the timberland company eye view of Whiting Forest

timberland boots for women uk eye view of Whiting Forest

The elevated walkway reaches 40 feet in some places and will give visitors an amazing view.

“Here you can, you know, look across in the tree tops. You can look down at the ground and it’s just, seeing the world from a different perspective,” Whiting said.

The pond arm overlooks one of the ponds Herbert H. Dow, the original owner of the land and founder of The Dow Chemical Company, created in the early 1900’s.

The pines arm will have a cargo net in the middle of the triangle shaped walkway.

The orchard arm will overlook a soon to be planted apple orchard.

Dow planted a large orchard on the property more than a century ago, but today, only one of the original trees remain.

The orchard arm will have a special feature too.

“It will have kind of a party deck out on the end of it,” Whiting said.

Whiting hopes the Canopy Walk will draw in people of all ages, especially children, who can make new memories here just like he did as a child.

“The idea here is to get kids out in nature, do unstructured play,” Whiting said.

The Canopy Walk was designed with everyone in mind. The entire walkway slowly rises and is handicap accessible.

“Imagine is you live your life in a wheelchair and you know, you can’t climb a tree, literally. But now, suddenly, you’re wheelchair bound but here you’re in the tree tops,” Whiting said.

A playground will be built on the land with special seating for parents.

The seats will be situated in a way that parents will be able to strike up conversations with other parents as they watch their kids play in the enclosed playground.

A direct route to anther popular attraction is part of the project.

“We’ll building two bridges that will go across to Dow Gardens, and the idea is we want this to feel like it’s an extension of Dow Gardens,” Whiting said.
the timberland company eye view of Whiting Forest