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blah. i am so exhausted. i haven slept in my own bed in two days. i so excited to head upstairs in a few minutes. but you have to listen to my sob story first after coming inside from sitting on my roof with mike and andrew tonight, i discovered my tummy a grumbling. so i went into the cupboard, and grabbed the resealable package of “stix and bitz” (no frills ripoff of “bits and bites”), and took it downstairs. after eating a few handfulls without looking inside the bag, i realized i wasn getting any of the shreddie squares, cheerio bits or cheese sticks. just the pretzels. so i looked inside the bag, and to my horror, there were only pretzels. someone had eaten everything else, left all the pretzels, resealed it, and put it back in the cupboard.

Erin: I forgive you. Jerk! HA! I know, the site was down and sucked. So I don worry about it now. I figured that what it was. Also, I would totally love you to just make me a necklace. TOTAL TRUST. Do what you must. I will reward you in accordance to the sexiness factor. If this necklace increases my sexiness by more than a factor of 6, I will be very pleased. WHOO!

Thank you.

PS, Jane, I love you, miss you, but enjoy Feltching your brother instead.

hello bitches. here my schedule. and that right, i cut and copy erin table code because i too lazy to figure it out myself.

semester 1

semester 2

spare video

well right now i have “modern western civilization” during last period in semester one, but i have to drop it because i working this year. and so i possibly have to move video to first semester (or not have it at all, just chill there during my spares) and pick up “world issues” second semester. blah. stupid 6 oacs. i hate you. but i have the same business class as erin, jessica, christine, and sue. and the same philosophy class as ak. and possibly the same oac english with laura. tis be grand.

erin, i would also enjoy a necklace possibly well, moreso i would enjoy knowing where you buy these wonderful glass beads. i know how to hempify my life, but the beads you get are so lovely. here jessica: (a guest blogger today)

muaaaaaaahahhaaha i broke into your little “blogging circle”. cuz i haven been “in the loop” on the whole blogging circuit, i wouldn know where to start. i don think i gonna write all too much. cuz i think there gonna be a riot from all the bloggers. but i love you all. especially jane :). i miss jane. i would like her to see my guest entry. i give you money. really. or kisses. whichever you prefer. maybe a mixture of the two.)

hollie here. i think that boys suck tonight. it must be a full moon or time of the month jessica and i have been dissapointed threefold tonight. plans were made then broken with andrew, mike, and adam. jerks. luckily dan and ak (who aren really boys, but close enough) were nice enough to go to crabby joes with us. never go there however. it sucks.

Hollie! I drove by Peter Pans today and saw you, did you see me (Black Intrepid at about 11:00ish) That be strange if you did.

I was going to drop by but I had the Alananator and Marky Mark in the car and they voted Wendy over Peter Pans. And I wanted to go home as quickly as possible as I was just at the school giving her the grande tour. She was very upset when I told her it took a good twenty minutes to get from her locker to her portable class and that she only had three minutes ( you better run. fast! Try it now. I time you! go! Go! GO! Hehe, she fun to play with.

You know you can edit the entries, Hollie, and change any grammatrical (is that a word errors with no one being the wiser. How come you never sent me that sticker I sent you a self addressed stamped envelope and everything. I want the 90 cents back I spent on postage!

PS Dan could still be invisable Buffy girl as said invsable girl could move things and therefore type. Anyone could feel, hear, smell, taste and fuck invisable girl as her only disability was being invisable.
timberland boat shoes Howard the Lonely Blog