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It always surprises me how many Canadians feel an attraction for rural life, even if they live in the city or suburbs. This national tendency isn’t universal, of course, but it is noticeably different than what I find in places like Europe, for instance.

Maybe our attraction to gardening, preserving food, fixing up cottages or summer homes and connecting with the land comes from the fact that many of us Canadians are closer to our pioneer roots than other nations. Some of us only need to go back to our grandparents or great grandparents to find ancestors who made a life for themselves directly with a wild, natural landscape. A national heritage like this has an effect on a country in many ways, including what we like to read.

I grew up in the suburbs of Toronto, but a mysterious attraction to rural life as a teenager led to something of a disconnect for me. Perhaps you know how I felt. How can you satisfy your yearning to learn about country life without living it? And perhaps more importantly, how can you get some kind of rural recharge when your usual life unfolds around highways and malls and long, stressful commutes to work? Tapping into this national hunger for rural life and skills is what fuelled one man’s dream that eventually became a Canadian publishing icon.

Harrowsmith magazine was the vision of James Lawrence. Working on his kitchen table in a little town called Camden East, Ont., in 1976, Lawrence put together the first issue of what would become one of the most beloved Canadian magazines in history. It’s success even went beyond our national borders, becoming the most widely read Canadian magazine in the US.

I can’t remember how I discovered Harrowsmith back when it first came out, but it quickly became my favourite magazine. As issue after issue piled up under my bed as a boy, I slowly gained a body of knowledge that helped me make the transition from a childhood spent in the city to adult life deep in the Canadian countryside. My wife and I have been living at the end of a quiet rural road, raising five kids for about half our lives now, and the hands on information and inspiration I got from Harrowsmith was part of making this happen.

The thing about loving something is that you worry about how it might change. I remember thinking how I hoped Harrowsmith would never change even before I saw that first shocking advertisement for a lawn herbicide in the magazine in 1989. This wasn’t good news for a publication that prided itself on the message of natural, simple, sustainable living. I didn’t know much about the publishing business back then, but it was obvious that something drastic had happened in the background with Mr. Lawrence’s vision. Fast forward to 2011 and I remember shaking my head as Harrowsmith magazine ceased publication, another great Canadian institution gone.

And while the vision of one man was enough to get Harrowsmith going in the first place, the vision of another Canadian has brought the magazine back again, along with the old values. A woman named Yolanda Thornton still believes in what Harrowsmith was all about in the good old days, and that’s why she’s made it live again. I think the new Harrowsmith is going to succeed, too. I only found out about the resurrection of the good old magazine late last year, but I’ve volunteered articles of my own to help them out.

Canada is a big country with many beautiful rural places waiting for people to make their living there. Now that we’ve got our own home grown source of vision, inspiration and information back again, it’s a little easier to dream the country dream.
pink timberland boots Canadian rural living icon revived

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charges that he sent money and provided long distance support to Tunisian jihadists believed responsible for a 2009 suicide attack in Iraq that killed five American soldiers. The deal could spare him a term of life behind bars.

Faruq Khalil Muhammad ‘Isa entered the plea in federal court in Brooklyn for a murder conspiracy charge that carried a maximum life sentence. He instead faces a 26 year prison term followed by deportation as part of the deal that a judge still must sign off on. Attorney Peter Baldwin told the judge that prosecutors met in person with the families of each of the victims before agreeing to a sentence the government believes “will serve to punish (the defendant) and deter others, while also requiring the defendant to admit his participation in these heinous acts.”

Defense attorney Mildred Whalen said in a statement: “We are mindful of how difficult this case is for so many, but think that the proposed plea agreement would be an appropriate resolution of the case.”

During the interview, Muhammad ‘Isa admitted he corresponded by email with two of the jihadists while they were in Syria, and that they were on a mission to kill Americans, the paperwork said. The documents allege he corresponded with “facilitators” who were trying to get the attackers into Iraq, and wired one of them $700.
timberland boots sale online Canadian man pleads guilty to US terror charges

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Bigfoot? Canadian hiker posts YouTube video of mysterious black dot on mountain Bigfoot? Canadian hiker posts mysterious YouTube video

The hiker admits during the video that “I can’t see it very well. It’s this little black dot walking in the middle of the snow in the middle of nowhere.”

