timberland lansley boots How can I stop my fingers tingling

timberland baby boots How can I stop my fingers tingling

Carpal tunnel syndrome is the term for pain, tingling and numbness in the median nerve in the hand. This is one of the two main nerves of the hand, dealing with the thumb, index and middle fingers.

The problem occurs when the nerve becomes compressed as it passes through the carpal tunnel in the wrist. The tunnel is formed of a semicircle of bones, with a ligament for a roof. Competing for space in this tiny space are other nerves, tendons and blood vessels, so it’s a tight squeeze.

Anything that causes the soft tissue in the wrist to swell, or the carpal tunnel to reduce, can put pressure on the median nerve.

So inflammatory conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis or gout, are potential causes (due to swelling of the nearby joints), as are an underactive thyroid gland, diabetes and acromegaly (when your body produces too much growth hormone), fluid retention (such as with heart failure or pregnancy) and repetitive forceful movements of your wrist (such as using a tool).

Typically, the symptoms wake you at night, with burning pain, along with tingling.

Shaking the hand for a few moments relieves the discomfort and restores sensation.

If the nerve has been compressed for months or longer, the muscles by the base of the thumb can waste, leaving the thumb weak when trying to grip.

The condition is diagnosed on the basis of the history of symptoms and examination.

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Treatment involves eliminating any underlying cause, though in most

cases there’s no obvious trigger. In this event, the problem often

resolves itself spontaneously after a few months.

However, if it’s interfering with sleep, wearing a splint at night to

maintain the wrist at a neutral angle (fairly straight) helps half of

people in a month or two.

It’s also essential to minimise activities that might be contributing, notably the use of computer keyboards.
timberland lansley boots How can I stop my fingers tingling