timberland boat shoe Council approves overnight parking

timberland wallet Council approves overnight parking

It may have taken nine years and could end up costing the city approximately $225,000 in lost ticket revenue, but Londoners will now have overnight street parking during the summer.

That is, assuming certain neighbourhoods don’t opt out of the bylaw first.

“This is has been a long and winding road,” said Roger Caranci, the Ward 1 councillor and chairperson of the Environment and Transportation Committee (ETC) that has been dealing with the bylaw since last summer’s trial run.

Monday night’s city council meeting was the third and final time that the proposed bylaw could be heard and voted on by council. In the two previous attempts, it was defeated the first time round. The second time, the bylaw never made it to the floor for full debating after failing to obtain the required two thirds council support.

This time, the story was different as all members of council voted in favour of bringing the motion back to the floor. And subsequently, all voted in favour in passing the new bylaw. parking restriction from the Victoria Day weekend through to Labour Day throughout the City of London.”

The new bylaw has no impact on daytime parking restrictions and streets where parking is prohibited during the day, will still be prohibited during the night under the new bylaw.

Streets and neighbourhoods also have an option to opt out of the new bylaw, which created a little bit of debate prior to the vote. Under the new bylaw, streets will have the option to be excluded by either contacting their councillor or completing and filing a petition asking not to be included in the new bylaw.

“I am sure that councillors know their wards better than anyone else,” says Coun. Caranci. “And if there is going to be an issue they can give a list of streets that will be exempted.”

The cost, or rather the estimate of lost potential revenue still is up for debate. Earlier in the year, both the ETC and city council were working with a number of $140,
timberland boat shoe Council approves overnight parking
000 for the program. That number was an estimate from last year’s trial program.

The new bylaw will actually run longer than last year and the new projection of lost revenue is $225,000 in lost potential for tickets.

The first deadline for streets to file their request to be excluded from the bylaw is April 28. Coun. Caranci indicated that streets can be added at anytime and that April 28 is not the only time they have to file by, which elevated fears some councillors expressed at the thought of their phone ringing with numerous requests for exemption.

The new bylaw does not apply to non recreational vehicles, cars, trucks or vans used for business purposes will not be permitted to overnight under this bylaw. However there was some confusion over what is and what is not considered to be a non recreational vehicle.

Harold Usher, Ward 12 councillor, sought out the clarification concerned that taxi cabs are not clearly defined as either non recreation, or recreational. “This is a problem,” says Coun. Usher in his remarks to city staff in asking for clarification on certain vehicles. City staff agreed to provide further clarification.

Judy Bryant, Ward 13 councillor, introduced another amendment to the bylaw asking that the new legislation recognize that it is not intended for residents who have more cars than will fit in their driveway to be allowed to park on the street overnight. A motion that at first appeared might create more debate and possible scuttle the vote, but in the end passed along with the new bylaw.

“Lets make it clear, we are only dealing with on street parking,” said Ward 8 Councillor Paul Hubert. “If you park on the lawn, you are still going to get a ticket. If you break other parking bylaws, you are going to get a ticket.”
timberland boat shoe Council approves overnight parking

timberland front country Could Decide Next President

timberland fleece jacket Could Decide Next President

High tech companies have hired thousands of highly skilled workers from abroad, especially India, and the changing demographics are driving political shifts that have turned Virginia into a classic battleground state.

“So all of this was just wide open farmland.” Loudoun County Democratic activist Craig Green told VOA from the middle of a major new town center development called One Loudoun, where retail shops, restaurants and condos have risen out of what used to be a rural landscape.

“I went canvassing this weekend, and pretty much universally it was, ‘Oh, that Trump guy, there is no way I could vote for him,'” Green said. “No matter what we had to say about anything else, it was, you know, ‘That guy just doesn’t make sense.'”

Green said Loudoun is quickly becoming a model of diversity. Recent Census Bureau data shows Asians now make up nearly 15 percent of Loudoun County’s population.

“You just see people from India and people from China and people from Africa, there are a lot of Africans here . a big diaspora going on of people coming for opportunity,” he said. “And they are very skilled people, and they are very smart people, so it’s an incredible vibrant place to live right now.”

