’s been going really well,
timberland sandles Countdown To Murrayfield
got man of the match against Italy and then he was one of our best players the weekend past.

“They’re very dangerous out wide but they also have a good, hard pack. We just have to have our analysis done and make sure we get our individual as well as collective preparation right.”

LES ‘KING OF THE PINS’: Defence coach Les Kiss displayed his bowling skills recently when the Irish squad and management took part in a ten pin bowling competition in Cork, but communications and media manager Karl Richardson was well off the pace. Blame the shoes Karl, blame the shoes!

Commenting on the night, Ireland captain Brian O’Driscoll said: “We spent one night out in Cork playing ten pin bowling and then going out for a meal. Even though we were divided up into teams, there was an individual competition with a nice prize for the winner.

“Les Kiss ran away with it, comfortably eclipsing all on his way to about 180. It might not sound a massive total but if you saw some of the scores you’d appreciate resembled ‘Kingpin’ stuff compared to the rest.

“Karl (Richardson) threw his first two balls into the gutters and then went and got the kiddies’ aid, a kind of slide that allows youngsters to bowl. He did it as a joke but trust me he would have been better off using it for the entire time.

“I was very poor, just about managing three figures with a late surge that included a strike and a couple of spares.

“Some people you think would be very good at it weren’t. Lukey (Fitzgerald) who is good at everything. One of two dark horses, notably Marcus Horan, suggested a misspent youth in terms of their prowess.”

FOURTH PLACE A POSSIBILITY FOR IRELAND: Ireland may be targeting victory over Scotland at Murrayfield to keep alive hopes of a first Grand Slam since 1948, but a win could also take them to fourth in the IRB World Rankings and their highest position for nearly two years.

Declan Kidney’s side lie sixth, although less than half a rating point behind current incumbent Argentina.

Any Ireland victory unless Wales were to beat Italy by more than 15 points in Rome would see them become the northern Hemisphere’s highest ranked side.

Even if Wales were to record a convincing triumph over Italy, then a win by more than 15 points as well for Ireland would still be enough to keep them ahead of the defending RBS 6 Nations champions in the race to claim fourth spot.

In the event of such a convincing win for Ireland then Scotland would slide one place to 10th with Fiji assuming their previous position.

Italy’s position of 12th would be unaffected by defeat as they currently hold more than a two point cushion over Tonga beneath them.

Argentina will retain fourth place in the event of both Wales and Ireland losing to lower ranked sides, outcomes which would see them fall one or two places and Italy, who did beat Wales 23 20 in their last meeting in Rome, also swap places once more with Samoa to return to 11th.

Scotland will face the ‘old enemy’ on the final weekend of the 2009 Championship and could theoretically go into that encounter sitting above England in the rankings,
timberland sandles Countdown To Murrayfield
although they would need to beat Ireland by more than 15 points and England then lose by the same margin to France at Twickenham on Sunday.

timberland boots sale uk councillors return from national municipal conference in Ottawa

timberland walking boots councillors return from national municipal conference in Ottawa

Savage and his nation wide counterparts all hoped to come away with more information on the day to day actions that will be made necessary when marijuana is made legal just over one year from now.understand this is a federal issue, a lot of people understand it a provincial issue, but a lot of people don understand it a municipal issue, said Savage. a big issue for us. says the regulations surrounding the legalization of recreational marijuana are going to be costly,
timberland boots sale uk councillors return from national municipal conference in Ottawa
addinglocal police will be the ones to enforce impaired driving laws, provisions about sales to minors and any necessary bylaws for dispensaries that open up in communities.The speed of infrastructure money from the Trudeau liberals and how that money will be spent also a topic of discussion at the FCM in Ottawa.Savage says he wants to be creative with the cash.phase one we used it for things like transit and water and wastewater projects, he said. phase two we see the opportunity to use it for something more transformative, perhaps to be used for commuter rail or something that could be equally important. says it is great to meet with other municipalities from coast to coast.
timberland boots sale uk councillors return from national municipal conference in Ottawa

timberland handbags Council reduces slip accidents amongst catering staff

timberland girls sandals Council reduces slip accidents amongst catering staff

A council was having problems with slips. Over a four year period 317 slip incidents had been recorded, 26 of which resulted in employees receiving a major injury or being off work for over three days. In an attempt to reduce the number of accidents in the kitchen and catering areas the council introduced various solutions over a five year period:

Improved management of spillages and the cleaning regimes

Enforcement of sensible shoe policyBut, despite these good control measures, slips were still happening and the impact of these accidents was far reaching. As well as the personal impact on employees from having an injury at work, the council found itself not only having to find staff to cover absences, but having to find money to cover the ever increasing personal injury claims submitted; in excess of 20,000 had been paid out just to settle 5 claims.

The council went back to the slips risk assessment to see what else could be done; the review revealed that protective non slip footwear (PPE) for all at risk staff might be the answer.