A Canadian hiker shot footage of what he calls ‘Possible Sasquatch outside Squamish BC.’ (M Lam/via YouTube)

Lamont, however, was baffled as to where the subject was heading.

“If that’s human why would you walk up that ridge or that snow line?” he asks. “Why would he not just go straight down?”

The video has drawn more than 500,000 viewers and almost as many explanations.

If that’s human why would you walk up that ridge or that snow line? Why would he not just go straight down?

“It’s mind blowing at how dumbfounded people can get over something such as this,” one user wrote. “They’re actually lost to the fact that another ‘figure’ is up there and that it could be human . just like the fact that they’re there, ‘in the middle of nowhere.'”

In the description for the video, Lamont admits that “perhaps the most reasonable explanation for this video is a very ill prepared hiker, hiking up a difficult section of snowline as opposed to a much easier route, one who is very physically fit and able to cover ground in unusually quick fashion and must have had very large feet as we were breaking through snow crust in just our boots.”
timberland workwear uk Canadian hiker posts mysterious YouTube video

timberland sale co uk Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind is seeking volunteer puppy raisers

cheap timberland boots Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind is seeking volunteer puppy raisers

Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind is seeking volunteer puppy raisers in Belleville Quinte Region.

This is a long term volunteer commitment of twelve to eighteen months. The volunteer raises the puppy in their home, teaching basic obedience and socialization. However, the unique part of this volunteer position is taking the puppy nearly everywhere you go. Support is provided from professional staff from Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind.

You’ll need to be able to spend most of the day with the puppy, not leaving it alone for more than a couple of hours at a time. These pups are raised with the intention of being with someone 24/7 as a working guide dog. Pups are placed into homes at approximately eight weeks of age, so you will be housebound for a short time. Once the puppy’s vaccinations are in place, around four months of age, you will be asked to take the puppy anywhere you go and introduce it to as many environments and situations as possible, that it may later encounter as a guide dog.

If you work outside of the home, you would start with a sixteen week old puppy, so that vaccinations are in place and you can take the puppy to work and public areas immediately. You are expected to take the pup for daily long walks in all weather conditions, so an active lifestyle is preferred.

This is a unique volunteer opportunity, and you could help play a role in changing someone’s life. Would you be a suitable candidate for a volunteer position like this? The main thing is that the pup not be left at home alone all day. Current volunteers include stay at home parents, post secondary students, individuals who work from home or have their own business, part time workers, or retirees. Puppy raisers, who are employed full time and have permission from their employer, can have the puppy in the workplace. It’s a great way for a company to show their philanthropic spirit, and to boost morale, as employees encounter a cute little puppy at work on a daily basis.

All food, supplies, and veterinary expenses are provided by the organization.

When the dog is ready to enter into formal training at the National Training Centre of Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind, you must be prepared to give up the dog, so that it may continue its journey to work as a guide dog.

If you would like to learn more about the puppy raising program at Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind, call (613) 692 7777.

Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind was established as a registered charity in 1984. Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind has provided more than 830 professionally trained guide dogs to Canadians who are visually impaired from coast to coast.
timberland sale co uk Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind is seeking volunteer puppy raisers

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citizens into smugglers

November 01, 1998By DAVE BARRY DAVE BARRY,Knight Ridder/Tribune

I SAY IT’S TIME our “leaders” in Washington stopped blathering about sex and started paying attention to the issues that really matter to this nation, such as whether we should declare war on Canada.

I say: yes. Postal Service.” Here is a direct quote from this document:

“Step One: Before inflating Passionate Pam, be sure to smear plenty of .”

Whoops! Wrong document! I meant to quote from an article in the July 1998 issue of Contractor magazine, which was sent to me by alert reader Steve Hill. The article, written by Rob Heselbarth, begins:

“WINDSOR, Ontario Americans are crossing the Canadian border near Detroit to purchase 3.5 gallon per flush toilets.”