‘Everybody is really equal’

Software engineer Sri Amudhanar emigrated from India nearly 30 years ago. He has lived in Ashburn, Virginia, since 1998 and is becoming active in Democratic Party politics in the county.

Amudhanar said the influx of immigrants and resulting demographic changes have made them a force to be reckoned with.

“They take an oath of citizenship when they become Americans, and that is a very solemn process,” he said recently on a hill overlooking Ashburn. “It is a very moving process, and we have all gone through that, and that binds us to America very, very strongly and to its values,
timberland front country Could Decide Next President
and one of the values is that everybody is really equal.”

Amudhanar predicts the demographics will be an obstacle for Trump given some of his controversial statements about Muslims and Mexicans.

“Immigrants are more tolerant of other lifestyles and other opinions and other religious persuasions and so on. So you’ll find that immigrants in general want a fair, even playing field for everybody.”

‘got to finish it off’

Despite the demographic changes, Trump is making a serious bid to win Virginia, and plenty of supporters turned out for a recent rally in Ashburn where he urged them to work harder in Loudoun County.

“What we are doing is one of the great political phenomena of all time,” Trump said to cheers. “But very importantly, it is one of the great movements of all time. We have got to finish it off. We have got to finish it off.”

Trump’s theme of making America great again has struck a chord with Leesburg businessman Bryan Crosswhite. Crosswhite hosted a Republican unity event recently at one of his restaurants in Leesburg, and he predicts a close battle in Loudoun.

“I believe (Trump) resonates with Americans, normal Americans, who have traditional values in our country,” Crosswhite said in describing Trump’s appeal. “He resonates because he is a straight talker. He speaks the truth whether you like it or not. He’s going to tell you what he thinks.”

Trump loyalists are active in Loudoun, and Green, a Democrat activist, acknowledges the race will be close. He also said that Clinton supporters have a challenge to persuade undecided voters that the race is not simply one of “choosing the lesser of two evils.”More than 150 years ago, Virginia was the epicenter of the American Civil War, and battle monuments are plentiful throughout the state, including the statue of a Confederate soldier on the grounds of the Loudoun County courthouse in Leesburg.

Today, Virginia is a battleground of a different sort, a mix of the traditional and the new, where changing demographics and shifting political outlooks have turned this once reliably Republican enclave into a state that is now competitive for both parties, and one that could play a pivotal role in deciding the next president on November 8.

High tech companies have hired thousands of highly skilled workers from abroad, especially India, and the changing demographics are driving political shifts that have turned Virginia into a classic battleground state.

“So all of this was just wide open farmland.” Loudoun County Democratic activist Craig Green told VOA from the middle of a major new town center development called One Loudoun, where retail shops, restaurants and condos have risen out of what used to be a rural landscape.

Those data centers dot the horizon like futuristic behemoths,
timberland front country Could Decide Next President
windowless warehouses through which a large percentage of the world’s internet data passes.

girls timberland Could a green Timberland store land in green Syracuse

womens pink timberland boots Could a green Timberland store land in green Syracuse

11,2010. Three years after the company started rating the environmental impact of some of its products, it said it plans to expand its “Green Index” to all its footwear by 2012.

Syracuse, NY Syracuse has been taking credit in recent years for being a “green community.” The Emerald City and all that. The Timberland Co. has opened its new Boston retail location, at 201 Newbury Street. Construction on the store housed in the old Prince School building began earlier this year.

In step with Timberland stores worldwide, the new 2,500 sq. ft. space is designed to reflect the company’s long standing commitment to sustainability. Eco conscious build out features include the use of reclaimed wood and other materials; FSC certified woods; LED lighting; Energy Star eligible equipment and appliances;
girls timberland Could a green Timberland store land in green Syracuse
low volatile organic compound (VOC) paints; “Ecotech” recycled stoneware floor tiles; tabletops reclaimed from athletic bleachers; and water conserving plumbing fixtures.

The space also features an original 25 ft. x 4 ft. mural, which celebrates Boston neighborhoods as well as “green spaces” throughout the Boston area.