Before making any significant purchases, the council carried out extensive research into the different types of anti slip footwear available, taking into account the environment the footwear was to be used in, the range of surfaces it would encounter, ease of cleaning, turnover of staff and the cost. As a result a non slip overshoe was sourced and given to 50 mobile catering staff that worked within a number of different kitchens with a variety of floor surfaces and a footwear trial conducted. The trial lasted two months; during that time there were no slips to the employees that wore the overshoe.

Feedback was gathered from staff on the overshoe slip resistant qualities, comfort when being worn, general fit and ease of use. Some of the quotes from staff included:

“Comfortable and easy to wear, the shoes stopped me when I expected to slip”

“These shoes offered protection against slipping”

“You don’t know they’re on”

“I would not like to work in the kitchen without them now”

Following the success of the trial, a policy was formulated making it compulsory for all staff to wear the overshoes whilst at work. The policy also extended to other personnel visiting and working in kitchens.

The overshoes were distributed at a total cost of around 18,000. In the 9 months, prior to their introduction there had been 4 reportable slip incidents and 21 non reportable slips incidents. In the six months following their introduction, there were no reportable slip incidents, the first time since recording slip statistics began eight years previously. There was also a big impact on non reportable slip incidents, the figure reduced from 21 to 10, a 52% reduction. An investigation revealed that in 8 of these incidents individuals had not been wearing overshoes at the time of the accident, due to not having received delivery or having to order an alternative size.

The council was pleased to be finally making significant improvements in managing slip risk within kitchens and felt that the reduction in incidents would be maintained by the ongoing use of the non slip overshoes.
timberland handbags Council reduces slip accidents amongst catering staff

timberland earthkeepers chukka boots Council leader quits over fire response

roll top timberland boots Council leader quits over fire response

Media captionNick Paget Brown: “I have to accept my share of responsibility”

Kensington and Chelsea Council leader Nick Paget Brown has resigned following continued criticism of the council’s handling of the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Members of the public and press had been barred from the council meeting until a court order overturned the decision minutes before it was due to start

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid said: “This is clearly a personal matter for the leader of Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, as well as the council.

“However, given local people had lost confidence in the leader, it is right that he has stepped aside.”

He said the government’s priority “remains focussed on the ongoing response efforts and providing all necessary support to those affected by this tragic incident”.

Deputy council leader and cabinet member for housing, property and regeneration, Rock Feilding Mellen, also announced his resignation.

The decision to adjourn Thursday night’s meeting led to a rebuke from Downing Street on Friday.

A Number 10 spokesman said: “The High Court ruled that the meeting should be open and we would have expected the council to respect that.”

Media playback is unsupported on your device

Media caption Council tries to ban press and public from meeting

Council leaders claimed an open meeting would “prejudice” the forthcoming public inquiry.

But angry protests followed and Labour councillor Robert Atkinson,
timberland earthkeepers chukka boots Council leader quits over fire response
whose ward includes Grenfell Tower, branded the abandoned meeting a “fiasco”.

He accused leaders of “hiding from residents, they have been hiding from backbench councillors for over a week”.

Mr Khan welcomed Mr Paget Brown stepping down, saying: “Ever since the awful events of two weeks ago, it has been clear that the local community in and around north Kensington has lost trust in the council and that the administration is not fit for purpose.

“Last night’s decision to abandon the council’s cabinet meeting has merely compounded the misery for local people who are grieving, traumatised and desperate for answers.”

Mr Khan later tweeted a letter he sent to the prime minister, asking her to appoint commissioners to take over the running of the council until next May’s council elections.

The fire at the 24 storey block in North Kensington destroyed 151 homes,
timberland earthkeepers chukka boots Council leader quits over fire response
both in the tower and surrounding areas.

timberland chelsea boots sale Council delay decision on Hobsonville rezoning

timberland uk store Council delay decision on Hobsonville rezoning

Your news how you want it.

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The Yard 37 marine industry precinct,
timberland chelsea boots sale Council delay decision on Hobsonville rezoning
former RNZAF Hobonsville air base hangars at Hobsonville Point.
timberland chelsea boots sale Council delay decision on Hobsonville rezoning

timberland belt Could you be allergic to these everyday things

timberland uk sale Could you be allergic to these everyday things

But you may be surprised about some of the lesser known materials, foods, or environments that an cause allergic reactions in certain people.

An allergic reaction occurs when the body misreads something that’s typically harmless as being dangerous, explains Kevin McGrath, MD, spokesperson for the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology. “The immune system creates special white blood cells, called antibodies, to defend against this apparent threat similarly to how it would fight an infection or illness,” he says. (That’s where symptoms like swelling, itching, runny nose, and wheezing come in.)

People must be born with a genetic predisposition to allergies, but scientists don’t know exactly why or how they become allergic to specific things. And while many allergens are quite common, others are much rarer. Here are some of the more interesting cases allergists have seen in their practice, and what you can do if you’re affected.

Inexpensive silver colored jewelry is often made with nickel one of the most common causes of an itchy rash known as allergic contact dermatitis. About 17% of women and 3% of men have a nickel allergy, says Dr. McGrath; the gender difference is largely due to the fact that women have more exposure to nickel through jewelry (especially piercings), which raises their risk of becoming sensitized.

