timberland online store Attack on UK health care reckless

timberland boot repairs Attack on UK health care reckless

President Donald Trump has been quick to criticize the United Kingdom. He has given social media support to far right nationalist groups in Britain, and criticized the sovereign nation’s immigration policies. Embassy. this week, and did so with limited information.

The protests were in support of that country’s immensely popular National Health Service, a universal health care system that some feel is under attack by conservative leaders. Far from disparaging the NHS, the protesters were calling for more robust funding. It’s a critical service that Britons believe is worthy of their tax dollars. Democrats. because their U (universal health care) system is going broke and not working,” Trump tweeted on Monday, shortly after a Fox and Friends broadcast on the protests. leaders reacted quickly. Britain’s Conservative Party health secretary Jeremy Hunt said he may disagree with the protesters, “but not ONE of them wants to live in a system where 28m have no coverage. NHS may have challenges,
timberland online store Attack on UK health care reckless
but I’m proud to be from the country that invented universal coverage where all get care no matter the size of their bank balance.”

Hunt’s reference was to the 28 million Americans who lack health insurance, a number expected to increase with recent administrative and legislative changes. think tank recently ranked the National Health Service as the best health care system among 11 countries. health system ranked last.

Britons’ reaction to Trump’s criticism should come as no surprise. health system has more.

The Affordable Care Act dramatically reduced the number of uninsured in America. If the Trump administration was working to make it more effective, his criticisms of a sovereign nation’s policies might make more sense. But the White House is actively seeking to undermine the Affordable Care Act by shortening enrollment periods, cutting outreach programs, seeking repeal, and ending the coverage mandate.

Ideally, Trump would be working to increase the availability of health care to Americans. At the very least, he should refrain from criticizing allies for their efforts to maintain universal access to health care.
timberland online store Attack on UK health care reckless