That is correct: Canada has become a major supplier of illegal 3.5 gallon toilets. citizens now spend more time flushing their toilets than on all other forms of exercise combined.

But that is not the point. The point is that 1.6 gallon toilets are the law of the land, and as the late Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter stated: “Just because Congress passes a stupid law, that is no excuse for awwwggh.” Unfortunately, Justice Frankfurter died at that point, but most legal scholars believe he intended to finish his sentence by saying “. that is no excuse for people to go up to Canada and buy working toilets.”

Yet that is exactly what is happening. The Contractor article quotes a Canadian plumbing wholesaler as follows: “We’ve definitely seen an increase in the sales of 3.5 gallon toilets. The people who buy them are mostly from the States. They tell us outright they’re Americans who came here to buy them.”

The article quotes officials of both the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency as stating that it is illegal to bring these toilets into the United States. But it also quotes a Customs Service official as saying that Customs makes no effort to confiscate the toilets. “As long as they tell us they have them,” the official said, “it makes no difference to us.”

In other words, people can simply waltz across our borders with illegal toilets supplied by ruthless Canadian toilet cartels headed by greed crazed Canadian toilet kingpins who will stop at nothing to push their illicit wares on our vulnerable society. If you are a parent, consider this chilling scenario: Your child is attending a party, when another youngster a “bad apple” approaches and says, “Psst!
timberland 6 premium Canada's big flush turns U
Wanna try a 3.5 gallon Canadian toilet? All the other kids are doing it!” The next thing you know, your child is acting furtive and sneaking off to a “bad part of town” whenever nature calls. Your child is hooked.

Perhaps your parental reaction is: “My little Tommy would never do a thing like that!” Well, let me ask you a couple of questions:

Do you fully comprehend the power of peer pressure?

Are you aware that your child is not named “Tommy”?

Did you realize that “peer pressure” was a toilet related pun?

If you answered “yes” or “no,” then maybe you are beginning to see why we, as a nation, need to send a clear message to the Canadians, in the form of either a sternly worded letter or a nuclear strike. Strong words, you say?

Perhaps you will change your mind when you hear what else Canada is exporting. I refer to an article sent in by alert reader Joe Kovanda from the June 1998 issue of Farm Times, reporting that Canada’s foreign trading partners were complaining that shipments of Canadian feed barley contained excessive amounts of get ready deer excrement. citizens even possibly the CIA can locate on a map; and (2) professional ice hockey would be canceled. There’s virtually no downside! So I urge you to call your elected representatives today and tell them, in no uncertain terms: “I am strongly in favor, although don’t ask me of what.” Also let them know that we, the people, don’t want to hear another word about this Washington sex scandal. Or, if we have to hear more, how about some new episodes? Speaking of which, I have to go; Passionate Pam has sprung a leak.
timberland 6 premium Canada's big flush turns U

timberland euro Canada now investigates

baby timberland boots Canada now investigates

It like something out of George Orwell 1984.

Canada Competition Bureau, an arm length agency funded by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau government to the tune of almost $50 million annually, investigated three organizations accused of denying mainstream climate science for over a year, following a complaint from an environmental group. Palumbo, Deputy Commissioner of Competition, Deceptive Marketing Practices Directorate.

But it will re open its investigation should it receive relevant new information from the public.

The complaint was filed by Ecojustice on behalf of six Canadians, including former Ontario NDP leader and UN ambassador Stephen Lewis.

It accused three groups, Friends of Science, the International Climate Science Coalition, and the Heartland Institute of making false and misleading claims about climate change, including that the sun is the main driver of climate change, not carbon dioxide, and that carbon dioxide is not a pollutant.

