timberland boat shoe Council approves overnight parking

timberland wallet Council approves overnight parking

It may have taken nine years and could end up costing the city approximately $225,000 in lost ticket revenue, but Londoners will now have overnight street parking during the summer.

That is, assuming certain neighbourhoods don’t opt out of the bylaw first.

“This is has been a long and winding road,” said Roger Caranci, the Ward 1 councillor and chairperson of the Environment and Transportation Committee (ETC) that has been dealing with the bylaw since last summer’s trial run.

Monday night’s city council meeting was the third and final time that the proposed bylaw could be heard and voted on by council. In the two previous attempts, it was defeated the first time round. The second time, the bylaw never made it to the floor for full debating after failing to obtain the required two thirds council support.

This time, the story was different as all members of council voted in favour of bringing the motion back to the floor. And subsequently, all voted in favour in passing the new bylaw. parking restriction from the Victoria Day weekend through to Labour Day throughout the City of London.”

The new bylaw has no impact on daytime parking restrictions and streets where parking is prohibited during the day, will still be prohibited during the night under the new bylaw.

Streets and neighbourhoods also have an option to opt out of the new bylaw, which created a little bit of debate prior to the vote. Under the new bylaw, streets will have the option to be excluded by either contacting their councillor or completing and filing a petition asking not to be included in the new bylaw.

“I am sure that councillors know their wards better than anyone else,” says Coun. Caranci. “And if there is going to be an issue they can give a list of streets that will be exempted.”

The cost, or rather the estimate of lost potential revenue still is up for debate. Earlier in the year, both the ETC and city council were working with a number of $140,
timberland boat shoe Council approves overnight parking
000 for the program. That number was an estimate from last year’s trial program.

The new bylaw will actually run longer than last year and the new projection of lost revenue is $225,000 in lost potential for tickets.

The first deadline for streets to file their request to be excluded from the bylaw is April 28. Coun. Caranci indicated that streets can be added at anytime and that April 28 is not the only time they have to file by, which elevated fears some councillors expressed at the thought of their phone ringing with numerous requests for exemption.

The new bylaw does not apply to non recreational vehicles, cars, trucks or vans used for business purposes will not be permitted to overnight under this bylaw. However there was some confusion over what is and what is not considered to be a non recreational vehicle.

Harold Usher, Ward 12 councillor, sought out the clarification concerned that taxi cabs are not clearly defined as either non recreation, or recreational. “This is a problem,” says Coun. Usher in his remarks to city staff in asking for clarification on certain vehicles. City staff agreed to provide further clarification.

Judy Bryant, Ward 13 councillor, introduced another amendment to the bylaw asking that the new legislation recognize that it is not intended for residents who have more cars than will fit in their driveway to be allowed to park on the street overnight. A motion that at first appeared might create more debate and possible scuttle the vote, but in the end passed along with the new bylaw.

“Lets make it clear, we are only dealing with on street parking,” said Ward 8 Councillor Paul Hubert. “If you park on the lawn, you are still going to get a ticket. If you break other parking bylaws, you are going to get a ticket.”
timberland boat shoe Council approves overnight parking