timberland edinburgh Hundreds air concerns overlatest Lakes zip wire plans

nellie timberland boots Hundreds air concerns overlatest Lakes zip wire plans

Residents have been voicing further concerns over a proposed zip line at Thirlmere.

A Facebook page called ‘Zip Off’ has been set up opposing the plans and has nearly 800 supporters.

Public consultation sessions have been held to discuss and review the potential scheme, dubbed the Thirlmere Activity Hub.

The attraction would feature two zip line experiences and an 18km long family friendly cycle way.

It would be located within the managed forestry around Thirlmere, with the lines stretching from one side of the lake to the other.

Fiona Campbell, who lives near to the proposed site and who set up the Facebook page, said that the noise created by the zip wires would be “dreadful”.

“Is this really appropriate use of the national park?” she added.

Members of the Facebook group will gather tomorrow at 4pm for a picnic at Swirls Car Park, near to the proposed site.

Treetop Trek, which currently employs 100 people, estimates the proposed activity hub would create 28 full time jobs.

Mrs Campbell feels it would be more appropriate to build the zip wire in West Cumbria, where unemployment rates are higher than in the Lake District.

Friends of the Lake District are against the plans.

In a statement, the charity said: “We remain concerned that this proposal would set for further inappropriate development in the Thirlmere Valley and the wider Lake District.

“We believe that national parks are for everyone, not just those who can afford to pay for ‘an experience’.”

Mike Turner, director of Treetop Trek, said extensive consultation had been carried out in the last six weeks, which has resulted in both support and objections.

“We are clearly aware of residents in the area, having carried out two open consultations there and taken the time to speak personally with the majority of people living there,” he added.

“We believe the Thirlmere location is the most suitable for these world class visitor attractions both the zip lines and the 18km family friendly cycle route.
timberland edinburgh Hundreds air concerns overlatest Lakes zip wire plans