timberland earthkeeper chelsea boots Hunting charge dropped against Ada Co

timberland roll top boots uk Hunting charge dropped against Ada Co

A hunting charge against an Ada County Commissioner was dropped last week and now he’s speaking out.

Rick Visser fought a game tag violation in Boise County, and says the Idaho Fish and Game officer’s story was exaggerated and didn’t line up.

7 Investigate’s Morgan Boydston talked to Visser on Thursday and looked into the story further. We obtained the Fish and Game investigation report, Boise County court documents, and the audio recording from the confrontation in Horseshoe Bend in April of 2017.

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They show that Visser shot a turkey and didn’t tag it immediately, which is required under the law. But Visser argues he was doing just as soon as he was able when an on duty F officer checking out the area came up and told him to stop.

F Southwest Regional Supervisor Brad Compton told KTVB that the officer was in plain clothes but was on duty.

In the audio recording we obtained between a Fish Game officer, Visser and his friend, Dave, the first dialogue we hear is this:

F officer to Visser and his friend: “Is there a reason your tag is not validated on this turkey?”

Dave: “No. Probably just because we’re right at this spot, now I’ve got to find that knife. oh there it is.”

F “Let’s just leave that right there.”

Dave or Visser: “OK. [inaudible words]”

F officer: “That should have been done right when you killed it, correct?”

Dave or Visser: “Yeah probably, just got the adrenaline going on it.”

Visser says he and his friend, Dave,
timberland earthkeeper chelsea boots Hunting charge dropped against Ada Co
were about 100 yards up a hill when he shot the turkey.

“I put my gun down, looked in my pack, took out my turkey tag but couldn’t find my knife and then right away I realized I left my knife in my truck,” Visser told KTVB.

Dave couldn’t find his knife either so they took a couple pictures and headed down the hill to get his knife. Visser says when they got down a couple minutes later, Dave found a knife. So he quickly cleaned out the turkey then passed Visser the knife and he says he had his turkey tag in hand.

“Just before the end of that this man shows up on the other side of the creek, doesn’t say anything. I say hi, he says hi. I said this is my first turkey,” Visser said.

They did not know was a Fish Game officer, Visser added.

“And I’m down on ground and I have this log and I’m moving it and I had the tag there and the knife ready to go. And the guy says ‘leave that right there and give me your tag’.”

The officer said because they were “10 yards from their truck” it would have been “pretty easy to put it in your truck and just leave and not tag your turkey and come back and hunt again”.

“I”m not saying you would but I’m saying that is what it looks like to me in my job,” the officer added.

Idaho Fish Game Report of Investigation Visser by KTVB7 on Scribd

In his written report, the officer says that’s when he started recording. About a minute into the recording, this dialogue was exchanged:
timberland earthkeeper chelsea boots Hunting charge dropped against Ada Co