timberland boys clothing a womans worth

timberland splitrock black a womans worth

ok guys, as you can see I have been getting really slack with all my journal entries so this whole thing really isn working at the moment. I been really busy with school, I went to the snow and I been working on my geocities page. So I guess thats where you can find me more from now on. Thanks for all the support guys!

Ok. If anyone has any ideas for my site on geocities please let me know I trying to get some stuff up for you guys! Ok, see ya later.

Thursday, August 22, 2002

Hi everyone. I been sick for the last week, please don yell at me. I have a trachea infection or something and I been coughing heaps, had a runny nose, been unable to sleep, had a dry throat and blood noses. So yeah, I not that happy at the moment. 🙁

Also, I got sent a message from boomspeed saying they are going to close down my account because I am linking to my pictures from a non boomspeed site which is apparently against the TOS. !!!! I pretty angry cos now I have to find somewhere else to put my images and I have been looking around but it hasn helped. If you know where I can put my images please contact me!

Last night I had netball and I played goal defence for the first half. I was feeling really tired so I came off after that. It was really shocking though. We lost 17 to 53. How bad is that But my friend was umpiring another game and the score was 2 to 72 so it wasn that bad I guess.

Friday, August 9, 2002

I didn really do too much today. I only had one of my normal teachers, the rest are all on work experience or at camp with the year 9s and 10s.

Tuesday, August 6, 2002

Yay! Now I have my adoptions at the geocities section of my site. If you want to see that section just click on the pop up in that column!! I have also adopted some more pixels for my toybox and I have joined some more fanlistings.

Monday, August 5, 2002

I had netball training tonight. We are still training as a squad but soon they are going to announce the teams (scary!). I think I trained okay but I not sure. On the topic of netball how good was the Australia vs New Zealand match last night at the commonwealth games I was so scared that we would lose but thank goodness Australia got up and we won! I couldn sleep after that I was too hyped up but it was midnight so I had to try to.

Sunday, August 4, 2002

Yesterday I had my normal day full of umpiring, coaching and playing netball. We won our game which was really good now we are second on the ladder!
timberland boys clothing a womans worth
(we kicked the third team so it was good to beat them). This morning I went to Uni Open Day to look at all the courses and stuff that was available. It was pretty good everyone was really helpful.

Saturday, August 3, 2002

If this page looks a bit weird it because I trying to add my quilting bee application to this site instead of geocities! I try and get this back to normal soon!