“Everything we do is informed by our New England heritage from how we design our products and build our stores to how we engage with the local community, said Jeff Swartz, president CEO, Timberland.

My comments: First the boots and now the stores. Then the rest of the boots. Timberland is out to show it’s back to nature and is, well, walking the walk.
girls timberland Could a green Timberland store land in green Syracuse

timberland earthkeepers jacket cotta army from China ancient past comes to VMFA

timberland splitrock safety boots cotta army from China ancient past comes to VMFA

Nearly 45 years after startled Chinese farmers discovered the first clay head jutting from the soil of Shaanxi province, the legendary terra cotta soldiers of the country’s first emperor have lost none of their power.

Measuring more than 6 feet tall and weighing as much as 400 pounds, each one has its own formidable and commanding presence. is so compelling you can almost feel them advancing on the field of battle.

That’s just one attraction, however, of a show that’s bringing more than 130 works of ancient Chinese art including more than 40 never before seen in the United States to the crowds expected to converge on Richmond.

Arms and armor demonstrate the nation’s warrior past, while harness, bridle and chariot fittings made of bronze, gold and silver underscore its defining relationship with the horse.

Government stamped coins, seals, plaques and weights tie the military triumph of Emperor Ying Zheng and the unification of seven warring states after a century of turmoil to the emergence of a landmark empire one that not only imposed national currency, writing and weights and measures systems for the first time but also became so dominant that it endured into the modern era.

“This is a journey that goes 22 centuries back in time to the world of the first Chinese emperor and to what I consider the greatest archaeological discovery of all time,” VMFA Director Alex Nyerges says, describing a monarch so powerful he tried to beat death and win immortality by having an estimated 8,000 clay soldiers guard his tomb.

“These are amazing works of art buried for 2,200 years and no one knew they were there.”

Track recordMade up of loans from 14 different art museums and archaeological institutes located in Shaanxi, “Terracotta Army: Legacy of the First Emperor of China” debuts at the VMFA just three years after it mounted another landmark exhibit of Chinese art titled “Forbidden City: Imperial Treasures from the Palace Museum, Beijing.”

And like the popular 2014 show, it reflects both the prominence of the VMFA’s internationally known East Asian art collection and the stature of curator Li Jian, who came to Richmond in 2007 after organizing along with Nyerges several pioneering loan exhibits from China at the Dayton Museum of Art.

“Four of the most important loan exhibits to come from China in recent years have been curated by Li Jian,
timberland earthkeepers jacket cotta army from China ancient past comes to VMFA
” Nyerges says.

“And that’s because of the relationships we’ve been building with our partners in Beijing and Shaanxi for more than 25 years.”

The result is an exhibit that focuses closely on the origins of ancient China and the early Qin people as well as the terra cotta figures guarding the first emperor’s tomb.

In opening galleries, Jian and her co curator Hou mei Sung of the Cincinnati Art Museum explore the power and prestige of the first emperor through such striking objects as a half scale bronze chariot, which is believed to symbolize Ying Zheng ‘s epic imperial journey across his new domain following the unification of China.

The last gallery is given over completely to Ying Zheng ‘s quest for immortality and a dramatic presentation of his terra cotta soldiers, including standing and kneeling archers, an armored infantryman, a cavalryman and his horse and an imposing armored general all accompanied by a warlike assemblage of bronze lance , spear and arrowheads.

“These are amazing works of art, and when you look at each of the soldiers they are actually portraits of people from 22 centuries ago.” Nyerges says.

“Every face, every hat, even the facial hair of every soldier is unique. It’s mind boggling.”

Every face, every hat, even the facial hair of every soldier is unique. It’s mind boggling.

VMFA director Alex Nyerges

Beating deathEpic in scale and meticulous in detail, the great terra cotta soldiers and their accompanying figures were commissioned by Ying Zheng in order to make a statement to the world of the living as well as that of the dead, Jian says. to end hundreds of years of ungovernable turmoil.

Though only 39, the new emperor demonstrated his dominance and power quickly, imposing a universal writing system and currency in addition to a centralized government, Jian says.

