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I ended up kinda wishing I hadn

The museum itself is a lovely two story building, a renovated Ottoman villa, in the center of town. (Pristina doesn really have a center, but it near that big intersection where there are, like, four mosques in a two block radius.) From the outside, it looked pretty promising. Kosovo has no lack of history, goodness knows. So I was looking forward to. oh, I don know. Stone Age fertility carvings? Roman coins? Ottoman rugs? Surely something interesting.

Well, yes and no. There was only one exhibit in the museum. It was quite a large exhibit. You could spend a while looking at it. No Roman coins or Greek vases; no, just this one big exhibit.

Swords. Muskets. Bayonets. Rifles. There were blades from the Ottoman days, and a lot of guns from WWI, and some more from WWII. But most of all, there were modern weapons, the kind used by the KLA to fight the Serbs. No, that’s not right. Not “the kind”, but the ACTUAL weapons used by the KLA. Some of them, anyway.

They had AK 47s and hunting rifles and hand grenades. They had Bowie knives and 9 mm pistols. They had the terrible .50 caliber tripod mounted sniper rifles, the ones that can blow a man’s head off from a mile away. And then they had some more AK 47s.

It might have been more interesting if the posters and they were quite elaborate had been in English. But they weren’t. Only Albanian.

So, in addition to reinforcing an unfortunate stereotype about Albanians, the whole thing got pretty boring. I mean, after the dozenth or so AK 47, they do sort of run together.

There was one interesting thing. It was a glass case containing a pair of boots. They were nice looking boots, almost stylish. Something made me look twice, and there across the tongues was the label: Timberland.

The boots were there, of course, because they’d been the standard boots of the KLA. But that begs the question: what were Timberland boots doing in a war in the interior of the Balkans?

The answer is, they were sent there by the Albanian American diaspora. The diaspora always supported the KLA, but after the massacres started especially the March 1998 massacre of the Jashari family they started emptying their pockets, contributing hundreds of thousands of dollars every month to keep the KLA going.

Someone sent along some Timberland boots, and the guerrillas fell in love with them. Apparently 1990s Kosovo was still pretty retrograde in terms of boot technology. The local boots were either heavy, clunky, and chafing, or light, leaky, and prone to disintegrate. The Timberlands, though, were warm, watertight, light,
timberland earthkeepers jacket A Pair of Timberland Boots
comfortable, and lasted pretty much forever.

The KLA guys were living hard and sleeping rough, hiking up and down icy mountains and fording streams swollen by rain, so good boots meant a lot. Once they got a taste of Timberland, they told their American cousins to go back and get another couple thousand pairs. Which the Americans did. And by the time the war was over, the KLA guerrillas had fallen so deeply in love with Timberland boots that they gave them the highest possible accolade. they put them in their exhibit of weapons, right next to the AK 47s.

Strangely, the Timberland Company has not made use of this remarkable story of brand loyalty. Maybe someone should tell them.

Oh, yeah. Those scary .50 caliber sniper rifles? Can you guess where they got those?

American gun shows. Some people have used them to kill elephants, so they’re classified as hunting weapons in the US. They’re perfectly legal in almost every state. So the diaspora supporters of the KLA bought a couple of dozen of them and just shipped them to Albania. The airlines didn’t care as long as they were in sealed checked luggage, and Albanian Customs didn’t present any problems that a $100 bill tucked into your passport couldn’t solve.

They put the guns into four wheel drive vehicles, drove them up into the Accursed Mountains, and then took them over the border into Kosovo on the backs of men and donkeys.

A .50 caliber sniper rifle. well, it’s really more like a man portable piece of light artillery. It will punch through the armor of anything lighter than a medium tank. It’ll go through Kevlar body armor like a normal bullet through light cotton. You can use it to take out a truck by shooting it in the engine block.

You can buy them at US gun stores too, but then you have to pass a background check, which can take up to three working days. At a gun show, you don’t. Most of the Albanian Americans could have passed the check, but they were in a hurry. So they just went to the gun shows instead.

Timberland boots and .50 caliber sniper rifles. More reasons for them to love America, I guess.

Slight correction: I think you mean .50 caliber rather than 50 mm? That would be equivalent to approximately 12.7mm, with “caliber” indicating barrel diameter as a % of an inch (so .50 caliber = .5/0.0394 = 12.69 mm). A 50mm barrel isn _like_ a cannon, it _is_ a cannon. :^)

And yes, they scary. A Vietnam vet in my old Guard unit used to talk about sniping at 3/4 mile with an M2 (.50 caliber) machine gun with one round and a night scope. The newer stuff, like the Barrett (which, if I am not mistaken, is what you were looking at) adds easy man portability. Scary indeed.

Timberlands are nice boots. If I were back in the land of ice and snow, I have a pair myself. But the Timberland Company is a little too hippy dippy Ben and Jerry socially conscious to really use a KLA endorsement.

On the other hand, it wouldn surprise me if some KLA people haven consulted with the Timberland people for the next design generation.

What the Kosovars really should do, of course, is make their own Timberland knock offs. Why not? A good boot, that how Nokia started. And then sell them at US gun shows. (I am only being slightly facetious with this part.)