When it launched its complaint in December, 2015, Ecojustice told the National Observer it would press the Commissioner of Competition to refer the matter to the Attorney General of Canada for charges against the denier groups response to the Competition Bureau discontinuing its probe, Calgary based Friends of Science said on its blog that: Competition Bureau is a very important enforcement agency. We regret that any of their time had to be wasted on this matter. We are not a commercial entity, we do not have federal lobbyists, we are not tax subsidized as environmental charities are, we do not represent any industry. We only present the professional insights and expertise of our core team and represent the views of our individual members (not corporations). The typical process for Competition Bureau inquiries is confidential; Ecojustice appeared to use this call for inquiry to grandstand. May, 2015, Advertising Standards Canada, a voluntary industry group that does not enforce its decisions other than through public suasion ruled, following 96 public complaints, that two Friends of Science billboards in Montreal stating: Sun is the Main Driver of Climate Change. Not You. Not CO2 contained, and unequivocal claims (that) could not be supported by the preponderance of current evidence on the matters in dispute (and) omitted relevant information, namely that a number of factors have led to climate change, of which the sun is just one. someone who has written extensively on climate change for a decade, my view is that all of this is madness. We are entering into dangerous territory, a fundamental attack on free speech.

If we going to use agencies of the federal government to investigate and even prosecute deniers for making and misleading claims then let damn well do the same for alarmists who do the same thing all the time.

I read and hear politicians making and misleading claims about climate change almost daily, particularly with regard to what federal and provincial carbon pricing schemes will actually accomplish, as opposed to what our governments are claiming they will accomplish.

But the way to decide these issues is through public debate, not running to an agency of the federal government to shut up people we disagree with, particularly a government that itself makes false and misleading claims about man made climate change all the time.
timberland euro Canada now investigates

timberland ladies sandals Can you shoot down a spying drone

brown timberland boots Can you shoot down a spying drone

First, no, you cannot shoot down a drone due to federal and state laws. In fact, if you damage a drone, even if it is flying over your property without permission, it could get you in trouble for destroying private property!

Mitchell Apple, a drone expert with the company Birds Eye View in Rochester,
timberland ladies sandals Can you shoot down a spying drone
says drone operators are governed by rules set by the Federal Aviation Administration.

No flights over a group of people, like sporting events; no flights within five miles of an airport without calling the airport for approval first. But what if a drone operator gets that approval?

Taney: They can legally fly over homes?

But Apple says he tells the operators he trains not to hover over homes and to stay no lower than 100 feet above a home.

“If you going lower than that over someone house you should have a really solid reason and it should be very quickly, but there is no legislation regulating that whatsoever.”

No laws at all. Meaning there is little homeowners and police can do.

New York State Senator James Sanders Jr. (D Queens) is one of a few lawmakers working to change that. He introduced a bill to make spying with drones illegal in NYS.

“It will ensure that you can just send your drone over my house or your house,” Sanders said.

Currently NYS law does prohibit surveillance or photography if it being done for sexual purposes, without a person consent. But Sanders says drones are not included and wants a law on the books.

Right now, Sander bill is in committee.

Taney: What do you think about the chances of this passing next legislative session?

Sanders: If people were to call their legislators the odds of this happening will be very good.

People like O support it. He is certainly not against the use of drones but wants some restrictions.

“Recreational use in a residential city neighborhood is an invasion of privacy and a quality of life issue because of the noise. It is not the proper time nor place to use them,” O said.

If you do notice a drone over your home for a long period of time repeatedly,
timberland ladies sandals Can you shoot down a spying drone
you can still call police. There are peeping tom laws on the books. It not the easiest to prosecute because of a lack of drone laws but you might still have a case to press charges.

newborn timberland boots Can you die from lack of sleep

timberland leather boots Can you die from lack of sleep

Your brain goes woolly, your limbs feel like lead, and the smallest mishaps make you intensely cranky. But do the ill effects go deeper than that? Can lack of sleep be enough to kill you?

At least one popular television show has suggested it can.

While sleep is important to human health, there’s no good evidence being sleep deprived has direct and profoundly deadly effects on your body, he says. But it can impair your judgement in potentially fatal ways; going without sleep does increase your risk of death from a fatal accident.

Lack of sleep has been reported to play a role in a number of industrial accidents including the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the Ukraine and the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.