He also revised competing standards of weights and measures into a single definitive system in order to promote trade, then constructed a national network of highways while pulling down the old defensive barriers between the warring states and linking their northernmost sections together into China’s famous Great Wall.

Great rows of bronze bells rang from the yokes linking the horses together, making a statement of imperial sway and control that could be heard and anticipated long before it could be seen.

“Who owned a chariot like this? Not the common people but the noblemen and rulers,
timberland earthkeepers jacket cotta army from China ancient past comes to VMFA
” Jian says.

“Can you imagine the sound they must have made? It was not just a weapon but a statement and symbol of power.”

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timberland childrens Cosby makes light of sex allegations

timberland boots for women Cosby makes light of sex allegations

LONDON, Ont. Embattled comedian Bill Cosby appeared to mock the mounting sexual assault allegations he’s facing from more than two dozen women during a performance here Thursday night.

An hour into Cosby’s 90 minute show at the Budweiser Gardens, a woman in the front row stood up and asked him if he wanted a drink.

“He (Cosby) deserves it,” the heckler, who identified himself as Matt Smith, said as he was escorted from the arena. “At some point . . . someone has to stand up.”

QMI Agenc y reporter Dale Carruthers was also booted from the building by security for recording the arrest in the arena concourse with his cellphone.

The show opened with a shocker for the digital generation no use of cellphones while seated for the American comedian’s appearance.

Smartphone equipped fans and reporters are a common feature at concerts and big act shows, so the sudden clampdown came as a surprise. amid the sexual assault allegations against him.

Mere minutes into the show, security officials tried to eject another QMI Agency reporter, Patrick Maloney, for tweeting from the show.

A Budweiser Gardens executive intervened and decided not to enforce the restriction. While one source said the recording bans came from Cosby’s camp, another source said they did not.

The Cosby show’s promoter, Adam Epstein, said in an e mail exchange he wasn’t at the show and didn’t know about Cosby’s “drink” joke.

Fans entering the London show were handed by arena officials a written warning against disrupting the Cosby show.

“Disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated and will result in removal, possible legal action and/or banning from the venue,” it read.

timberland childrens Cosby makes light of sex allegations
77, hasn’t been charged and has denied the allegations, none of which has been tested in court.

Outside the London arena, about 150 protesters dramatically more than in Kitchener a night earlier denounced Cosby and handed out pamphlets with the names of women accusing him of sexual assault and details of the allegations.

Protest organizer Megan Walker, head of the London Abused Women’s Centre, declared the demonstration a success, despite it falling short of drawing a predicted crowd of 400.

“I’m absolutely thrilled to live in London, Ontario, and see this level of support for women. It shows we stand in solidarity with women and we believe them,” Walker said.

Though she didn’t attend the show, Walker said later she was irked by the reports of Cosby’s “drink” joke.

“He’s making a joke of the women who allege he sexually assaulted and raped them,” she said. “And I think it’s despicable.”

Cosby was given a standing ovation at the end of his London show, a reception he also received in Kitchener. He wraps up his Southwestern Ontario tour, his only Canadian dates, Friday in Hamilton,
timberland childrens Cosby makes light of sex allegations

discount timberland shoes Cosby judge to weigh testimony from 19 accusers

timberland sale Cosby judge to weigh testimony from 19 accusers

O’Neill said he’d leave that for the jury to decide.

Prosecutors are trying to persuade the judge to allow as many as 19 other accusers to testify as the retrial. They say the testimony is needed to counter the defense team’s “inevitable attacks” on Constand’s credibility.

Bill Cosby’s lawyers want his sexual assault case thrown out, arguing that telephone records, travel itineraries and other evidence show the alleged incident couldn’t have happened when prosecutors say it did.

They’re disputing accuser Andrea Constand’s testimony at Cosby’s first trial last year that the 80 year old entertainer drugged and molested her at his suburban Philadelphia home in January 2004.

Cosby’s lawyers say the evidence they’ve found shows he wasn’t even in Pennsylvania during that time.

Cosby was arrested on Dec. 30, 2015, meaning any encounter prior to Dec.

