ebay timberland A satisfying watch 2017

timberland pro series A satisfying watch 2017

The movie starts with a petrified small boy Sathya (Vetri), who runs upstairs as he hears a loud sound. His master has a blood stained knife and his wife is lying in a pool of blood. The kid falls down in shock, he tries to escape from the murder scene but the rich man hits him with a cricket bat. Later, a cop friend of the master enters the crime scene and frames the kid as the murderer.

In the Juvenile home, Sathya gets a mentor who encourages him to study well and after few years, he becomes a cop. In a corrupt and violent system, Sathya stays honest and has milk of human kidness. This irks his superior officer Gunasekaran (Mime Gopi),a corrupt and rotten cop, who is waiting for a chance to fix him.

Also, Sathya’s closeness with journalist Meera (Aparna), who ruined the image of Gunasekaran doesn’t go down well with the latter. At one point, Gunasekaran assigns Sathya to monitor a wanted criminal but on the very first day, our hero loses his fully loaded Bruni Gun with 8 bullets. What happened to those 8 bullets and the lost gun,
ebay timberland A satisfying watch 2017
forms the rest of the pulsating story. Can Sathya save his job?

The biggest strength here is Sri Ganesh’s writing and solid characterizations. If you carefully notice, 8 Thottakal is nothing but a comparative study of a young upright cop and a frustrated senior policeman, who has been put down all through his life for being honest.

If Sathya continues, to be straightforward, he might only end up as another exasperated Constable Krishnamoorthy (MS Baskar), who faces suspension for the crime he has not committed and decides to lead his last stage of life like a criminal. But should Sathya really becomes bad or is there an alternative? Sri Ganesh hasn’t answered all these hypothetical questions and he has left them to the audience to decide.

8 Thottakal has plenty of positive aspects to discuss but two things have certainly reduced the quality of the film, one is the wooden hero who just can’t act and the other one is unnecessary song sequences, which comes as speed breakers. Another issue is the length of the film(2 hours 25 minutes) is a bit of a downer as the long drawn out scene composition tests your patience. But despite these flaws, the film is worth a look and hits the target with the heart touching performance of MS Baskar, who has given his career best.

After MS Baskar, Nassar steals the show with his acting prowess and the rest of the actors including Mime Gopi and Manikandan too have done a commendable job.

As Sri Ganesh assisted Mysskin, the latter’s influence is evident in the shot divisions, action sequences and even in the background score. He has chosen an unique storyline and rightly credited many western films even for minor inspirations like mentioning Breaking Bad simply because a cancer patient turns evil and it’s a rarity for a filmmaker in Kollywood!
ebay timberland A satisfying watch 2017