timberland polo shirt Hundreds rally during second Women

timberland ladies boots Hundreds rally during second Women

Choruses of “This is What Democracy Looks Like” could be heard throughout the downtown district as people marched down Bull Street during Savannah second Women Solidarity March on Saturday.

The rally was organized as a continuation of the movement for change that kicked off during Savannah 2017 Women March, said Tracy Brisson, event co organizer.

“We were here this Saturday last year and marched from Wright Square down to Forsyth Park, and we here to do it all again,” she said. “People are just as outraged as they were back then or more outraged at what is going on in the Trump administration. We want everyone to come out who supports the idea that time is up and things have to change.”

Attendees lined up to hear speeches from leaders and advocates to discuss what was at stake during the 2018 midterm elections, including Georgia gubernatorial democratic candidate Stacey Evans.

“We feeling a lot of things this morning, but I think surprise (at the government shutdown) is not one them,” she said. “We saw it coming. This time last year women got together in Savannah, across this state and across this nation and we marched. This movement hasn stopped or even slowed down.”

Speakers discussed topics including gender equality and women rights, health care and immigration policies.

“Women are working to elect women to office like I never seen before,” Evans said, eliciting a round of applause from the audience. “Women are running for office like I never seen before. It wasn just a march. to women and men like you, elected officials in Georgia are starting to look a little less stale, a little less pale and a little less male. And we going to keep going.”

And the event attracted more than just Savannah women. Men turned out in droves to support the march. Among them was Antwan Eady.

“I came out today because I felt like we have an obligation,” he said. “Injustice doesn sleep I come from an amazing woman and it really about the intersectionality of all movements women rights, the LGBTQA movement, the Black Lives Matter movement. I here today to show my support and appreciate the support of those around us.”
timberland polo shirt Hundreds rally during second Women