A judge says he’s putting Bill Cosby’s lawyers on notice after they falsely accused prosecutors of hiding or destroying evidence in his sexual assault case.

Judge Steven O’Neill rejected the prosecution’s request Monday to throw Cosby’s new lawyers off the case. Prosecutors argue the lawyers acted recklessly by making the false claim. The judge calls the allegation serious but says he’s reluctant to break up Cosby’s legal team with his retrial looming.

The 80 year old comedian is charged with drugging and molesting a woman at his suburban Philadelphia home in 2004. Cosby says the encounter was consensual. A jury deadlocked on the case last year, setting the stage for a retrial.

Bill Cosby has arrived in court for the start of a pretrial hearing in his sexual assault case.

The 80 year old comedian entered a suburban Philadelphia courtroom Monday on the arm of his spokesman.

Cosby’s lawyers are trying to prevent dozens of accusers from testifying at his April 2 sexual assault retrial. Prosecutors want to call as many as 19 women to the witness stand in an attempt to show Cosby engaged in a five decade pattern of drugging and harming women.

Cosby is charged with assaulting a former Temple University women’s basketball administrator at his suburban Philadelphia home in 2004. His first trial ended in a hung jury.

Bill Cosby is going to court to stop some of his dozens of accusers from testifying at his April 2 sexual assault retrial.

Cosby’s retooled defense team is due to clash with prosecutors over the potential witnesses at a pretrial hearing on Monday.

Prosecutors want to call as many as 19 women to the witness stand in an attempt to show Cosby engaged in a five decade pattern of drugging and harming women.

Cosby is only charged in one case, an alleged assault on a former Temple University women’s basketball administrator at his suburban Philadelphia home in 2004.

The 80 year old entertainer’s first trial ended in a hung jury. A judge had allowed just one other accuser to testify.
discount timberland shoes Cosby judge to weigh testimony from 19 accusers

timberland boots for girls Cory Booker’s rant at Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen reveals Democrats’ Trump obsession Commentary

timberland jackets Cory Booker’s rant at Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen reveals Democrats’ Trump obsession Commentary

Special To The Washington Post

Anybody who watched the clumsy histrionics of Sen.

His overacting was on full display before the Senate Judiciary Committee and TV cameras. Booker posed, pretended, preened and generally made a fool of himself shouting at Nielsen about President Donald Trump’s latest inexplicable comments regarding immigrants from certain parts of the world. In releasing his almost comical wrath, Booker’s performance was so awful and cringe worthy that I actually felt embarrassed for him. He even copped to weeping “tears of rage.” The pain and drama of it all was just too much. And it’s only January. The first presidential primary is more than two years away.

Booker’s rant is only an early taste of many more to come from an increasingly clamorous field of Democratic presidential hopefuls. economy to the stagnant Obama years.

It’s too bad Nielsen couldn’t have punctuated Booker’s rant with a well played stage yawn, giving his self serving jeremiad the treatment it deserved. Over the next two years, more Cabinet officials will be testifying before Congress and the Democratic Outrage Machine will pounce with their rehearsed lines and faux outrage. Pro tip to the unlucky witnesses: Bring reading material. You may be there awhile. And, when pressed for a response, be ready with an appropriate line, such as, “I’m sorry. Was there a question in there?” Learn to swat imaginary flies and squint as if you notice a spider on the head of the inquisitor.

Anyway, Booker may have been the most wincingly awful to watch, but he is by no means the only Democratic White House hopeful jockeying to position himself or herself as the most liberal, the most outraged, the most synthetically sincere of 2020 contenders. Booker’s pinwheel eyed fulmination takes its place alongside similarly shameful rants from Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez and other liberal one uppers stumbling over themselves to prove their anti Trump bona fides.

They may think they’re feeding their Democratic base after all, social media has turned anti Trump outrage into an industry but there are two problems with this assumption. First, even the most rabid anti Trumpists want substance from their Democratic candidates, and Booker and others have produced none.

Second, in their lemming like scramble to the fringe, Democrats are abandoning the sensible center, where most Americans live and the position from which they wish their lawmakers to govern.

