timberland liverpool Capturing our hearts

timberland songs Capturing our hearts

Canadians just can help but fall head over heels for a love story.

And the one that just played out at the Winter Games and on screens across this great land is one of the most memorable of all time Olympics or not.

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir captured our hearts, winning their second gold medal of the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympics, and cementing their reputation as one of the greatest ice dancers pairs in figure skating history.

But it is how they went about it that stole our hearts and assures their place in Canadian lore.

Moir and Virtue began taking their steps toward figure skating history a long time ago he was age nine, she was seven.

Pictures of a young and adorable Tessa and Scott can melt anyone heart.

Soon they would be grow up to be national champions, then eventually world champions.

Virtue and Moir won their first gold medal in 2010 at the homeland Vancouver Olympics. That was followed by two silver medals in 2014.

Two years ago, they decided to forgo professional dollars and return to competitive skating, with their sightlines firmly set on winning in Pyeongchang.

The fact Virtue and Moir attained their goals is a great story in itself.

We also fell in love with them along the way.

Virtue and Moir held us in their grip for five minutes during their long program, shown across the country Monday night.

Skating to Roxanne, from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack, it was a somewhat controversial, non traditional, choice.

Their performance was artistically passionate, sensual, even raw and a display of fantastic athleticism on ice.

Those watching can be forgiven if they felt they were witnessing a torrid love affair playing out on ice. But, no, Virtue and Moir have made it clear that they are not real life lovers.

They obviously do have a close relationship. And a quick read of the Internet reveals just how much a majority of Canadians want them to be a real life couple.
timberland liverpool Capturing our hearts