Switching to high quality sterling silver or 14 karat gold jewelry usually solves this problem, says Dr. McGrath, although he has heard of very rare allergic reactions to gold, as well. “When people wear a lot of gold jewelry and a lot of makeup, the chemicals in the makeup can actually break down the gold and cause reactions with the skin.” For these people, he says, platinum is the best bet.

Cell phones and tablets

People with metal allergies may have trouble using cellular phones, PDAs, and tablet devices, (including iPhones and iPads), as these products often contain potential allergens nickel and cobalt. “People can get rashes on their face, ears, and hands, and irritation in the eyes if they touch their phone and then touch their eyes,” says Dr. McGrath.

Once you have a metal allergy, you’re sensitive to it for life. But most people are able to safely use these devices as long as they’re covered with a protective case as long as the case itself contains no metal, of course.
timberland belt Could you be allergic to these everyday things

timberland shoes uk sale Could model airplanes become a terrorist weapon

timberland fleece jacket Could model airplanes become a terrorist weapon

Capitol with remote controlled model planes packed with explosives.

These are not balsa wood and rubber band toys investigators are talking about. The FBI said Rezwan Ferdaus hoped to use military jet replicas, 5 to 7 1/2 feet long, guided by GPS devices and capable of speeds over 100 mph.

Federal officials have long been aware of the possibility someone might try to use such planes as weapons, but there are no restrictions on their purchase Ferdaus is said to have bought his over the Internet.

Counterterrorism experts and model aircraft hobbyists said it would be nearly impossible to inflict large scale damage of the sort Ferdaus allegedly envisioned using model planes. The aircraft are too small, can’t carry enough explosives and are too tricky to fly, they said.

“The idea of pushing a button and this thing diving into the Pentagon is kind of a joke, actually,” said Greg Hahn, technical director of the Academy of Model Aeronautics.

Rick Nelson, a former Navy helicopter pilot who is now a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said Ferdaus would have had to hit a window or other vulnerable area to maximize damage, and that would have taken precision flying.

“Flying a remote controlled plane isn’t as easy as it actually looks, and then to put an explosive on it and have that explosive detonate at the time and place that you want it add to the difficulty of actually doing it,” he said. He was charged with attempting to damage or destroy a federal building with explosives. in early 2010 after becoming convinced through jihadi websites and videos that America was evil.

Ferdaus had a physics degree from Northeastern University and enjoyed “taking stuff apart” and “learning on my own,” according to court papers.

The model planes Ferdaus eyed were the F 4 Phantom and the F 86 Sabre, small scale versions of military jets, investigators said. The F 4 is the more expensive of the two, at up to $20,000, Hahn said. The F 86, one of which Ferdaus actually obtained, costs $6,000 to $10,000 new.

Ferdaus’ plan, as alleged in court papers, was to launch three such planes from a park near the Pentagon and Capitol and use GPS to direct them toward the buildings, where they would detonate on impact and blow the Capitol dome to “smithereens.” He planned to pack five pounds of plastic explosives on each plane, according to prosecutors.

James Crippin, an explosives and anti terrorism expert, said that much C 4 could do serious damage a half pound will obliterate a car. But he said getting a stable explosive like C 4 to blow up at the right time would have been hugely difficult.

And there were slim prospects of causing any serious damage to buildings like the Pentagon and Capitol, which are undoubtedly hardened to withstand explosions, according to Crippin, director of the Western Forensic Law Enforcement Training Center.

“Basically, I think he’s suffering from delusions of grandeur,” he said.

Hahn said the heavier of the two models Ferdaus was allegedly planning to use could carry a maximum of two pounds of plastic explosive before malfunctioning. That’s not including the weight of any GPS system, he added.

“It’s almost impossible for him to get this done,” he said.

Remote controlled aircraft have been considered by terrorists before. and Europe using explosive devices. Prosecutors said he researched remote controlled boats and a remote controlled 5 foot long helicopter.

And after Sept. 11, federal agents asked the Academy of Model Aeronautics’ 143,000 members to watch for any fellow enthusiasts who might be buying planes with bad intentions.

Well before the Massachusetts arrest, police in Montgomery County, Md., put out a terrorist warning to hobby shops to be aware of customers “who don’t appear to be hobbyists” buying model airplanes with cash and asking how they can be modified to carry a device.

The Federal Aviation Administration is devising new rules for model airplanes and other unmanned aircraft, but the restrictions are aimed primarily at preventing collisions. Under current FAA rules, such planes are generally limited to flying below 400 feet and away from airports and air traffic.

Massachusetts prosecutor Gerry Leone, who handled the prosecution of would be shoe bomber Richard Reid, said terrorists are always building bombs out of common, legitimate items, and imposing restrictions on buying model aircraft would not make sense simply because of this one case.

But he said law enforcement might want be more vigilant about such purchases.

Similarly, Rep. John Mica, R Fla., chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, said recent advances in model airplane technology could make them more attractive to terrorists. But he said the answer is better intelligence, not trying to regulate hobbyists and their toys.

“Kids have them, people fly them, groups are organized just to engage in this type of pastime activity,” the congressman said.
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