shops that sell timberland boots A taste of home

timberland slippers A taste of home

And I largely have Singapore to thank for that. I was basically her sous chef. Starting at a pretty early age, I would hand her utensils and ingredients, sometimes chop or stir and, best of all, knead bao dough: This entailed grabbing a heavy, beachball size wad of dough, lifting it overhead and repeatedly slamming it onto a flour dusted mat on the floor, WWE style. (Yes, I sometimes missed the mat; don’t tell Mom.)

We visited Singapore a couple of times when I was a kid, and food was always a highlight, whether it was home cooking from my grandmother,
shops that sell timberland boots A taste of home
restaurant dinners with bird’s nest soup as the centerpiece or visits to hawker stalls for satay skewers or plastic bags filled with ice cold F orange soda.

So the nostalgia was strong on this return trip to my mom’s homeland. Despite the immense changes to Singapore’s landscape the Marina Bay reclamation project hadn’t been completed when I last visited in 1988, for instance many of the treats I loved as a kid were still easily found. Ya Kun is still serving up sweet kaya toast and soft boiled eggs, as it has since 1944, and at the “Passion Made Possible” launch event, the F flowed alongside more grown up beverages.

Other culinary experiences were familiar yet reflected a more refined Singapore. At the National Kitchen by Violet Oon at the National Gallery Singapore, dishes included a deconstructed take on a childhood favorite, tauhu goreng (fried tofu slices with bean sprouts and a spicy peanut sauce).

But probably no dining experience had me more nostalgic than the Good Chance restaurant. Good Chance specializes in popiah, sort of a DIY burrito where diners pick from cooked and fresh vegetables, shrimp, tofu and other ingredients and roll up their selections in a crepe like pancake.

Popiah was one of my favorite dishes growing up, and Good Chance didn’t disappoint. And our waitress helped with a refresher course on the assembly process (as did a how to video playing on a loop on a widescreen TV near the cashier).

I think Mom will be proud that my popiah folding skills are mostly intact.

Of course, while Singapore cuisine was familiar to me,
shops that sell timberland boots A taste of home
others on our media/fam trip last week had not previously had the pleasure. But I suspect Singapore’s Foodie Tribe has added a few members to the clan.

shops that sell timberland boots B Club brings teen center to MSJ

baby timberland B Club brings teen center to MSJ

Ezra Robichaud, left, Mount St. Joseph sophomore, serves a pingpong ball to opponent Roahan McGee at the school’s Wave Cave Wednesday afternoon. The Wave Cave just opened for local teenagers from MSJ and other area schools in an expansion by the Boys Girls Club of Rutland County. ROBERT LAYMAN / STAFF PHOTOS

The Boys Girls Club of Rutland County has relocated its teen center and opened the gathering place in its new homeat the Mount St. Joseph Academy on Wednesday.

Freddie Cannon, the Boys Girls Club’s teen program coordinator, tries to encourage membership during an assembly in the chapel at Mount St. Joseph Academy this week.

The center has ping pong, foosball, video games and televisions. But Freddie Cannon, teen center coordinator, said there would also be programs to help students plan their college careers and trips to let local high school students get a look at life outside Rutland County. “We’ll have a lot of fun. I’m a lot of fun. Let’s all have fun together,” Cannon said to an assembly of students Wednesday afternoon.

Phil Hall, assistant principal of MSJ, said he knows Cannon from his own time working with the Boys Girls Club in Brandon. Hall is also a board member for the Rutland club.

For MSJ, which has about 120 students, the teen center will provide a place for students to spend time when classes are over, Hall said.

Providing a place for students has been an issue, he said, because some students who don’t live in Rutland need a place to spend time between the end of classes and the beginning of an extracurricular activity.

“Over the last couple of years, we’ve a lot students come in from, say, Brandon, the Castleton area and sort of all those Otter Valley towns that are far away,” Hall said. “(The students) don’t want to go home in between school and practice. We’ve had a lot of that. Sometimes there’s nobody here and it gets a little tricky. This cleans all that up.”

The Boys Girls Club had run a teen center at Hickory Street Apartments, but Cannon said after it became clear that operation was no longer financially feasible, there was a possibility of having to eliminate the programming until MSJ agreed to host the center.

While the center will be inside the academy, in a student lounge nicknamed, “the Wave Cave,” Cannon said it would be open to all teenagers in Rutland County.

