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The Game Call Of Duty MW 3 is going to be a “MUST” have, Call Of Duty MW 3 with over 750000 pre orders already, with already about over 50 million dallors in sales. Call Of Duty MW 3 will have massive new levels, along with enemies that will get harder to defeat every level in to the game and a new Zombie game levels. You will be able to earn in game “Cash” for items as, ammo, weapons, and upgrades.

The game will follow the story line that took place in Call Of Duty MW 2, where the russians continues its invasion of the USA. Russian military forces have also invaded Europe, england, France, and Germany. Its going to be a game that no one is going to forget.

How many of you loved Modern Warfare 2? I did, it was one of the best games i played when it came out. But there was still many things they needed to change on the game that they did on Call Of Duty MW 3 along from Black Ops. Call Of Duty MW 3 Kill streak reward system is new, they nocked out the old and put in the new. Another A+ is there is also a new Ranking System along with a new unlock system. the game will no longer use a Currency System.

Modern Warfare 3 will not have the annoyances that make other players be dependent less on player skills and more focus on the players perks. To make this happen, they will be taking away certain perks that give the player a power benefit over the other players who dont have the same perk type.

I’v played call of duty games and they are much fun. I love how you can play online with other players, and play single player mode aswell. Mordern Warfare 3, is going to be one of the best games of 2011. I estimate that it will most likely make its first 100 million dallors in sales on its frist 2 week. The first 2 months of it being live is when the most action on a maltiplayer base is going to take action.

Modern Warfare 3 is going to out beet black ops by far. If you know whats good for you. You will pre order it as soon as possible. Get your head in the game. So what are you waiting for learn how you can get Modern Warfare 3 today! Dont take my word for it, check it out for your self.
timberland mukluk boots Call Of Duty MW 3