And people who drive after being awake for 17 to 19 hours have been found to have impaired coordination, judgement and reaction times equivalent to those with a blood alcohol level of 0.05 per cent.

“People are just more likely to do stupid things and put themselves in life threatening situations when they’ve not been sleeping,” Marshall says.

11 day recordWhile we feel terrible when we don’t sleep, some reports suggest nothing too serious happens at least in the short term.

In an attempt observed by some sleep researchers in 1964, American high school student Randy Gardner showed that even after 11 days of total sleep deprivation, he was still able to function although his mood and concentration were affected and he had periods of paranoia and hallucinations. Even longer periods without sleep have been reported by others.

“Gardner is still regarded as the record holder because he was not using stimulants,” Marshall says. “He kept himself awake by doing things he found fun like playing basketball.”

At the conclusion of the attempt, Gardner’s health seemed good; he was able to speak, play games and do limited mental tasks. When he finally slept,
newborn timberland boots Can you die from lack of sleep
he did so for just 14 hours and 40 minutes, awoke naturally, stayed awake 24 hours, then slept a normal eight hours.

“This kid showed that you can stay awake a long time and it’s not fatal. I mean I’m not recommending it he was a special case and he had experts supervising him but it’s not fatal. He just slept for 14 hours.”

However Marshall points out the effect of Gardner’s experience on his health was not examined in any detail in the experiment.

While studies on rats show sleep deprivation can cause death, Marshall doesn’t think the findings have relevance to humans: “To make rats go without sleep, you have to do nasty things to them and you’re essentially torturing them. That’s not comparable to humans.”

The rare human genetic disorder Fatal Familial Insomnia causes extended sleeplessness and is fatal after about six to 30 months, according to Scientific American magazine. However, it says the condition is misnamed because death results from multiple organ failure rather than sleep deprivation.

Keep a balanced view of sleepOur bodies’ requirement for sleep is something we should respect, Marshall says.

While he’s cautious about overstating the evidence, lack of sleep has been linked with an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and metabolic changes that in turn may increase our risk of obesity.

Immunity may also be affected with studies showing people who are sleep deprived have half the immune response to vaccinations compared to vaccinated individuals who are not sleep deprived. But whether this translates to an increased risk of infections isn’t known.

The bottom line? Sleep does matter and you shouldn’t be blas about it. But worrying obsessively about lack of sleep can make sleeplessness worse, so it’s important to take a balanced view.

“It’s probably not good for you to fail to get enough sleep for long periods of time. You should try and get enough sleep for you. And while the amount people need is highly variable, for most people, it’s about seven or eight hours a night. But small perturbations in your sleep are not something you should worry unduly about.”

If you have trouble sleeping,
newborn timberland boots Can you die from lack of sleep
some habits that can help include:

Sticking to fairly regular sleep and wake times seven days a weekEstablishing a “wind down” routine 30 to 60 minutes before bedAvoiding stimulants like caffeine and intense exercise close to bed timeNot watching TV in bedFor more information see our Insomnia Fact File.

Nathanial Marshall is a research fellow with the National Health and Medical Research Council’s Centre for Integrated Research and Understanding of Sleep at the University of Sydney. He spoke to Cathy Johnson.

timberland eurosprint boots Can you damage your eyes if you rub them

timberland moccasin Can you damage your eyes if you rub them

We all do it. Sometimes it’s with one finger, other times we use the heels of both hands and when we’re after a nice firm gouge, we stick in a knuckle or two.

You might rub your eyes when you’re anxious or stressed, when you wake up in the morning or even when you sleep. Could rubbing your eyes actually cause some damage?

For most people, an occasional gentle rub is nothing to worry about, says Professor Charles McMonnies, from the School of Optometry and Vision Science at the University of NSW.

Rubbing your eyes stimulates tears to flow and lubricates dry eyes, removing dust and other irritants. It also relieves stress. That’s because pressing down on your eyeball stimulates the vagus nerve to slow down your heart rate. This so called oculocardiac reflex helps you to relax and smell the roses.