For months, I have written about the Democratic Party’s dangerous lurch to the left. Beginning with support for the Sanders backed promise of universal health care, Democrats are now in the position where the only way they can distinguish themselves and prevent an onslaught of attacks from their progressive base is to take on and embrace increasingly polarized leftist positions and a continuing stream of anti Trump venom. Even the liberal New York Times has taken note with the recent headline on an article by Sheryl Gay Stolberg, “Senate Democrats Make Hard Turn Left in Warming Up for 2020 Race.”

The fact that Democrats are abandoning any notion of compromise and refusing to appeal to independent and moderate voters should come as no surprise. The party has been hijacked by radical voices from within, and what we are seeing now is only the beginning of what is to come.
timberland boots for girls Cory Booker's rant at Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen reveals Democrats' Trump obsession Commentary

cleaning timberland boots Corrie McKeague’s former date questioned

womens timberlands Corrie McKeague’s former date questioned

‘Didn’t take me long to get his clothes off’: Police question woman, 28, who romped with missing RAF gunner after meeting him through swingers’ website

Corrie McKeague, 23, vanished on a night out with friends in Bury St EdmundsMother revealed online that he and girlfriend had accounts of Fab Swingers siteIn post, his mother said: ‘To the haters, get over it. This is none of your business’Last week it was revealed that April Oliver, 21, was pregnant with Corrie’s childWoman, 28, who met Corrie online has gone to the police about their dateReview said: ‘He didn’t disappoint. Didn’t take long for me to get his clothes off’By

Corrie, 23, vanished during a night out with friends in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk but onWednesday it was revealed he and his pregnant girlfriend April Oliver, 21, had profiles on the adult site Fab Swingers and were in an open relationship.

The woman, who has not been named, said in an online review of a date she had with Corrie that he ‘turned up looking and smelling amazing’ and that ‘he didn’t disappoint’.

She added: ‘It didn’t take long for me to get his clothes off.’

Missing RAF airman Corrie McKeague (left) trawled the internet for casual sex and opened a joint account on the partner swapping club with his 21 year old girlfriend April Oliver with a scantily clad woman used as the profile picture (right)

But she has since gone to the police after seeing that he had vanished.

She told the Mirror:’As soon as he went missing I had a look on the profile and thought, “That’s him”‘.

‘I have told the police what they need to know and the police can deal with it. I met him once and that was it, I never heard from him again.

‘I don’t know him, it’s not the first thing you do when you are on that website. It’s not as if you are inviting him around for tea and biscuits.’

Speaking about Corrie and April’s life, his mother Nicola Urquhart, 48, said: ‘They are young and were enjoying themselves. They were both seeing other people.’

Meanwhile, an account set up on dating website Plenty of Fish revealed how the serviceman described himself as ‘a princess’ who was looking for a relationship.

He created a profile on the Fab Swingers website in 2014, saying he was looking for straight and lesbian couples and single women aged 18 to 60.

Five months ago, Mr McKeague, of Dunfermline, Fife, who was stationed atRAF Honington in Suffolk, alsoopened a joint account on the partner swapping club with his April who is expecting their child later this year. It said ‘we are a young couple, but we know what we want.’

The joint profile appears to describe Corrie as Big C and his partner as little C as well as their personal details interests

Detectives have said they are examining the airman’s links to the website and other internet activity as part of their inquiries.

Mr McKeague vanished in September after becoming separated from friends while on a night out in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. He was last seen on CCTV in the town centre at 3.25am.

The mystery deepened yesterday as images from his Fab Swinger profile emerged alongside a photograph of him which reads: ‘Hello all, come say hi.’ Among the ‘interests’ he apparently listed were adult parties, blindfolds, cuckolding, making videos, role play, SM (sadomasochism), spanking and threesomes.

Several others were not suitable to print in a family newspaper. His list of ‘friends’ on the site include a mixture of couples, single men and women, and transvestites.

A review of an alleged encounter with Mr McKeague was posted by a 28 year old woman in April last year saying that he ‘turned up looking and smelling amazing’ and that it ‘didn’t take long for me to get his clothes off.’

