timberland boys clothing failures continue to hurt clients

timberland safety boots failures continue to hurt clients

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) to defend the law, a former attorney was found guilty of breaking it and in a big way. Even though justice has been served to him, his former clients are still suffering from his failures.

Troy Titus is sitting in federal prison after cheating people out of millions of dollars. Unlike his other victims, Titus didn steal from Wanda Tatum. Instead, he failed to protect her, and now that come back to haunt Tatum family.

here was the incision, and it was the size of a baseball, and it was a tumor, Tami told 10 On Your Side, pointing to obvious medical incisions in Wanda head.

Troy Titus

To prepare for this day, on February 3, 1997, Wanda gave her power of attorney to Tami. Wanda said when asked if she remembered Troy Titus, who signed the document along with her.

Not only was Titus her attorney, but he was also a Notary Public. The problem: he failed to properly notarize the document with a stamp. And that has created problems atChartway Federal Credit Union.

took the document to Chartway, and they said they can take the Power of Attorney document without the notary stamp on it and that means I can get the money and that means my mother won get the service care she needs, Tamisaid.

10 On Your Side went back to Chartway with Tami, and together we spoke with the Regional Manager. Chartway is working with Tami to get her the money, but the credit union saidit is following established guidelines to get this done.

But everyone is aware that time is running out.

lot of years we had together, and I can stand to see her in this condition, not when we can do so much to help her, if people will just let us, saidJo Hopkins, Wanda sister.

Tami did not know why the un notorized documents went unnoticed. They were put in an envelope by Troy Titus. The envelope reads will and power of attorney. wasn until the family needed the Power of Attorney document that it was opened and taken to the credit union. That when the problem was pointed out.

Chartway CEO Ron Burniske is aware of the situation. He sympathetic of the family plight, but would not go into details except to say he will make sure everything is made right quickly.

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timberland boys clothing failures continue to hurt clients