timberland earth boots Cowboys bring twist to Amazing Race

timberland shops uk Cowboys bring twist to Amazing Race

Almost 15 years of friendship has created a lot of memories for Jamie Cumberland and Pierre Cadieux.

But the ones the duo created while filming The Amazing Race Canada will likely be right up there with the most memorable of them.

was pretty incredible, certainly an amazing experience, said Cumberland, an Airdrie resident. had a lot of fun representing our as Pierre likes to call it. and Cadieux are self described super fans of the series, so it was a no brainer for the two to apply to be competitors on the Canadian version of the show.

From day one, the two decided they were going to channel the Western lifestyle cowboy boots, hats, belt buckles, Wranglers, the whole nine yards they both partake in. But they also brought a twist.

threw that gay twist in there, absolutely, said Cumberland.

always have the gay team and they had the cowboys in one of the American series so we thought it would be nice for us to get in there as the gay cowboys, Cumberland said with a laugh. think it surprised a lot of the other teams too, they were like The cowboys are the gay ones? It was kind of funny. a banker with a farming background, hails from Innisfail,
timberland earth boots Cowboys bring twist to Amazing Race
while Cumberland works as a human resource advisor for FortisAlberta.

While they may have quite different day jobs, they both members of the Alberta Rockies Gay Rodeo Association, which is how they met.

Cumberland competes in rodeo events, while Cadieux is more involved with running the event.

He even represented the association at an international level.

After making the cut, the pair became one of nine teams that raced around the country, competing in different mental and physical challenges for a $500,000 grand prize.

Cumberland said he and Cadieux made a great team because of their personality differences he more of a daredevil, no holds barred physical guy, whereas Cadieux is more logical and analytical.

But that didn mean Cumberland would hesitate to use his people skills in order to get the team ahead.

really rely on the kindness of strangers for directions or to help you out with certain things so you really need to rely on a lot of people, he said.

skills really come into play in a show like this, a race. asked if viewers would see any juxtaposition between the typical stoic cowboy and gay stereotype, Cumberland laughed.

I think the gay juxtaposition was played out throughout the whole season, he said.

is quite a character so there no doubt in our minds that people will know we the gay team, we didn hold anything back. despite a long standing friendship yes, the two are still friends Cumberland said both realized they still didn know everything about one another.

learned tons of stuff about each other. We had our moments . but I think it was a little different than being a married couple because they could just let it all out whereas at the end of the day we just best friends so we had to be somewhat nice to each other. show airs July 15 on CTV. It one that Cumberland said he and Cadieux are definitely not going to miss.
timberland earth boots Cowboys bring twist to Amazing Race