timberland euro How About The Performance of Huawei P10 Plus on Taking Photo

timberland walking boots uk How About The Performance of Huawei P10 Plus on Taking Photo

The Chinese brand Huawei is always making persistent efforts on camera, while the benchmark product iPhone has been thrown off too many steps, so we decided to talk about a little more. In impression the stability of performance for iPhone series with powerful algorithms has been mastered by more and more other manufacturers and what iPhone has not “master” is: as a matter of “creation” thing, taking pictures should have more possibilities. Such as Huawei from the first cooperation with the Leica P9 series began to bring their own color mode.

Leica lens and dual camera custom ISP

From the beginning of the P9 series, Huawei began to cooperate with Leica on dual camera program, the use of black and white color two cameras by algorithm fusion is superior to the traditional single camera imaging results. Then, although the previous business positioning, committed to among the top of the ranks Huawei Mate 9 also inherited on the configuration that “only appeared in Huawei high end machine”; and this year Huawei P10 series not only continued the Mate 9 rear configuration, but also the first time used f / 1.9 large aperture Leica lens.

P10 series keeps on the continuation of the combination of an asymmetric 12 million pixels + a 20 million pixel, which in addition to 20 million high pixels black and white cameras to enhance the level of detail, but also with 2 times the optical zoom function. The specific composition is the 20 million pixel Monochrome black white camera +12 million pixel color RGB camera. The same with P9 series, in the normal shooting, the two rear cameras all participate in imaging, but in the use of black and white mode (non black and white filter) shooting, only the left black and white camera work.

One color camera using the traditional RGBG Bayer array, used to record the color information in the screen. While another camera called Monochrome removed the separation filter above CMOS, the amount of input light is several times of the ordinary Bayer array CMOS input. The entire incident light is directly transmitted to the sensor and is captured, so that it can effectively improve the pixel detail. Black and white lens is not worse than the multicolor camera of 20 million pixels.

Performances on color brightness

Hardware innovation, after all, is too far from the average consumer, and what closer to our relationship is control and whether be able to fast and straightforward photos, Huawei P9 / Mate 9 / P10 three series of cameras are very easy to straight out of the “bright “Color mode. Slightly polished and not over the “bright” mode of shooting the sample straight out of color is more easy way. The following comparison we also opened the whole model.

As the foil of the green in many scenes will play an important role in the substrate; compare the performances of two, iPhone 7 plus without filter state is as always boiled water performance, as same as the previous screen, the same sound quality. Huawei P10 Plus bright pattern to the green plant leaves to add a natural oil effect. On details of the performance, the iPhone 7 Plus strategy is low ISO and high shutter speed, while Huawei P10 Plus is a high ISO and slow shutter; the latter high exposure and color algorithm for impact details of a part of gray wall. However, for non professional photographers in terms of ordinary users, you do not need to care too much about the details of these things.

Under other scenes the green color orientations are similar for both. Of course, the bright pattern is not only applied to a single color, more obvious for the sky blue addition, and the transparent effect of water surface caused by blue green increased; and for iPhone 7 Plus without such color mode, with a word to describe is Suffered a haze.

Red is the most likely to reflect the “bright” color, in the festive scene and the night it is also more commonly used. On bright mode, Huawei P10 Plus for the red processing naturally has enough saturation. From the point of view on details, Huawei P10 Plus angular is more clearly, obviously with increased sharpness of the post processing. Warm color is commonly used in indoor photography, and from the atmosphere of cafe to large shopping mall it very easy to see the warmth of the main light of the ambient light. Huawei P10 Plus bright mode still has strong enhancement effect on warm color, on color level it richer than the straightforward iPhone 7 Plus.

Be caution when selecting camera mode

Outdoor sky is undoubtedly one of the most common camera environments, in the performance of the sky for the color, Huawei P10 Plus is not of as rendering effort as before, and from the exposure parameters it is more conservative way. There is no situation of excessive exposure; at this time one drawback of bright pattern lies in the loss of some of the details under the eaves.

It is recommended that for the general life scene or scenery can be “no brain” to open the bright mode. But for such a strong light environment, if you need to keep the details of the dark, or try carefully, or try to manually adjust the black block exposure.

Mate 9 camera experience has been better than the iPhone 7 plus in terms of resolution and edge quality, based on the condition of 20 megapixel of bright mode not open. And now Huawei P10 Plus basically follows the previous generation of configuration hardware, so the whole open bright mode completely based on the considerations of straight out convenience and color. It is clear that the Huawei P10 series is a very friendly “no brain” choice for the novice.

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timberland euro How About The Performance of Huawei P10 Plus on Taking Photo