womens timberland shoes County council questions Hinkley about NDP plans

womens timberland shoes County council questions Hinkley about NDP plans

Wetaskiwin Camrose MLA Bruce Hinkley was invited to attend the June 9 meeting of the county council, and he and the councillors engaged in a brief question and answer session around several issues.

Sewage systems for hamlets

eight years ago, 10 years ago, there used to be a program for small hamlets to be able to participate in installing sewage systems and all of a sudden that program disappeared, he said.

sewage still needs to be installed. That program would help us an awful lot if it were reinstated, when we inherit villages that decide to become hamlets, Lyseng continued, adding that the cost is a large one of the county to carry.

Hinkley asked if that would be part of a larger infrastructure issue, saying, it not just this item, Infrastructure totally has support. Infrastructure needs to get up, caught up with what happening, and that it would be something he would note and take back to the legislature with him.

Minimum wage

Coun. Trevor Miller brought forward the question of minimum wage and how it was going to be approached.

here there are a lot of business owners and I been asked a lot, so the minimum wage, they just wondering a little bit about that, he told Hinkley, saying he was wondering about times, if that been a little more honed in on, if there going to be a phase in portion. replied that the minimum wage bill would be one of the first three bills being proposed in the June legislature and that details would be outlined at that time.

it is working towards $15 an hour by 2018, so over three years. It not going to jump the $4.50 or whatever in one fell swoop. It going to come in gradually. also shared the story of Minnesota senator Mark Dayton, who increased the minimum wage in the state, which yielded positive results in areas such as unemployment rates, the state deficit, small businesses and education over his four years in office.

He said that the NDP is going keep an eye on it that going to impact society because Rachel Notley, in her campaign promises was the job creation plan. We know the reliance on the oil, petroleum, is going to decrease, and that support should shift over to small businesses, which between 60 per cent and 70 per cent of the jobs. So we should be supporting small businesses. funding

Reeve Don Gregorwich questioned Hinkley regarding the municipal sustainability initiative (MSI) funding, which the county has designating for infrastructure.

of our concerns is that we like to know if we still going to receive what was promised, he said.

Hinkley answered that the NDP has currently requested an audit and, to give you excuses, but the financial picture is not clear.

can I give you a definitive answer on your MSI? I can It is one of those areas that I know is under deliberation, Hinkley said, adding that he wasn sure county would want the previous agreement, which saw cuts to the budget and timeline after counties and municipalities had already started planning.

percentage and years that we settle at has to be committed to. Those deliberations are going on right now, so exactly what those will be at this point I cannot tell you.
womens timberland shoes County council questions Hinkley about NDP plans