timberland pro series HDD Password bypass on boot up

timberland splitrock safety boots HDD Password bypass on boot up

Is morphix a program or something? If so, you’re saying that it can work on other brand computers (portable)? I’ve tried buying a new hdd. So far I could get into the bios buy there’s still a security regardless if it’s a different hdd. I read up on this and I found something about a power up security or something like that. But since “the hdd had a PW and I probably locked myself out of clearing that the laptop is blocking any hdd to work in there”! I really don’t know what to do. Flashing the bios even taking out the battery out of the laptop won’t fix it either!

Cool thanks, well the other day I bought another HDD for the laptop (Samsung X10) and the hard drive is a Toshiba 5400rpm 40gb. Still didn’t work, so I’m going to return it today. But yeah it didn’t work. It did the same thing the first HDD I bought. Which was not format. It boots up and stops when you see “Press any key to boot up from cd rom”. Also it doesn’t say the full disk space. It says 8 GB of harddisk space available. Out of 60 GB. Why and how is that possible? Does anyone know why it could be doing that? Thanks.

ax max

Jun 15, 2005,
timberland pro series HDD Password bypass on boot up
08:58am EDT

Private Message Add to Buddy ListI have the same problem with my laptop. After a system crash It starts to ask me the HDD password. I need my data so I have looking for any possible information. Now I know that the password is into the memory of BIOS (maybe on a security chip) and also encrypted the disk. It is possible to clean it putting off the battery or moving some jumpers but the disk remains locked. If you change disk without erase BIOS memory then even the new disk becomes locked. Maybe only an hardware operation can save our data, I hope.

just try and use the utility the link takes you to, i think it will work on most laptops. you don’t have to have your locked hard drive connected to the computer the utility runs on. just get the number from the bios with the locked ata drive then turn over to another computer with the utility, open command prompt and run the utility, enter the HD ID and pop goes the HD Master password. go back to the laptop again into the bios and enter the password to unlock and then you could remove the protection. let me know how it goes.

hi, same problem for me: i was using my laptop only with ac power and after a power failure it asked me for hdd passwd. i tried some software and didnt work but i solved it on my own and ill post it, maybe it works for somebody else,
timberland pro series HDD Password bypass on boot up
who knows.