“Timberlands are nice boots,” hmmm. nice but not really ideal for soldiers. They might be fine for campus life but when it comes to serious outdoor activities hiking, hunting and, I presume, soldiering there many more serious boots to get.

As for sniper rifles, they great for guerilla warfare but hardly the kind of weaponry that wins wars. Whatever message the museum exhibition might convey, it was the US bombers over Belgrade which forced the Serbian army to retreat from Kosovo, not guys from Brooklyn with sniper rifles and Timberlands.

Oskar, Timberland makes about three hundred different kinds of boots. Hiking boots, work boots, safety boots, you name it. Don be fooled by the hippy dippy ad campaigns. Timberland got their start selling waterproof boots to New England lobstermen deeply conservative and extremely picky customers working under incredibly demanding conditions.

The boots I saw were serious,
timberland earthkeepers jacket A Pair of Timberland Boots
no kidding rough terrain footwear.

The sniper rifles: keep in mind what the KLA goal was. They wanted to provoke a conflict that would draw in NATO.

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timberland earthkeepers jacket cotta army from China ancient past comes to VMFA

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Nearly 45 years after startled Chinese farmers discovered the first clay head jutting from the soil of Shaanxi province, the legendary terra cotta soldiers of the country’s first emperor have lost none of their power.

Measuring more than 6 feet tall and weighing as much as 400 pounds, each one has its own formidable and commanding presence. is so compelling you can almost feel them advancing on the field of battle.

That’s just one attraction, however, of a show that’s bringing more than 130 works of ancient Chinese art including more than 40 never before seen in the United States to the crowds expected to converge on Richmond.

Arms and armor demonstrate the nation’s warrior past, while harness, bridle and chariot fittings made of bronze, gold and silver underscore its defining relationship with the horse.

Government stamped coins, seals, plaques and weights tie the military triumph of Emperor Ying Zheng and the unification of seven warring states after a century of turmoil to the emergence of a landmark empire one that not only imposed national currency, writing and weights and measures systems for the first time but also became so dominant that it endured into the modern era.

“This is a journey that goes 22 centuries back in time to the world of the first Chinese emperor and to what I consider the greatest archaeological discovery of all time,” VMFA Director Alex Nyerges says, describing a monarch so powerful he tried to beat death and win immortality by having an estimated 8,000 clay soldiers guard his tomb.

“These are amazing works of art buried for 2,200 years and no one knew they were there.”

Track recordMade up of loans from 14 different art museums and archaeological institutes located in Shaanxi, “Terracotta Army: Legacy of the First Emperor of China” debuts at the VMFA just three years after it mounted another landmark exhibit of Chinese art titled “Forbidden City: Imperial Treasures from the Palace Museum, Beijing.”

And like the popular 2014 show, it reflects both the prominence of the VMFA’s internationally known East Asian art collection and the stature of curator Li Jian, who came to Richmond in 2007 after organizing along with Nyerges several pioneering loan exhibits from China at the Dayton Museum of Art.

“Four of the most important loan exhibits to come from China in recent years have been curated by Li Jian,
timberland earthkeepers jacket cotta army from China ancient past comes to VMFA
” Nyerges says.

“And that’s because of the relationships we’ve been building with our partners in Beijing and Shaanxi for more than 25 years.”

The result is an exhibit that focuses closely on the origins of ancient China and the early Qin people as well as the terra cotta figures guarding the first emperor’s tomb.

In opening galleries, Jian and her co curator Hou mei Sung of the Cincinnati Art Museum explore the power and prestige of the first emperor through such striking objects as a half scale bronze chariot, which is believed to symbolize Ying Zheng ‘s epic imperial journey across his new domain following the unification of China.

The last gallery is given over completely to Ying Zheng ‘s quest for immortality and a dramatic presentation of his terra cotta soldiers, including standing and kneeling archers, an armored infantryman, a cavalryman and his horse and an imposing armored general all accompanied by a warlike assemblage of bronze lance , spear and arrowheads.

“These are amazing works of art, and when you look at each of the soldiers they are actually portraits of people from 22 centuries ago.” Nyerges says.

“Every face, every hat, even the facial hair of every soldier is unique. It’s mind boggling.”

Every face, every hat, even the facial hair of every soldier is unique. It’s mind boggling.

VMFA director Alex Nyerges

Beating deathEpic in scale and meticulous in detail, the great terra cotta soldiers and their accompanying figures were commissioned by Ying Zheng in order to make a statement to the world of the living as well as that of the dead, Jian says. to end hundreds of years of ungovernable turmoil.

Though only 39, the new emperor demonstrated his dominance and power quickly, imposing a universal writing system and currency in addition to a centralized government, Jian says.

He also revised competing standards of weights and measures into a single definitive system in order to promote trade, then constructed a national network of highways while pulling down the old defensive barriers between the warring states and linking their northernmost sections together into China’s famous Great Wall.

Great rows of bronze bells rang from the yokes linking the horses together, making a statement of imperial sway and control that could be heard and anticipated long before it could be seen.

“Who owned a chariot like this? Not the common people but the noblemen and rulers,
timberland earthkeepers jacket cotta army from China ancient past comes to VMFA
” Jian says.

“Can you imagine the sound they must have made? It was not just a weapon but a statement and symbol of power.”