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Hockey fans will have to pay the price if you want to see the Ottawa Senators in the great outdoors against the Montreal Canadiens in December.

The Ottawa Redblacks offered their season ticket holders a one week pre sale starting Tuesday morning for the NHL 100 Classic between the Senators and Habs being held at Lansdowne Park on Saturday, Dec. 16th in the evening and, as expected, it not going to be cheap to attend the event but sales are going well.

With the prices set by the league because they buy the home game from the Senators and give the club what it would get from an average gate at a Montreal home game at the Canadian Tire Centre, the seats are priced anywhere from $129 to $499 in the stadium that will be expanded to 35,000 seats for the event.

Though some may wonder why Redblacks season ticket holders are having a week long sale, those with football seats only have access to the allotment that the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group have been given by the NHL. Senators season ticket holders,
timberland store locator Canadiens outdoor game pricey
who are being contacted right now by the club and will be through the course of the next couple of weeks, will have access to a larger allotment at all seat levels.

Look, this shouldn come as any big shock. The pricing at outdoor games in every city has been expensive and the cost to hold them isn cheap because of the infrastructure involved including the hours of work that go into setting up the rink and the temporary seating. That a big why it not being held on Parliament Hill.

Since the event is sponsored by Scotiabank, the name TD Place has also been removed from the offer given to Redblacks fans.

The game will mark the 100th anniversary of the first game in NHL history played between Ottawa and Montreal at the Dey Arena in Ottawa on Dec. 19, 1917. The game will be held three weeks after the city hosts the Grey Cup at TD Place and the temporary seating for that event will be left in place.

Of course, the highest priced seats set at $499 are in the suites at the club level on the South Side and some of the lower priced seats at $129 are in the lowest rows in the end zone. Given the configuration of the stadium for this event, it makes more sense to be higher for an outdoor game to get a better view of the ice.
timberland store locator Canadiens outdoor game pricey

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TRAVERSE CITY A bit of do it yourself ingenuity stretched out a $10,000 donation to help save lives from opioid overdose in Traverse City.

Addiction Treatment Services will provide community members free naloxone, a drug which counteracts and helps reverse the effects of opioid overdoses. Julie Moore, a physician assistant with ATS, hopes to make hundreds of kits available to addicts, their family members or anyone else who might need to use it.

The naloxone purchases were made possible with a $10,000 donation from the family of Michael Hertler, a 29 year old Traverse City man who died last year. Hertler graduated from Traverse City Central High School and worked for his family’s business.

But Hertler fell into heroin.

A police report states early Sept. 3 that one of Hertler’s friends found him unconscious in his Ramsdell Street home. The friend, who later told police that Hertler bought heroin, performed CPR and left after he seemingly revived Hertler. Hours later, a woman found Hertler dead.

An autopsy found Hertler died from an overdose of fentanyl, a potent opioid. The police report doesn’t mention whether Hertler’s friend had access to naloxone, which works by binding to opioid receptors and blocking their effects. The drug, also known as Narcan, only works on opioids and is generally considered safe.

“The benefits always outweigh the risk,” Moore said.

Hertler’s family didn’t return a call for comment, but used his obituary to ask for memorial donations to ATS and for more openness in talking about addiction. Moore said ATS officials decided to stretch the money as far as possible.

A dose of naloxone often proves costly.

Moore said pre made naloxone kits can cost up to $4,000. She decided to make kits herself to help put the lifesaving drug in more hands. A medical supply company provided everything needed to make certain types kits for $20 each, she said.
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Bank of Marin’s second quarter 2017 earnings climbed 8 percent to $5.2 million, up from $4.8 million in the second quarter of 2016. In about two weeks, Bank of Marin will open its new branch in northern Healdsburg.

The Healdsburg branch at 1260 Healdsburg Avenue on the corner of Dry Creek Road will have nearly 1,200 square feet on the second floor roughly half the bank’s average branch size. The manager will be Tara Johnson, who worked previously at the bank’s Sonoma branch. The bank will have two additional employees in Healdsburg.

If the branch can attract new deposits of about $1 million a month, it will take nearly two years to break even, said Russ Colombo, CEO and president, with a branch deposit base near $20 million. Opening a new branch in Marin County, closer to the bank’s Novato headquarters, would result in a faster break even, at about one year. “As you get farther away from the home base, it’s more difficult,” he said.

Earnings for Bank of Marin (NASDAQ: BMRC) in the first six months of 2017 were $9.7 million, down from $10.5 million in the first six months of 2016, when a significant boost in earnings resulted from acquired loan payoffs. Diluted earnings per share for the first six months were $1.58, down from $1.72 in the first half of 2016.

A cash dividend of 29 cents a share will be paid on August 11 to shareholders of record on August 4.

Deposits increased $61.3 million in the second quarter of 2017 to $1.8 billion. The bank has total assets of $2.1 billion.

“The second quarter was really strong,” Colombo said. “It’s clean. I don’t see anything that will harm the bank’s outlook. We’re pretty bullish as we go forward.”

The new Healdsburg location will bring the bank’s total branch number to 21, and is the first new branch since Bank of Marin acquired Bank of Alameda in 2013. The bank signed a five year lease on a temporary branch location with a clause that allows the lease to be broken before five years if a better branch location is found, Colombo said. The bank aims to build a new facility for the branch.

With the Healdsburg opening, Bank of Marin will have six branches in Sonoma County, with three in Petaluma, one in Santa Rosa and one in Sonoma. The bank has 10 branches in Marin County and plans to add two more in Sonoma County, likely in Santa Rosa, where it has one branch downtown at 50 Santa Rosa Ave. that emphasizes commercial banking. “We are adding expenses, so we don’t want to move too quickly,” Colombo said.

With the Healdsburg branch opening, total full time equivalent staffing will be 265.

The bank plans to add another loan production office for commercial banking in the East Bay. “We are going to hire the people. Then we go out and find the location,” Colombo said, possibly Walnut Creek or Lafayette in the Diablo Valley, depending on the person hired. “We’re in discussions with a number of people. The success of offices is driven by people.” He expects a hire by the end of 2017.

Bank of Marin has one branch in Napa and one in San Francisco.

The bank has a favorable deposit base in that nearly 45 percent of its deposits are non interest bearing demand deposits. Of the $61.3 million increase in new deposits in the second quarter, 48.5 percent were non interest bearing, bringing the cost of total deposits down two basis points from June 2016. “That is a huge benefit we have over our competitors,” Colombo said. “When rates rise, our costs don’t rise equally.”
timberland store locator Bank of Marin 2Q earnings rise 8