timberland trapper hat Council to vote on discounted S tickets for kids

timberland chukka Council to vote on discounted S tickets for kids

Timmins city administrator David Landers is recommending city council approves the idea of having discounted children tickets for the Stars and Thunder 2018 festival.

The idea was first presented to council three weeks ago during the regular update on plans and activities for the eight day music and fireworks festival.

Mayor Steve Black said the idea of having discounted tickets for youngsters was first floated by the festival finance committee as a possible solution to lift up lagging ticket sales.

In the report prepared for council next meeting, Landers wrote that there were no discounts offered at the 2017 Stars and Thunder event, but since then have been numerous requests for a children price to make a family attendance more affordable. the original ticket pricing set out for the 2018 festival, no discount was being offered for children. Currently the Stars and Thunder General Admission ticket is $275 for eight days, while the VIP admission is $450 for eight days. Day passes range from $80 a day to $150 per day. All ticket prices will be increasing after April 30, 2018.

Landers also wrote that city staff carried out a review of other well known music festivals to determine what the various policies were for admitting children.

Boots Hearts near Barrie allows children 12 and younger in free, to the general admission area, with a paying adult. Proof of age is required for each child.

The Rock On The River event in Timmins also allows children, aged 10 and under, free admission.

Manitoulin Country Fest allows children nine and younger in free. Children ages 10 to 15 get a discount ticket.

Dauphin, Manitoba Country Fest allows children in free to general admission. The VIP ticket for children in Dauphin is discounted from $619 down to $275.

Landers report recommends a discount for youngsters aged 10 and younger, with a $100 weekly pass for general admission only and a $25 daily pass for day use in general admission, with a limit of 500 day use tickets. There would be no discounted tickets for the VIP section.

Landers suggested council could consider three options:

Charge full admission for everyone, as was done in 2017;

Allow children in free;

Approve the recommended discount for children aged 10 and younger.

Landers noted that while many of the other festivals have free admission options for children, it is not known whether this was always the case. He wrote that Stars and Thunder is still a growing venture and so ensuring ticket revenue is still and important pursuit.

Also because the entire venue, inside the fence at Hollinger Park, is a licensed area where alcohol is sold, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario requires children to be accompanied by an adult to ensure that no alcohol is sold or served to a person under 19.
timberland trapper hat Council to vote on discounted S tickets for kids