However, he said there is no transportation provided by the Boys Girls Club. A Rutland High School bus does stop near the MSJ campus.

Hall said the Wave Cave preceded him, but was closed for a number of years until students approached him earlier this year with a plan to reopen the lounge.

Cannon encouraged students to sign up to be part of the center. He said he wanted to see 100 of the 120 students sign up to use the center.

“You all got nothing to do after school? You all got nothing to do at home?” he asked the students. “Chill with me. Come upstairs and chill with me on the second floor. We’ll be in the ‘Wave Cave.’ I need you all. Please.”

He told the students about a contest run by the national Boys Girls Club that awards $10,000 a year for college. Cannon said the Vermont winner could win $2,500 a year.

Addressing the student bodyWednesday, Cannonsaid without MSJ’s student council working ” diligently,” the teen center could not have been opened at the school. He thanked students, faculty and staff for welcoming the Boys Girls Club to their school.

“I’d rather see the white of the kids’ eyes than some green dollars,” Cannon said. “That’s my thing. As long as they’re here having fun, we’ll be in business.”
shops that sell timberland boots B Club brings teen center to MSJ

shops that sell timberland boots brew coffee makers

timberland earthkeepers chelsea boot brew coffee makers

Mastered your Aeropress, dripped your way through litres of pour over and searching for a new manual method to up your hipster rating? Welcome to the world of cold brew coffee.

Not to be confused with iced coffee, cold brew is a super slow method in which ground beans (coarse is best) are steeped in room temperature water for anything between 12 and 24 hours, drawing out different flavours toa hot brew.

The setup varies between brands but the method is usually eitheran infusion(more coffee water contact time) or a slow drip through: water in a top compartment, grinds in the middle with a valve leading to the bottom where your cold brew drips through.

Once you’ve got the method downyou can experiment with your preferred strength, althoughwe recommend you start with a 1:4 coffee to water ratio (measured with scales or with a scoop and measuring jug, depending on how precise you want to be).

For many cold brew drinkers the appeal is the less bitter taste (plus reduced acidity is easier on the stomach), but if you miss the acidity that a hot brew provides, you can start off with a splash of hot water, known as a “hot bloom”, before adding cold. Once the coffee is done, you can store it in the fridge for up to a week, diluting, reheating or serving chilled as you prefer.

1. Hario Cold Brew Coffee Pot,1000ml: 17, Hario

The Bruergadget a result of a Kickstarter project is amore expensive option, but you can really feel the difference in quality. It takes a little more stage management than the steeping method but the results are worth it. We placed a filter paper over the wire mesh at the bottom of the middle segment, added our coffee, slightly wet it with about 40 50ml of water, then added another filter paper followed by the valve, and poured the rest of the water into the top compartment. Adjust the valve to average about a drip per second and then leave it to process.

This isn’t the best looking of pieces, so perhaps not for you if you want to line up your cold brew kit between your Chemex and your Fellow kettle. It is, however, a tried and very trusty setup that was created in the 60s. Insert the stopper into the bottom, add a damp filter, then add your coffee. Pour over half the amount of water and let it sink in for five minutes or so before following with the second half. Use a spoon to flatten out the grind and it’s all wet (but don’t stir as it may clog the filter, as we found out the hard way), then leave for 12 24 hours. When you’re ready to drink, place over the carafe and undo the stopper, letting the coffee pour through the filter, and serve.

Filtron’s offering is a sort of halfway between the steeping and drip through methods. You place the stopper in the bottom of the coffee compartment, followed by the reusable filter, dampened, add your ground coffee, then place the coffee guard on top. Blocking the hole at the bottom of the water compartment with your finger (a little low tech but not too difficult), fill it with water, then place over the top of the coffee compartment. Leave to drip through and steep for about 16 hours, then place over the carafe, remove the stopper and allow to filter through. Try it with 340g of coffee to 1600ml water to make a strong coffee syrup that you can dilute about 1:2 when you want to drink it. You may find you want to use a paper filter over the top of the pad included to make disposing of grinds a little easier.

For a smooth, sweet brew with minimal effort, Hario’s offering easily comes out on top and is a cheap way to dabble. If you are into your coffee in a big way, the Bruer, while fiddly, satisfies on both flavour and geekery levels.

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shops that sell timberland boots brew coffee makers