It concluded: ‘Enjoyed every minute of it!’ A couple, whose comments could not be verified, recalled having a ‘good laugh and an amazing time’ in July 2015 with the airman, who they described as ‘hot hot hot’.

Mr McKeague also appears to have been active on a number of other sex and dating websites.

The serviceman’s family has previously acknowledged that he had profiles on Tinder and Plenty of Fish, and detectives have been passed screenshots of a page containing his image on the gay sex app Grindr. It was not clear last night if the page was genuine.

His Plenty of Fish account reads: ‘I’m the kinda of man that will ask you to meet before we Evian [sic] really know each other because that’s how I like to get to know people, face to face like how it should be’.

Last week, it was revealed April (pictured with his mother Nicola) was expecting a child due in the late spring. Miss Oliver said Mr McKeague did not know about the pregnancy

Officers confirmed that as part of their inquiries into Mr McKeague’s disappearance, detectives are examining his links to the swingers’ website and his other activities on social media.

In a Facebook post, his mother Nicola Urquhart, a policewoman, confirmed he had an account with Fab Swingers.
cleaning timberland boots Corrie McKeague's former date questioned

snow boots timberland Corrections officer dies 11 days after being beaten

timberland earthkeepers uk Corrections officer dies 11 days after being beaten

Update: State halts sales of work boots to prisoners.

The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections said an officer at State Correctional Institute Somerset died Monday from injuries sustained in an attack earlier this month at the hands of a 22 year old inmate.

Paul Jawon Kendrick is accused of fatally beating Sgt. Feb. 15, which led to Baserman’s hospitalization for 11 days. Corrections Secretary John Wetzel reported Baserman’s death in a news release Monday afternoon.

“The minute we learned of this unprovoked, brutal attack on Sgt. Baserman and another officer who came to his aid our hearts sank,” Wetzel said in the news release. “We are greatly saddened by Sgt. Baserman’s death and our thoughts are with his family at this time.”

The Tribune Democrat obtained charging documents in the assault and reported that the men were talking when Kendrick suddenly lashed out and struck Baserman in the face 8 to 10 times. Baserman fell to the ground, which is when Kendrick began kicking him in the head with his heavy Timberland boots. Kendrick’s motive for the attack was because Baserman had confiscated a towel earlier in the day Kendrick was using to block other’s view of his bunk, according to the report.

Another officer who assisted Baserman during the attack was also injured during the incident. He was released from the hospital shortly after the incident. Kendrick was transferred to another state prison after the attack, officials said.

Baserman began working for the Department of Corrections in 2007 at SCI Cresson,
snow boots timberland Corrections officer dies 11 days after being beaten
which is now closed. He had been working at SCI Somerset since 2012 and became a sergeant in 2016, officials said.

Kendrick was arraigned on six counts in connection the attack Monday, prior to Baserman’s death. No word additional charges had been filed at the time of this post.

The Pennsylvania State Corrections Officers Association (PSCOA) President Jason Bloom late Monday issued the following statement” “This officer is a hero who gave his life to protect Pennsylvania from its most violent criminals. His senseless death is a tragedy that must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Inmates must know that any attacks on an officer will lead to swift and certain punishment. We call on the Department of Corrections to permanently ban Timberland and other similar boots that led to this officer’s most serious injuries. These boots are being used as weapons and must be removed immediately. Our thoughts and prayers are with this officer’s family and loved ones at this difficult time.”

Kendrick was already serving a life sentence for a first degree murder conviction in August 2015 in the shooting death of Maurice Freeman a year earlier. Kendrick killed Freeman because he was playing basketball in Pittsburgh’s Northview Heights. Freeman was from Arlington, and Kendrick and his friends objected to Freeman’s presence in the neighborhood, according to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

Gov. Tom Wolf and his wife Frances shared condolences and asked the public to stand behind correctional officers who are “vital to protecting public safety.” The last fatal assault on a corrections officer by an inmate happened at SCI Graterford on March 20, 1979, officials said.
snow boots timberland Corrections officer dies 11 days after being beaten