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Yesterday, Joe Strummer died peacefully at home in Somerset, possibly of a heart attack. This news comes at a time when the Clash were rumored to have had a reunion in the works and brings to a solemn close a year rife with the deaths of many legendary or revered musicians. After the Clash comfortably won NME Best punk Band of All Time poll this year, the time seemed ripe, and public reception strong enough, for activity from their camp. However, in all respect, Strummer memory is better preserved in looking back at the whole of his history and works, from the 101 to the Clash, from solo works to Mystery Train, from the Pogues to the Mescaleros. A detailed timeline appears on NME Clash page, while Strummerville and Strummersite cover his post Clash ventures. The Clash are slated to enter the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in March 2003.

Precisely at the time when the year is quickly wrapping up, when everyone is dutifully serving up Best of 2002 lists and such, Strange Fruit has seemingly gone MIA for quite some time. During vacation, I thought I would be listless and updating far more frequently, but truth be told, vacation has actually kept me quite busy. I am currently traveling abroad, far from the city I call home, still shaking off jet lag, but otherwise quite awash in my surroundings. (I return in the second week January, after which point I will be able post a Best Albums of 2002 list. This plan of action may work better, with the year properly over by then and, so as not to dissuade myself, I will not look at other lists until mine is complete.)

Aside from a severe language barrier, things are going quite smoothly. One of the easiest ways to strike an instant rapport with someone (when traditional modes of conversation pose difficulty) is through comparing and exposing one another to individual music preferences. Even here, as I walk through crowded streets, shopping centers even mountain tops a soundtrack infiltrates the air. Mostly it pumpy, almost throwaway pop which carries with it a malaise inducing stickiness, yet in rare moments it piques my interest. chart pop, the most heavily saturated market and widely spread amongst the population: probably not indicative of the best music this place has to offer. I have set myself on quite a mission to find the so called underground and groups I would not otherwise hear.

The best glimmers of recognition come in hearing familiar songs gutted and revamped into completely different ones. Afroman hooks now underscore a love ballad. The “Axel F Theme” sounds rejuvenated with an accompanying rap break. And, perhaps most fortuitously, the 4 Non blondes get a continuous loop of public playtime, with Linda Perry vocals set atop simple, uncharacteristic techno beats. Suddenly, it 1994 again, with the feeling maybe it never ceased to be in some corners.

Tuesday, December 17, 2002SXSW 2003 Making up the Breakdown

South By Southwest has announced a preliminary listing of bands participating in its 2003 music conference. The Keynote speaker is Daniel Lanois, an artist about to release his third solo album and the producer of Bob Dylan Time Out of Mind, Peter Gabriel So, and U2 The Joshua Tree.

As SXSW e mail update notes, the preliminary line up includes the following:

Apples in Stereo (Denver CO), Avail (Richmond

VA), AZITA IL), Baby Woodrose (Copenhagen DENMARK), Baptist

Generals (Ft Worth TX), Bobby Bare Jr TN), Bergman Rock

SWEDEN), Dan Bern the IJBC (Truth or Consequences NM),

Damien Binder (Auckland NEW Dan Brodie And The Broken Arrows

(Melbourne AUSTRALIA), Buck 65 (Halifax NS), The Buhr QuartetMB), Burning Brides (Philadelphia PA), Call And Response (Oakland CA),

Camper Van Beethoven (Santa Cruz CA), Carissa Wierd (Seattle WA),Carroll Children of Bodom (Helsinki FINLAND), Clem

Snide (New York NY), Coin Op (Brighton UK), Dan Colehour the Camaros

featuring David Grissom, Condor44 (Tokyo JAPAN), The Connect Four

Orchestra The Constantines (Toronto ON), Core of(Meguroku JAPAN), The Cost (Oakland CA), Donnacha Costello

David Cross (New York NY), The Datsuns (Hamilton NEWCedell Davis (Helena AR), The D4 (Auckland NEW Dillinger.
brown timberland boots A wise man's tools are analogies and puzzles