But if you rub your eyes too hard, too often or over a long period of time, you could get into trouble, says McMonnies, a research optometrist with a special interest in eye rubbing. He says studies show that rubbing causes our eye pressure to spike.

Even a light rub doubles it, he says. Removing eye make up or wiping away tears increases the pressure a little more. But scrunching up your eyes then using your knuckles to gouge really hard shoots up your eye pressure more than 20 times.

“Vigorous rubbers look like they’re trying to push the eyes to the back of their head,” McMonnies says of the more extreme examples of eye rubbing he’s seen.

Serious damageMost people’s eye pressure returns to normal when they stop rubbing and the temporary blip does no obvious long term damage.

However, for people with certain eye conditions, an increase in eye pressure caused by hard, frequent or prolonged rubbing could be more serious.

For instance, people with progressive myopia a common type of short sightedness caused by a lengthened eyeball can find their eyesight worsens. In some cases, their retina detaches from the back of the eye.

McMonnies says that’s probably because an already weakened retina is placed under more strain with successive pressure blips.

People with glaucoma may also be affected by the increase in eye pressure as it can disrupt blood flow at the back of the eye and lead to nerve damage, harming your sight.

Rubbing can also affect the front of the eye. The combination of increased eye pressure and the mechanical damage caused by rubbing can harm the cornea, the dome shaped window that we rely on for a clear view if the world.

In rare cases, the cornea tears. More commonly, it’s weakened and pushes forward to become more conical, like the pointy end of a rugby ball, a condition known as keratoconus. Again, the damage could be enough to cause significant loss of sight.

Rubbing your eyes first thing in the morning can be particularly risky for your cornea, which can be swollen from excess fluid as a result of low overnight oxygen levels.

Another high risk time is when you take out your contact lenses, McMonnies says, as your eye’s oxygen levels might still be recovering, especially if you wear thick lenses. Like rubbing first thing in the morning, a swollen cornea is more vulnerable to damage.

No reason for rubbingEven if we discount rare complications, eye rubbing can aggravate already sore, red and itchy eyes, says McMonnies, making you want to rub them even more.

If you suffer from allergies, rubbing can also transfer allergens like pollen from the lashes to the eye’s surface.

Then, there’s the chance of transferring germs from your hands to the eye, increasing the risk of styes and eye infections.

“There’s no reason to recommend rubbing at all,” says McMonnies about the range of everyday situations that usually beg for a rub.
timberland eurosprint boots Can you damage your eyes if you rub them

timberland vest can help dogs with itchy spots

timberland discount can help dogs with itchy spots

Listerine formula, applied topically, can help dogs with itchy spotsPeople’s PharmacyYou have written about a formula using Listerine for hot spots on dogs. I tried it, and it works great, but we’ve nearly used it up, and I lost the instructions. Could you give them again?

A horse lover shared the following formula she used on the mane and tail of her filly: ” 1/3 Listerine (original), 1/3 baby oil and 1/3 water. Put in a spray bottle, shake well and spray it on.” This is similar to the formula recommended for dogs’ itchy hot spots.

We also came across another novel use for Listerine. A plant enthusiast reports that if you add 2 ounces of original Listerine to a gallon of water for cut flowers,
timberland vest can help dogs with itchy spots
they will last longer. The acidic, antifungal and antibacterial properties of the mouthwash are probably responsible for this action.

A few years ago my daughter encouraged me to take ginkgo to improve mental acuity. But after a year, I began to bleed internally. Apparently ginkgo interacts with the anti inflammatory drugs I was taking for arthritis.

I stopped the ginkgo, but I want to take it again because I need all the help I can get, and I noticed a difference when I stopped. I also take garlic, ginseng, Coumadin and atenolol.

You cannot take ginkgo and Coumadin (warfarin) without risking severe hemorrhaging. The other herbs you are taking may also pose a risk with Coumadin. And regular use of pain relievers like aspirin, acetaminophen,
timberland vest can help dogs with itchy spots
ibuprofen or naproxen might also be dangerous with Coumadin.